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As teachers in the upper grades, our ultimate goal is to educate our students to be productive, independent, and successful even after the school bell rings. To have a lasting, meaningful influence on our students, we must teach them essential life skills such as the importance of having a growth mindset, critical thinking, and social-emotional learning. This bundle gives a modern, fun, visual crash course into these crucial subjects. 85+ pages of worksheets and 33 minutes of video!

To make sure this bundle is for you, please watch the preview video and download the supporting document previews.

Included in this bundle (click on the links for full resource details):

1. Growth Mindset Challenge Bundle

Growth Mindset Challenge Bundle - MIDDLE & HIGH SCHOOL

This NEW AND ENHANCED Growth Mindset Bundle is specifically geared toward the upper grades with only my most challenging growth mindset resources (If you want more and less challenging materials together see my MEGA bundle)

2. Life Skills Growth Mindset Real Life Situations Video & Activities BUNDLE

Life Skills Growth Mindset Real Life Situations Video & Activities BUNDLE

The perfect, must-have addition to any growth mindset unit! Developing a growth mindset in today’s students is a lifelong asset. Once they know what having a growth mindset means, students need to be exposed to what a growth mindset (as opposed to a fixed mindset) is like in everyday situations and real-life interactions. What reactions, responses, and thoughts, are productive and encourage personal development, and which do just the opposite. This bundle will give you the tools to teach your students all this and more! With 15 minutes of video featuring 10 different personal situations and two dialogues, over 40 supplemental worksheets and activities, and a digital task card deck, this bundle gives you endless combinations and ways to teach your students what growth mindset (and fixed mindset) means, sounds like, looks like, etc. This is a one of a kind resource bundle that you can reuse with every class, every year. There are so many possible combinations of lessons that you can teach around these videos and activities that neither you nor your class will ever get bored of them!

* A ~15 minute HD QUALITY animated video featuring 10 original fictional situations (~1 minute each video scene and ~150 words each written version of the scene)
* A Powerpoint presentation of the video slides which can be customized to your individual teaching needs
* A written transcript of the video texts (Individual Situations and Dialogues)
* 40+ Video related worksheets and activities (see the supporting document preview) including:
*Differentiated activities
*Mindset analyses (different kinds and levels)
*The power of words
*Encouragement vs. praise
*Feedback vs. criticism
*Video response
*Task cards for discussion
*Write your own mindset situations
*Growth mindset advice to a friend
* A full color "Growth Mindset: Real Life Situations" DIGITAL TASK CARD DECK which can also be printed and laminated of the ten situations.
Try the playable preview:
Growth Mindset Real Life Situations DIGITAL TASK CARD DECK

3. Social Emotional Learning Emotions, Empathy, and Feelings Video & Activities

Social Emotional Learning - Emotions / Empathy / Feelings Video + Activities Kit

Social-emotional learning is one of the most important things that can be taught, especially in the middle and upper grades. This packet centers around 15 short video clips showing people of different ages/races/sexes in various emotional states that are open to interpretation by the students. The worksheets provided will get the students emotionally involved while exploring their feelings and empathizing with and analyzing those of others

This packet includes:
-A video featuring 15 emotion-clips
-A Powerpoint presentation of the emotion-clip images
-19 Thought-provoking writing prompt worksheets (15 directly related to the emotion-clips which can be used before or after viewing plus four additional worksheets as can be seen in the supporting documents preview)

4. Critical Thinking or ELA QR Code video writing/discussion prompts

Critical Thinking / ELA - QR Code video writing/discussion prompts

Critical thinking is one of the most important skills that can be taught, especially in the middle and upper grades. This packet is based upon 12 videos (Ted ED and other educational sources) discussing major thought experiments in philosophy, ethics, economics, and more.

This packet includes:
A video presenting the twelve thought experiments
A Powerpoint show with embedded QR codes linking to the videos
12 writing prompt worksheets - One for each thought experiment
12 discussion prompt QR code task cards (three pages) + discussion question

5.Critical Thinking "Fake News" Video and Activities

Critical Thinking "Fake News" Video and Activities

Teach your students to be critical about the information they are exposed to in the media and on the web. This video and activities kit includes:

A 3-minute video about fake news (What is it? Why is it reported? How can you recognize it?)
Seven worksheets including:
-fake news vocab
-fake news summary
-x4 real or fake news worksheet WebQuests
-a fake news writing prompt.

***An important note: This resource kit has NO political or controversial content***

The writing and discussion prompts are based on the same thought experiments in order to promote differentiated analysis of the topics

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This bundle includes resources also included in the following bundles:
Growth Mindset Mega Bundle
Growth Mindset + Brain Bundle

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