Back to School Bundle (Save Money Bundle)

Back to School Bundle (Save Money Bundle)
Back to School Bundle (Save Money Bundle)
Back to School Bundle (Save Money Bundle)
Back to School Bundle (Save Money Bundle)
Back to School Bundle (Save Money Bundle)
Back to School Bundle (Save Money Bundle)
Back to School Bundle (Save Money Bundle)
Back to School Bundle (Save Money Bundle)
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Product Description
This Back to School Bundle contains 8 different products from my store focused on English Language. Here are the descriptions of this bundle:
This packet includes a series of PDFs that come in a .zip file. To learn more about .zip files and how to open them correctly,click here. This packet is full of printables that you can print off yourself.
1) CH - SH - TH - WH Educational Resources (Mini-Posters, Flashcards, and more)

This is a great resource for the English classroom.

it contains :

1 color and 1 black and white poster or introduction sheet with 17 ch words

1 color and 1 black and white poster or introduction sheet with 13 sh words

1 color and 1 black and white poster or introduction sheet with 15 th words

1 color and 1 black and white poster or introduction sheet with 14 wh words

59 little matching cards for multiple uses with all the words included in this set. (color pictures with black and white words)

59 flashcards with all the words included in this set (color version only)

59 big posters with all the words included in this set(color version only)

You will also find blank borders with all colors to add pictures and words of your choice.

You can use these educational resources for multiple tasks or activities, games, ELA centers, homework.

You can also display the posters in the classroom so that students can visualize while doing the tasks and the little posters can be used as handouts for consulting.

I’m planning to make printables to go with these resources so please, go back to my store and check the material in no more than a week.

I used them in my class and they worked!

You can provide feedback if you think this is a great contribution for your classroom!
2) Classroom Library Sections (12 Posters and 12 Cards)

This set contains 12 posters and 12 cards related to Classroom Library Sections. Each poster and card shows a name card with the corresponding picture of library sections.

These are The Classroom Library sections added in this set:

Fairy Tales
Folk Tales
Social Studies

You can display these posters into your classroom or covers into your folder.
3) Interactive Notebook -Back to School (9 Activities/Clear Instructions)

This interactive Notebook covers 9 great designed activities for the first weeks of school. They can be used for Kinders, first, second and third graders. Every activity contains clear instructions and easy cut and foldables for the students and teachers to manipulate. You will find step by step photo pictures for a clear and meaningful understanding of what to be done.

Here are the activities' descriptions:

1) BACK TO SCHOOL (FOLDABLES AND PICTURE): In the first activity, you have to make a heart shape on a piece of yellow carton so that students cut and paste it.
Then, they have to color the "BACK TO" mini-cards and the school card, too.There are some pictures to use as stickers to decorate. Finally, the students have to draw items related to each letter of "BACK TO" cards. They can be pictures with the beginning sounds. For instance, B= boat.

2) THE DAY BEFORE SCHOOL. The Day before School is the second activity. students have to color and write their names.
The Day before School4 slides card have to be
colored, cut and pasted. Then, students have to draw a picture focused on what they had done the previous day of school.

3)WHAT DID YOU DO IN SUMMER VACATION? (FLIP FLAP) This third nice activity is related to what the students did during summer vacation.Firstly, they have to color the flap up cards.
Secondly, Students have a set of 10 banners that contain 10 sentences related to 10 different activities to do during
vacation. They have to select 3 activities they did, cut and paste them.
Then, students will find 3 banner with handwriting lines. they have to write the 3 sentences they selected and pasted in the down part of the flap up banners. Finally, they put the rest of the sentences banners in an envelope they can buy or the teacher can provide.

4) ALL ABOUT ME (MONITOR FOLDABLE). All about me is the fourth activity to be done. students will find a monitor/screen cover to color.
Then, they will find the other part of the monitor that contain sentences to write and/or complete with personal details: name, age, city, birthday, favorite color and lucky number.

