Back-To-School Speech {BUNDLE PACK}

Back-To-School Speech {BUNDLE PACK}
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    Bundle Description
    It's time to go back to school AND back to speech! This packet is FULL of therapy activities for the beginning of the school year in speech therapy. It contains articulation and language no prep printables, an articulation picture wall, monthly vocabulary materials and activities and lots of games! Be sure to check out the preview. Here is a description of each file included in the bundle (all are available separately in the Primary Punch Store).

    Don't Miss the Bus: $6.00
    Don't miss the bus! Practice articulation and language skills with this fun speech therapy activity. NO PREP and perfect for mixed groups. Be sure to check out the preview!

    The following speech and language targets are included with one page of stimulus cards for each skill. All articulation phonemes are targeted in the initial position only with the exception of vocalic /R/.

    Articulation Skills: /P, M, B, D, T, G, K, F, V, S, Z, J, W, N, R, CH, SH, TH, R, R-BLENDS, S-BLENDS, L-BLENDS, VOCALIC R, Y, MULTI-SYLLABIC WORDS/

    Language Skills: regular plural nouns, irregular plural nouns, irregular verbs, regular verbs, WH- questions (what, where, when, who, why and mixed), object function, following directions (1, 2 and 3-step), categories, compare/contrast, synonyms, antonyms, multiple meaning words, adjectives, comprehension questions, pronouns, spatial concepts, problem solving, what doesn't belong?

    Welcome Back to Speech: $5.00
    Page 1: Title Page
    Page 2: Product Description
    Page 3: Question Poster Examples
    Page 4-9: Question Posters (what, where, when, who, why, how many)
    Page 10-19: Speech Schedule Cards (see above for cards included)
    Page 20: School Playdough Mat
    Page 21-22: Back to School Vocabulary Cards (crayons, glue, backpack, book, scissors, bus)
    Page 23: School Bus labeling printable
    Page 24-25: Back to School 3-scene sequencing
    Page 26-27: Back to School Vocabulary Match-Up
    Page 28-30: Back to School Vocabulary Mini-Booklet
    Page 31-32: Back to School Vocabulary Yes/No Questions
    Page 33-34: School Tools vs. Toys Sorting Printable
    Page 35: Race to the Top Printable Game
    Page 36: Back to School Sound Search Printable
    Page 37: Easy or Tricky? Printable
    Page 38: Speech Homework Printable
    Page 39-46: Picture Puzzles (4 included in color and b/w)
    Page 47: All About Me Playdough Mat
    Page 48: Don't Find the Bus! All About Me Game
    Page 49: All About Me Dot Activity
    Page 50: M&M Conversation Starter Activity
    Page 51: Terms of Use and Credits

    Articulation Picture Wall: $17.00
    This kit was created for use in speech therapy. Similar to a classroom word wall, these materials are intended to help children when working on articulation or speech sounds. The entire alphabet is not included, only consonants, digraphs or blends that are typically practiced in therapy. For each phoneme, 12 picture cards are included (initial position only with the exception of vocalic R). If picture cards are too large for your space, you can choose to print multiple pages at a time. Mixed groups? No problem! I have included ideas, activities and printables for using the wall to practice language skills as well. Black/white and color are included for all heading cards and phoneme picture cards. Be sure to check out the preview!

    Phonemes included: /P, B, M, D, T, K, G, F, V, L, S, Z, W, J, N, Y, R, SH, CH, TH, R-Blends, S-Blends, L-Blends, Vocalic R/

    Page 1: Title Page
    Page 2: Product Description
    Page 3-5: Ways to Play (articulation, language and printable)
    Page 6: Articulation Picture Wall Examples
    Page 7-154: Phoneme Heading and Picture Cards (color and black/white)
    Page 156-167: Printables (articulation and language)
    Page 168-180: Wall Wand Stars
    Page 181: Terms of Use and Credits

    Apple Dot Art: $6.00
    uicy Apples! Put a fun fruity spin on speech and language goals! This packet covers a large variety of articulation and expressive/receptive language goals. Use crayons, markers or a bingo dauber to create the pages, just print and go! Printables are great for mixed groups! Be sure to check out the preview.

    Please note that targets (pictures/questions) included are similar in all the dot art packets. We typically complete them every 4-5 weeks and they are great to use as informal dynamic assessments for retention of skills.

