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VIDEO: K-2 Phonics Lessons Overview Intro VIDEO: 2nd Grade Daily Phonics Lesson Overview VIDEO: Phonics Assessments Overview
VIDEO: Spelling Assessments OverviewVIDEO: Phonics Homework Overview VIDEO: 2nd Grade Phonics Lesson 1 Teaching Example Part 1VIDEO: 2nd Grade Phonics Lesson 1 Teaching Example Part 2
VIDEO: 2nd Grade Phonics Assessment 1 Teaching Example
VIDEO: 2nd Grade Spelling Assessment 1 Teaching Example

Click HERE for a FREE sample of week 1.

This BUNDLE includes lessons and assessments for weeks 1-32, which provides you 32 weeks of ENGAGING lessons in the areas of phonics, phonemic awareness, spelling, grammar, vocabulary, and Zaner-Bloser handwriting for the entire school year.

Are your 2nd grade students still struggling to read? Are they not quite ready for the phonics lessons in your HMH Journeys or other reading textbook? Is this causing them to fall behind? Then, this product might be just what you need to bridge that gap and get your students back on track.

These 2nd grade phonics & spelling lessons and assessments were made in collaboration with the spectacular second grade teachers on Heather's campus. They needed a phonics product that was HMH Journeys & TEKS aligned, included a weekly homework assignment and assessment, and had the continuous review of Saxon Phonics to help those students who were struggling.

*Note: If you purchased this product when it was still a "growing bundle," all you have to do to access all of the lessons is just go re-download the bundle from your "My Purchases" folder on TpT.*


These lessons print beautifully in color, but look just as great in black & white.

Each week, you'll find:
1) daily lessons
2) homework
3) Zaner-Bloser handwriting practice
4) spelling assessment
5) phonics assessment
6) spelling/high frequency flashcards
6) cooperative learning cards & suggestions for use
7) teacher instructions & answer key

These week 1-32 lesson sets feature back to school, autumn, Columbus Day, Halloween, Veterans Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Winter, Martin Luther King Day, Groundhog Day, Valentine's Day, President's Day, Black History Month, St. Patrick's Day, Easter, spring, & summer themes and address the following:

•Short ă
•Short ĭ
ELAR Skills: Alphabetical order, subject/predicate
Spelling: sad, flat, if, fix, win (phonics), around, help, next, until, walked (high frequency words)

•Short ŏ
•Short ŭ
•Short ĕ
ELAR Skills: Complete sentences
Spelling: wet, job, hug, mud, hot (phonics), bring, do, with, like, make (high frequency words)

•Long ā
•Long ī
•Hard c
•Soft ç
ELAR Skills: Statements/Questions
Spelling: gave, rake, wipe, line, race (phonics), city, places, no, other, school (high frequency words)

•Long ē
•Long ō
•Long ū
•Hard g
•Soft ġ
ELAR Skills: Nouns
Spelling: nose, use, cute, rode, home (phonics), by, mind, read, see, today (high frequency words)

•Consonant Blends (r, l, & s)
ELAR Skills: Singular & Plural Nouns, Suffixes (-ed & -ing)
Spelling: spin, place, test, just, drive (phonics), green, little, long, says, we (high frequency words)

•Common Final Blends (nd, ng, nk, nt, ft, xt, mp)
ELAR Skills: Prefixes (un- & re-), Plural Nouns
Spelling: end, drink, pond, bring, jump (phonics), animals, bear myself, second, sleep (high frequency words)

•Digraph ck
•Floss Rule
ELAR Skills: Proper nouns, homophones, order of events
Spelling: full, add, kick, black, off (phonics), car, cried, try, pretty, funny (high frequency)

•Digraphs th, sh, wh, ch, ph
•Trigraph tch
•Base Words & Endings -s, -ed, -ing
ELAR Skills: Compound words, verbs, complete sentences
Spelling: than, shine, while, chase, catch (phonics), few, high, people, happy, before (high frequency)

•Base Words & Endings -ed, -ing
ELAR Skills: Verbs, synonyms
Spelling: liked, using, making, closed, asked (phonics), many, might, show, why, would (high frequency)

WEEK 10:
ELAR Skills: Verbs, base words & suffixes (-er, -est), fact/opinion
Spelling: you're, isn't, we'll, it's, don't (phonics), because, better, really, right, they (high frequency)

WEEK 11:
•Base Words & Endings -s, -es
ELAR Skills: Prefixes (pre- & mis-), kinds of sentences
Spelling: ducks, boxes, wishes, names, bells (phonics), heard, grow, hard, light, more (high frequency)

WEEK 12:
•Vowel digraph ai
•Vowel digraph ay
ELAR Skills: Idioms, kinds of sentences
Spelling: tray, away, train, wait, paint (phonics), night, someone, against, different, along (high frequency)

WEEK 13:
•Vowel digraph ea (/ē/, /ĕ/, /ā/)
•Vowel digraph ee
ELAR Skills: Quotation Marks
Spelling: free, teeth, wheel, teach, please (phonics), first, everything, story, store, world (high frequency)

