Biography Project and 6 Week Biography Report Editable With Access to Web Links

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Are you looking for a biography report that students beg for time to work on?

This set has absolutely EVERYTHING you need for students to work independently and research online using my web collection of links designed especially for this project.

This is one of my most well loved units and has absolutely everything you need to get the project started.

It has teacher and student directions to student note taking sheets, rough raft writing paper, final copy paper, bibliography format and recording sheets, website links, parent letters, and more. Students can use my classroom website to access the 144 famous people websites I've researched to keep them safe on the Internet. You will culminate the event with an wax museum or classrooms speech. This set has everything you need to put students in charge of their learning.

This independent and motivating biography project will be one of your favorites each year. Students choose and "become" the famous person, read a novel at their reading level, conduct research (using your sources and with access to my web site link collection), draw a sketch of the famous person, create a timeline by hand or with a computer program, write an important poem, and give a speech from the first person narrative dressed up as the famous person.

This information is glued into a file folder format layout. And the best part . . . I have included this is PDF format for busy teachers who want to simply print and go, PLUS I’ve included the information in MS Word format as well so you can customize absolutely everything about this project! My graphics license allows for PDF use only, so the MS Word format allows you to add your own clip art. There are 223 pages of materials included in this ready to use complete unit.

UPDATE 3/27/17: Another web page students to use was added! There are now 144 web pages for students to use when doing research. The link to my website is included in the set.

Research With Confidence: As a bonus to you, I am giving purchasers a website link that gives you access to my private website collection of 144 web pages with links to numerous famous people (see the list below). I AM NOT SELLING THIS! I am allowing you access to my biography collection on my website to help your students with their Internet research. This ensures students are using technology to access information while doing so in a more protected Internet environment. In your purchase, you will receive the internet website link to my biography web site collection. Purchasers have permission to access my biography project web site collection and may add a shortcut on their computers or link in their Internet “Favorites” to my biography web page collection. Purchasers may not post the link provided in this purchase on their web pages or share the link with others. You will also receive the entire collection of web links in PDF (live, clickable) format for use in your own classroom.

Included: Website link to access to my biography website collection with web pages created just for this Biography Project (link included with purchase)

Included Pages: In MS Word format and also in PDF format
♥️ Teacher Directions Packet with Student Handouts Includes
♥️ Table of Contents
♥️ Student Materials Packet Cover
♥️ Project Detailed Directions for Students
♥️ Biography Note Taking Sheets
♥️ Bibliography Collection Sheet
♥️ Bibliography Format Examples
♥️ Autobiography & Biography Genre Posters
♥️ Character Sketch Final Copy Paper
♥️ Important Poem Rough Draft
♥️ Biography Timeline Rough Draft
♥️ Rough Draft Writing Paper
♥️ Final Copy Report Paper with Lines & Without
♥️ Scoring Guide for Speaking
♥️ Scoring Guide for Report
♥️ Alternate Report Scoring Guide
♥️ Speech Sign-Up Schedule – 5 day format
♥️ Speech Schedule – 3 days AM & PM format
♥️ Famous Person Sign Up
♥️ Teacher Notes & Hints
♥️ Teacher Notes Pacing Guide
♥️ Optional Biography Museum Speaking Task Parent Letter
♥️ Optional Biography Museum Speaking Task Name tags
♥️ Drawing and Math Lesson to Accompany the Character Sketch
♥️ List of Famous People with Web Site Links
♥️ Common Core Reading, Writing & Speaking Correlations Gr.3-5
♥️ Student Character Sketch Examples
♥️ Student Timeline Examples
♥️ Student Important Poem Examples
♥️ Website link with access to my Online Biography Project Collection for the Famous People with web links for each person You are not buying this! I am allowing you to use the links with your students. :)

Aldrin, Buzz
Allen, Paul
Ali, Muhammad
Armstrong, Neil
Bell, Alexander Graham
Boone, Daniel
Braille, Louis
Bryan, Paul "Bear"
Carson, Ben
Carver, George Washington
Cash, Johnny
Chavez, Cesar
Chief Joseph
Clark, William
Clemens, Samuel (Mark Twain)
Columbus, Christopher
Cousteau, Jacques
Crockett, David
Dahl, Roald
Darwin, Charles
Disney, Walt
Douglass, Frederick
Drew, Dr. Charles
Eastwood, Clint
Edison, Thomas
Einstein, Albert
Fibonacci, Leonardo Pisano
Ford, Henry
Franklin, Benjamin
Galilei, Galileo
Garibaldi, Giuseppe
Gates, Bill
Glenn, John
Grant, Ulysses S.
Greenberg, Hank
Gretzky, Wayne
Hale, Nathan
Hawkins, Waterhouse
Henry, Patrick
Henson, Jim
Henson, Matthew
Houdini, Harry
Hubble, Edwin
Hughes, Langston
Jackson, Michael
James, LeBron
Jefferson, Thomas
Jobs, Steve
Jordan, Michael
Kennedy, John F.
King, Jr., Martin Luther
Khan, Genghis
Lee, Bruce
Lennon, John
Lewis, Meriwether
Lincoln, Abraham
Lindbergh, Charles
Lucas, George
Magellan, Ferdinand
Mandela, Nelson
Marion, Francis
Marshall, Thurgood
Mayo Brothers
McCartney, Paul
McLoughlin, Dr. John
Morgan, Garrett A.
Newton, Sir Isaac
Obama, Barack
Owens, Jesse
Pascal, Blaise
Pasteur, Louis
Polo, Marco
Powell, Colin
Prefontaine, Steve
Presley, Elis
Revere, Paul
Robinson, Jackie
Roosevelt, Franklin D.
Roosevelt, Theodore "Teddy"
Ruth, Babe
Seuss, Dr. (Theodor Gisel)
Shackleton, Ernest
Shakespeare, William
Spielberg, Steven
Tolkien, J.R.R.
Verdi, Giuseppe
Washington, George
Woods, Tiger
Wright, Orville
Wright, Wilbur

Addams, Jane
Angelou, Maya
Arc, Joan of
Anthony, Susan B.
Barton, Clara
Blackwell, Elizabeth
Bridges, Ruby
Carson, Rachel
Clark, Eugenie
Cleary, Beverly
Clinton, Hillary Rodham
Curie, Marie
Dickinson, Emily
Earhart, Amelia
Earle, Sylvia
Frank, Anne
Goodall, Jane
Hamm, Mia
Jemison, Mae
Keller, Helen
Madison, Dolley
Mary Queen of Scots
McAuliffe, Christa
Mother Teresa
Nightingale, Florence
Oakley, Annie
Obama, Michelle
O’Connor, Sandra Day
O'Keeffe, Georgia
Pankhurst, Emmeline
Parks, Rosa
Princess Diana (Diana Spencer)
Queen Elizabeth I
Queen Elizabeth II
Queen Victoria
Ride, Dr. Sally
Roosevelt, Eleanor
Ross, Betsy
Rowling, J.K.
Spencer, Ann
Stanton, Elizabeth Cady
Stowe, Harriet Beecher
Sullivan, Anne
Thatcher, Margaret
Truth, Sojourner
Tubman, Harriet
Walker, Madam C.J.
Washington, Martha
Wilder, Laura Ingalls
Winfrey, Oprah
Yousafzai, Malala

I am happy to create web pages for additional people for purchasers. Please contact me at Enjoy biographies with your students!
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Biography Project and 6 Week Biography Report Editable Wit
Biography Project and 6 Week Biography Report Editable Wit
Biography Project and 6 Week Biography Report Editable Wit
Biography Project and 6 Week Biography Report Editable Wit
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