    *All articulation pages target the phoneme in the initial position only. *

    Page 1: Cover Page
    Page 2: Product Description
    Page 3: Table of Contents
    Page 4: Example
    Page 5: /P/ Words
    Page 6: /M/ words
    Page 7: /B/ words
    Page 8: /D/ Words
    Page 9: /T/ words
    Page 10: /G/ words
    Page 11: /K/ words
    Page 12: /F/ words
    Page 13: /V/ words
    Page 14: /S/ words
    Page 15: /Z/ words
    Page 16: /J/ words
    Page 17: /W/ words
    Page 18: /N/ words
    Page 19: /R/ words
    Page 20: /L/ words
    Page 21: /CH/ words
    Page 22: /SH/ words
    Page 23: /TH/ words
    Page 24: R-Blends
    Page 25: S-Blends
    Page 26: L-Blends
    Page 27: Vocalic R
    Page 28: Regular plural nouns
    Page 29: Irregular plural nouns
    Page 30: Regular verbs
    Page 31: Irregular verbs
    Page 32: What Questions
    Page 33: When Questions
    Page 34: Who Questions
    Page 35: Where Questions
    Page 36: Why Questions
    Page 37: Mixed WH-Questions
    Page 38: Object Function
    Page 39: 1-step directions
    Page 40: 2-step directions
    Page 41: 3-step directions
    Page 42: Categories #1
    Page 43: Categories #2
    Page 44: Compare & Contrast
    Page 45: Synonyms or Antonyms
    Page 46: Synonyms
    Page 47: Antonyms
    Page 48: Homonyms
    Page 49: Adjectives
    Page 50: Comprehension questions
    Page 51: Pronouns
    Page 52: Spatial concepts
    Page 53: Terms of Use
    Page 54: Credits

    September Monthly Vocabulary: $5.00
    Back to School! This pack contains materials to teach seasonal vocabulary for the month of September. Packet was created with little learners in mind for speech therapy or in a small group setting. Picture puzzles may include additional seasonal vocabulary. Be sure to check out the preview!

    Possible language goals that can be addressed with these materials:
    - Name and identify vocabulary
    - Identify objects by function
    - Answering WH questions (where and what)
    - Emergent literacy skills (concept of word, book concepts, reading fluency, decoding skills)
    - Inferences
    - Matching object to object

    September Vocabulary Words: bus, eraser, school, backpack, lunchbox, scissors, glue, pencil, crayon, paintbrush, tape, book

    Page 1: Title Page
    Page 2: Table of Contents
    Page 3-5: Vocabulary Picture Cards (with and without words)
    Page 6-20: Mini-Reader
    Page 21-33: Cut & Paste Interactive Mini-Reader
    Page 34-36: Cut & Paste Practice Pages
    Page 37-39: Vocabulary Riddle Cards
    Page 40-41: Vocabulary I-Spy Game
    Page 42-43: Vocabulary Pocket Book Labels
    Page 44-45: Playdough Mat (also available separately)
    Page 46-52: Picture Puzzles
    Page 53: Terms of Use
    Page 54: Credits

    Aided Language Mats for School: $3.00
    Let's practice functional communication! This file contains aided language mats for 19 different school subjects or activities that could be used in a speech therapy or classroom setting. Each board contains mostly core vocabulary words to practice using and understanding language.

    Page 1: Title Page
    Page 2: Product Description
    Page 3: Booklet Cover Page
    Page 4: Aided Language Mat for Arrival
    Page 5: Aided Language Mat for Desk Work
    Page 6: Aided Language Mat for Morning Meeting
    Page 7: Aided Language Mat for Reading
    Page 8: Aided Language Mat for Writing
    Page 9: Aided Language Mat for Math
    Page 10: Aided Language Mat for Science
    Page 11: Aided Language Mat for P.E.
    Page 12: Aided Language Mat for Art
    Page 13: Aided Language Mat for Music
    Page 14: Aided Language Mat for Computers
    Page 15: Aided Language Mat for Free Time
    Page 16: Aided Language Mat for Assemblies
    Page 17: Aided Language Mat for Bathroom
    Page 18: Aided Language Mat for Eating
    Page 19: Aided Language Mat for Special Events
    Page 20: Aided Language Mat for Field Trips
    Page 21: Aided Language Mat for Eating
    Page 22: Aided Language Mat for Dismissal
    Page 23: Credits and Terms of Use

    *If you have any questions, please ask BEFORE purchasing, thanks!*
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