Biography of Frederick Douglass Activity Civil Rights Reading Passage Song #1

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Teach students about the early life of Frederick Douglass using music. This worksheet uses 1 song that can be accessed on YouTube for students to listen to as a part of the activity. It covers important events during the early years of Douglass's life from birth up to his escape from slavery at age 20.

This worksheet includes:
- the song lyrics
- a list of multiple-choice comprehension questions with the answer key
- a context clues activity: students will define content vocabulary words using context clues in the "Frederick Douglass for Kids" song, part 1
- a timeline activity with a graphic organizer
- a sequential paragraph activity that utilizes the timeline

How to use this resource:
- Students will preview the comprehension questions on pages 1 and 2 then listen to the song while following along with the lyrics on pages 3 and 4.
- Next, students will answer the questions on pages 1 and 2.
- Students will then complete the context clues, timeline, and sequential paragraph activities on the following pages.
- The answer key for pages 1, 2, and 5 are located on pages 8, 9, and 10.

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Music provided by Rujay.
Instrumental: "Sippin" by Ihaksi.
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