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Beginning Sounds Picture Cards

Beginning Sounds Picture Cards
Beginning Sounds Picture Cards
Beginning Sounds Picture Cards
Beginning Sounds Picture Cards
Beginning Sounds Picture Cards
Beginning Sounds Picture Cards
Beginning Sounds Picture Cards
Beginning Sounds Picture Cards
Product Description
These beginning sounds picture cards have pictures for all 26 letters from A to Z. There are 431 picture cards perfect for introducing letters and beginning sounds, sorting by beginning sounds, building vocabulary, and sorting by number of syllables.

Included are 431 picture cards in color and 431 picture cards in blackline.

Additionally, there are 26 letter cards in color and blackline in 2 sizes.

Picture cards have crisp, colorful clip art that children love! Blackline picture cards are included. Clip art is current, vibrant, and fun.

These picture cards are versatile. Included are Syllable Headers with Numbers to use when sorting by number of syllables.

Use with large group instruction, small groups, literacy centers, and pocket charts. Cards can be put on rings.

ALL LETTERS DO NOT HAVE THE SAME NUMBER OF PICTURE CARDS. There are so many cards you can change the pictures frequently as you build vocabulary.

Pictures in this resource include:
Aa: accident, acorn, add, airplane, alien, alligator, alphabet, ambulance, angel, animals, ant, apple, arrow, asleep, astronaut, autumn, ax
Bb: baby, bacon, bag, ball, ballerina, balloon, bananas, bark, barn, basketball, bat, bat, battery, beach, beads, beans, bear, beaver, bed, bee, beet, bell, bird, boat, bone, book, boots, bow, bowl, box, boy, boys, bubbles, bug, bull, bun, bunny, bus, bush, butterfly, button
Cc: cactus, cage, cake, can, candle, candy, candy corn, cap, car, carrot, cat, caterpillar, cave, coach, coat, coins, cone (ice cream), cone (traffic), cook, cookie, cop, corn, cot, cow, cub, cube, cup, cupcake, cut
Dd: dad, day, deer, den, desert, dessert, dice (die), dig, dinosaur, dip, dog, doll, dollar, door, dot, doughnut, duck
Ee: eagle, ear, eat, egg, eggplant, eight, elbow, elephant, elf, envelope, eraser
Ff: fan, fan, farm, feet, fence, fin, fire, firetruck, fish, five, flower, fog, football, forest, fork, four, fox
Gg: game, garbage, gas, gate, gift, girl, goat, goose, gorilla, gum, gumballs
Hh: hair, ham, hamburger, hammer, hand, hat (stocking), hat (top), hay, haystack, heart, hedgehog, hem, hippopotamus, hive, hockey, honey, hook, hop, horse, hot, house, hug, hut
Ii: ice, ice cream, igloo, iguana, ill, ink, insect, iron, island
Jj: jack, jack o’lantern, jaguar, jam, jar, jazz, jeans, jelly, jellybeans, jellyfish, jersey, jewels, jog, jug, juggle, juice, jump
Kk: kangaroo, key, ketchup, kick, kids, king, kit, kite, kitten, koala
Ll: ladder, ladle, ladybug, lamp, launch, laundry, leaf, leaves, lemon, leopard, leprechaun, letter, lettuce, lid, light, lighthouse, lightning, lips, lime, lion, lizard, lock, log
Mm: mad, magnify, mail, man, map, march, mask, match, meat, milk, mitt, mitten, mix, moat, mom, money, monkey, monster, moon, moose, mop, mouse (animal), mouse (computer), mow, mud, muffin, mug, mummy, mushroom
Nn: nail (finger), nail (hammer), neck, necklace, nest, net, news, night, nine, nose, numbers, nun, nurse, nut, nuts
Oo: oar, octopus, oil, olive, one, onion, orange, ostrich, otter, owl, oyster
Pp: paddle, pail, paint, pan, parrot, peach, peacock, pear, peas, pen, pencil, penguin, pepper, pet, pickle, pie, pig, pillow, pin, pit, pizza, pop, popcorn, popsicle, pot, puddle, pumpkin, pup, puzzle
Qq: quack, quail, quarter, queen, question, quill, quilt, quiz
Rr: rabbit, raccoon, rain, rainbow, raincoat, rake, rat, rattle, ray, read, red, rhinoceros, ribbon, ring, rip, road, robber, robe, robot, rock (climbing), rocket, rockstar, rooster, root, rope, rose, royal, run
Ss: saddle, sailboat, sandwich, Santa, saw, sea, seahorse, seal, seeds, set (the table), seven, six, soap, sob, sock, soil, sub, suitcase, sun, sunflower, sunglasses, super hero, surfing
Tt: taco, tape, taxi, tea, teapot, tee, ten, tent, tie, tie, tier, tiger, tire, tissue, toast, tomato, tooth, top, toucan, towel, tube, turkey, turtle
Uu: umbrella, umpire, under, underwear, unicorn, unicycle, uniform, upstairs, upside down
Vv: Valentine, valley, van, vase, vegetables, vest, vet, vine, violin, volcano
Ww: waffle, wag, wagon, walrus, watch, water (drops), watermelon, wave, wax, web, wedding, wet, whale, wheel, wig, window, winner, witch, wolf, worm
Xx: x-ray, x-ray fish, xylophone
These words end with x: ax, box, fox, mix, ox, six
Yy: yacht, yak, yams, yarn, yogurt, yolk, yoyo
Zz: zebra, zero, zigzag, zinnia, zipper, zoo, zucchini, zzz (as in a buzzing bee)

Check out Beginning Sounds Worksheets – 26 Letter Sound Practice Pages from A to Z. These practice pages include many of the same pictures as the picture cards. Another tool to build letter sound fluency and vocabulary.

Beginning Sounds Worksheets – 26 Letter Sound Practice Pages from A to Z

Click HERE for a FREE SAMPLE of Letter Aa.

Annie Jewell
Total Pages
230 pages
Answer Key
Teaching Duration
1 Year
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