5) WHAT'S IN MY BACKPACK? (BACKPACK FOLDABLE) "What is there in my backpack?" is a motivating activity. Students have to color the funny backpack, cut and paste.
Then, they have to draw the items they have in their backpacks. They can also write the items' names and color them.

6) GOODIES AND BADDIES (MINI- FOLDABLE CARDS FOR GOOD AND BAD BEHAVIOR IN THE CLASS) Goodies and baddies is a great activity to introduce classroom rules in the classroom.Firstly, get your students noticed that the title is not well written.
There is a spelling mistake in "budies". they have to correct the word by adding the missing letter "d". This is done in order to get them noticed it has not a positive meaning.
Secondly, students will find a set of mini-cards with different pictures related to good and bad behaviour in the class. they have to color and paste them.
Thirdly, they will find a sheet with little hands with thumbs up and down. the hands must be pasted in the front cover of every little card according to the positive or negative behaviour.
thumbs up means a positive behaviour an down the other way around. Get your students noticed this.
Students will also find two more little cards with no pictures so that they can draw any other positive and negative behaviour.

"How do we travel to school?" is another great and motivational activity that covers the way they travel to school: by car, bus, bike or on foot.
Firstly, the students have to color the flap up mini-book. Then, they have to ask their partners about the way they travel to school giving them the four options.
While they are asking and they have the answers, they have to paste a "GO" counter under the correct flap. For example, if 8 children go to school by car, they should paste 8 "GO" counters.
Finally, they are ready to write the results of the survey.

Take a picture: "I have been the teacher's helper today" is a beautiful and motivational activity that covers the children's class activities.
Students will find a set of mini-cameras with the corresponding lenses covers. Students have to color the cameras and lenses. Then, they cut and paste them.
Each camera contains a specific teacher's helper activity: calendar helper, door helper, flag holder, helper caboose, helper gardener, light monitor, line leader, pet helper,snack helper, supply manager, table washer and weather reporter.
Once they have the mini-cameras ready, they have to paste one of the apple counters when they are chosen to do the helper activity.
As it is a recorded activity along the year, students will put the green apple counters in an envelope.

9) IN THE CLASSROOM (LABELS) "In the classroom" is a simple activity that students have to color arrows and little cards and label according to the classroom picture.
students have to cut and paste the arrows with the corresponding name cards: Art center, calendar, posters, clock, Science center, Writing center, desk, chair, pencils and Reading bookcase.


4) Interactive Notebook (the alphabet, vowels, consonants, lower and uppercase)

PART 1 - The first part of this interactive notebook introduces the English alphabet with a simple definition and there is a classification dividing the 26 letters in Vowels and Consonants. Students cut, color and paste The alphabet card with a warm and books. Then, they color the card that says “The English Alphabet has ____ letters” and write the number 26 in the square. After this, they pick the chart that says: “In alphabetical order, they are: a,b,c etc” and say the 26 letters of the alphabet. When they are ready, they pick the card that says: “five of the letters are vowels” and color it and pick an arrow to paste it below this card. Finally, students cut and paste the 5 vowels cards.

PART 2 - In the second part, the main focus is the classification of lower and uppercase letters. Students pick up the card that says: “Twenty-one letters are consonants” color the card with an arrow and paste them. There is a card with the 21 consonant letters. Students can say the consonants and think or write a word that starts with the same letter. After this, students have to color the card that says: “Each letter may be written as “large letter” (Capital or Uppercase) or “small letter” (lowercase)”. Finally, the card with all the uppercase and lowercase letters must be color and read it.

PART 3 - The third part of this notebook considers the practice of speaking, listening and writing skills. Students have to cut, color and paste the two banners related to lower and uppercase letters. Then, they have to say and tick each letter of the alphabet. There are two activities to circle lower and uppercase letters, one activity to complete the letters of the alphabet and ten little cards to listen to the teacher, mother or classmate to circle one of the 5 letters presented in each card.