WEEK 14:
•Long ō
•Vowel digraph ōa
•Vowel digraph ōw
ELAR Skills: Suffix -ly, proper nouns
Spelling: soap, float, know, throw, coach (phonics), front, never, party, started, stories (high frequency)

WEEK 15:
•Schwa vowel sound (a, e, i, o)
•Compound words
ELAR Skills: Abbreviations, root words
Spelling: cannot, maybe, myself, outside, nothing (phonics), after, ever, live, over, thought (high frequency)

WEEK 16:
•Base words & endings (-ed & -ing)
ELAR Skills: Homographs, pronouns
Spelling: running, stopped, selling, sitting, missed (phonics), gone, something, also, look, have (high frequency)

WEEK 17:
•Long ī
•Trigraph igh
•Vowel digraph īe
•Vowel y (long ī)
ELAR Skills: Antonyms, subject-verb agreement
Spelling: night, kind, spy, right, July (phonics), doing, sure, else, any, studied (high frequency)

WEEK 18:
•Review long ē
•Vowel ẏ (long ē)
•Changing y to i
ELAR Skills: Suffixes -y & -ful, the verb "be"
Spelling: happy, baby, very, funny, only (phonics), words, under, always, soon, anything (high frequency)

WEEK 19:
•R-controlled vowels (ar)
ELAR Skills: Commas in dates & places, synonyms
Spelling: dark, star, party, hard, start (phonics), didn't, I'll, please, too, sound (high frequency)

WEEK 20:
•R-controlled vowels (or, ore)
ELAR Skills: Commas in a series, prefix over-
Spelling: story, score, store, morning, forget (phonics), being, I've, ground, laugh, begins (high frequency)

WEEK 21:
•R-controlled vowels (er, ir, ur)
ELAR Skills: Adjectives
Spelling: over, water, paper, offer, cover (phonics), nothing, across, voice, behind, out (high frequency)

WEEK 22:
•Suffix -er
•Suffix -est
ELAR Skills: Adjectives, Idioms
Spelling: meet, meat, too, two, main (phonics), toward, what's, everyone, does, their (high frequency)

WEEK 23:
•Suffix -y
•Suffix -ly
•Suffix -ful
•Final Stable Syllables (-tion, -ture)
ELAR Skills: Irregular Verbs (had, has, have; do, does, did)
Spelling: helpful, sadly, thankful, kindly, useful (phonics), knew, though, great, write, coming (high frequency)

WEEK 24:
•Prefix re-
•Prefix un-
•Prefix over-
•Prefix pre-
•Prefix mis-
•Silent Consonants (gn, igh, kn, mb, mn, ui, wr)
ELAR Skills: Irregular action verbs (came, come; run, ran; go, went; see, saw), antonyms
Spelling: unhappy, retell, unkind, unlike, remake (phonics), earth, without, here, began, there (high frequency)

WEEK 25:
•Digraph au
•Digraph aw
•Short ŏ
ELAR Skills: Irregular action verbs (say, said; eat, ate; give, gave; take, took)
Spelling: tall, draw, soft, yawn, small (phonics), young, ball, our, hear, were (high frequency)

WEEK 26:
•Digraph oo (/ū/)
•Digraph ew
•Digraph ue
•Digraph ou (/ū/)
ELAR Skills: Contractions, multiple-meaning words
Spelling: spoon, few, room, you, flew (phonics), every, won’t, follow, goes, again (high frequency)

WEEK 27:
•Digraph oo (/ŭ/)
ELAR Skills: Adverbs, synonyms, fact/opinion
Spelling: took, books, wood, stood, cookbook (phonics), buy, maybe, where, outside, tomorrow (high frequency)

WEEK 28:
•Diphthong ou
•Diphthong ow
ELAR Skills: Possessive nouns
Spelling: house, shout, down, found, flower (phonics), want, while, enough, happened, above (high frequency)

WEEK 29:
•Longer words with ā
•Longer words with ī
•Diphthong oi
•Diphthong oy
ELAR Skills: Possessive pronouns, antonyms
Spelling: snail, always, sly, chain, bright (phonics), once, woman, eight, who, your (high frequency)

WEEK 30:
•Longer words with ē
•Longer words with ō
•Final stable syllable -le
ELAR Skills: Adjectives, adverbs
Spelling: seated, keeps, means, bowls, grown (phonics), almost, money, together, sometimes, remember (high frequency)

WEEK 31:
•Review prefixes
•Review suffixes
Spelling: unlock, refill, hopeful, safely, hopping (phonics), upon, seven, near, wash, paper (high frequency)

WEEK 32:
•Review digraphs
•Review combinations
•Review r-controlled vowels
Spelling: spark, short, gain, fright, clean (phonics), from, door, years, pushed, dear (high frequency)

The following activities are included in the lesson sets:
Touch & Say
Code & Read
Listen & Spell
Picture & Spell
Word Families
ABC Order
Fill in the Blank
Grammar Practice
Vocabulary Practice
Root Words
Segment Syllables
Segment Phonemes
Sound Recognition (initial, middle, & final sounds)
High Frequency Word Box

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Watson Works, LLC

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