PART 4 - In this part, Students will be so happy to make a flip flap alphabet book in their notebooks. Firstly, they have to cut, color and trace the flip flap cards with the letters of the alphabet. Secondly, students fold the upper part of the flip flap cards and paste only that part leaving a space to have a logical distance between cards. Then, students cut the dotted cards that contain pictures with words for each letter of the alphabet. They have to color, look at the picture and read the word to paste under the flip flap letter cards that correspond.

PART 5 - The fifth part contains two activities to practice phonetics and recognition of letters and sounds related to the letters.
In activity 1, students have to cut, paste, color and circle the odd one out. They have a set of letters related and one is not in relation to. For example, card 1: b, e, p, w,v they read each letter, say it and the letter that does not fit the group is W because it is pronounced differently.
In activity 2, Students have to make an alphabet train. Firstly, they have to cut, color and paste the wagons. Each wagon contains two letters of the alphabet in order, the students have to write the letters of the alphabet and draw a little picture related to each letter.

PART 6 - The sixth part of this interactive notebook is related to the uses of Capital letters. There is a flip flap 10 strips with ten uses of capitalization. Students cut, fold and paste the strips and there are 10 more strips with the examples for each classification. For example: we use capital letters for personal and pet’s names and the other strip says Matt, Richard; Tommy. I let them highlight the capital letters of the words in each strip.

PART 7 - In part seven, you will find a great activity that covers the uses of capital letters. Students have 8 cards with a short paragraph in each one. Each paragraph is not written in the correct form of capitalization so students have to highlight the letter that is not written correctly. Then, they will find cards to transcript the paragraphs with the correct use of capital letters and when they finish writing, they have to color the Capital letters.

PART 8 - This is the last part of this interactive notebook. You will find 26 little papers to write words related to the initials of the alphabet letters. Students can write up to 16 words beginning with the different sounds of the alphabet letters. It is not necessary to write the 16 words all together at first because the students can go back to their notebooks and add the words when necessary.

5) Mind your Manners (8 Posters and 8 Cards)

This set contains 8 posters and 8 cards related to “Mind your Manners into the classroom” . Each poster and card shows a name card with the corresponding picture of Mind Manners.
These are The Mind Manners added in this set:
Be Kind
Cover your Mouth
Raise your Hand
Keep your Hands to Yourself
Say Please and Thank You!
Take Turns

You can display these posters into your classroom or covers into your folder.


6) Numbers 0-20 (52 Posters for the Classroom)

This set contains 52 posters in all related to Numbers 0-20 and Math Symbols (plus, minus, multiply by, divide by and equal) .

The first 26 posters show a child in each poster holding the corresponding number and colorful names. They are also followed by a set of 26 more posters with numbers and words only.

These posters can be displayed in the classroom or you can use them as big flashcards to teach or introduce numbers.

You can check more posters in my store, download the preview pages and your feedback is always welcome!


7) The Six traits of Writing (9 Posters and 9 Cards)

This set contains 9 posters and 9 cards related to The 6 Traits of Writing. Each poster and card shows a name card with the corresponding picture of Traits of Writing.

These are The 6 Traits of Writing added in this set + 3 additional posters related to the love of writing:
The 6 Traits of Writing (extra poster)
Pencil Power (extra poster)
I love writing (extra poster)
Sentence Fluency
Word Choice

You can display these posters into your classroom or covers into your folder.


8) Word Work (11 Posters and 11 Cards)

This set contains 11 posters and 11 cards related to Word Work . Each poster and card shows a name card with the corresponding picture of Word Works.

These are The word work phrases added in this set:

Word Work
Love Words
Letter Blocks
Play Doh Letters
Wikki Stix Letters
Pocket Charts
Magnetic Letters
Words on Smartboard
Play with Letters
Words List
Roll and Write Words

You can display these posters into your classroom or covers into your folder.

Total Pages
300 pages
Answer Key
Teaching Duration
2 months
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