Build a Rhyme Using Short Vowel Word Chuncks

Build a Rhyme Using Short Vowel Word Chuncks
Build a Rhyme Using Short Vowel Word Chuncks
Build a Rhyme Using Short Vowel Word Chuncks
Build a Rhyme Using Short Vowel Word Chuncks
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Rhyming words are an integral part of Common Core. The focus of these 61 short vowel word family activities is to give children experiences with building, reading, and writing rhyming words.

For this activity the children need two activity sheets. The first sheet is where they will build and write their rhyming words. The word family is printed on the worksheet. The blank in front of the word family/chunk is where the child will set the initial consonant/blend to build a word. The consonant/ blend cards could be duplicated on colored paper if desired. The child cuts apart the cards on the second sheet and places the cards one at a time on the worksheet. As each card is placed on the activity sheet, the child says the word and then writes it on one of the blanks provided. That card is removed and a new card is now placed on the blank. The child reads and writes the new word, then continues until all the words are written. If there is a blank card, the word is made by writing only the word family/ chunk.
The final section of the activity sheet is for the child to choose one word he/she built and write a sentence using that word.

Table of Contents
SHORT A--pages 6-39
-ab: cab, gab, lab, tab, dab, jab, nab, fab
blab, drab, grab, stab, crab, flab, scab, cab
-ack: back, pack, hack, rack, jack, sack, lack, tack
pack, quack, black, crack, shack, stack, track, whack
-ad: had, bad, lad, dad, mad, fad, pad, sad
-ag: bag, rag, gag, sag, tag, wag, nag, zag
bag, snag, drag, stag, flag, shag, crag, brag
-am: ham, Pam, dam, ram, Sam, jam, yam
ham, clam, cram, gram, slam, swam, scram, wham
-amp: lamp, camp, ramp, damp, clamp, stamp, champ, clamp
-and: hand, land, band, sand, brand, stand, gland, grand
-an: fan, man, Nan, ban, pan, can, ran, van
fan, bran, scan, clan, span, Fran, plan, Stan
-ant: ant, pant, plant, rant, chant, scant, Grant, slant
-ash: cash, rash, gash, sash, mash, bash, dash, hash
cash, flash, clash, crash, slash, smash, trash, splash
-ap: cap, sap, gap, rap, tap, lap, map, nap
cap, chap, slap, clap, snap, wrap, strap, scrap
-at: hat, rat, bat, sat, cat, fat, mat, pat
hat, that, brat, chat, flat spat, gnat, splat
-atch: hatch, batch, catch, latch, match, patch, snatch, scratch

SHORT E--pages 40-60
-eck: neck, deck, heck, peck, check, fleck, speck, wreck
-ed: bed, fed, led, red, Ted, wed, Jed, Ned
sled, bled, bred, fled, shed, shred, sped, red
-en: hen, Ben, den, men, ten, pen, then, when
-end: mend, lend, tend, bend, send, wend, blend, spend
-ent: cent, bent, dent, rent, sent, tent, vent, went, spent, scent
-ess: dress, Bess, less, mess, Tess, bless, chess, press
-est: nest, best, jest, pest, rest, test, vest, west
nest, chest, crest, quest, quest, detest, invest, arrest
-et: jet, bet, get, let, met, pet, net, set, vet, wet

SHORT I--pages 61-92
-ib: bib, crib, fib, gleb, nib, rib
-ick: chick, brick, click, kick, lick, pick, nick, sick, stick, trick
-ig: pig, big, dig, fig, jig, rig, wig, twig
-id: lid, bid, did, hid, kid, rid, Sid, slid
-ift: gift, lift, rift, sift, drift, shift, swift, thrift
-ill: pill, bill, dill, fill, hill, hill, kill, mill, sill, will
pill, chill, drill, frill, grill, skill, spill, trill, thrill
-im: him, dim, Jim, Kim, rim, brim, swim, trim
-in: fin, bin, din, kin, pin, sin, tin, win
fin, chin, grin, shin, skin, spin, thin, twin
-int: mint, lint, hint, tint, flint, print, sprint, squint
-ip: lip, dip, hip, nip, rip, sip, tip, zip
lip, chip, clip, drip, flip, grip, ship, skip
-ish: fish, dish, wish, swish, squish, goldfish
-ist: wrist, fist, gist, list, mist, twist
-it: sit, bit, fit, hit, kit, lit, pit, wit
sit, flit, grit, knit, quit, skit, slit, split

SHORT O--pages 93-115
-ob: sob, Bob, mob, rob, blob, knob, slob, throb
-ock: sock, dock, lock, mock, rock
clock, flock, knock, shock, stock
-od: rod, mod, nod, pod, clod, plod, prod, trod
-og: dog, bog, fog, hog, jog, log, clog, frog
-ong: strong, bong, dong, gong, long, song, throng, wrong
-op: cop, bop, hop, mop, pop, lop, top, stop
cop, chop, crop, drop, plop, shop, slop, stop
-oss: toss, boss, loss, moss, Ross, cross, floss, gloss
-ot: pot, cot, dot, got, hot, jot, lot, not, rot, tot
pot, knot, blot, clot, plot, Scot, shot, slot, spot, trot
-oth: broth, cloth, froth, moth, sloth
-ox: fox, sox, box, pox, ox

SHORT U--pages 116-156
-ub: tub, cub, dub, hub, pub, rub, sub
tub, club, flub, grub, scrub, shrub, snub, stub
-uck: duck, buck, luck, muck, puck, suck, yuck
duck, chuck, cluck, pluck, struck, stuck, snuck, truck
-ud: spud, bud, crud, dud, mud, scud, thud
-uff: cuff, buff, huff, muff, puff, bluff, fluff, gruff, snuff, stuff
-ug: bug, dug, hug, jug, lug, mug, pug, rut, tug
bug, chug, drug, glug, plug, shrug, slug, smug, snug, thug
-um: gum, bum, hum, mum, rut, sum, yum
gum, chum, drum, glum, plum, scum, slum, strum
-ump: jump, bump, dump, hump, lump, pump, rump
jump, chump, clump, trump, plump, slump, stump, thump
-un: sun, bun, fun, gun, nun, pun, run, shun, spun, stun
-unch: punch, bunch, hunch, lunch, munch, punch, brunch, crunch, scrunch
-ung: lung, hung, rung, sung, clung, flung, sprung, stung, swung, wrung
-unk: bunk, dunk, funk, hunk, junk, punk, sunk
skunk, chunk, clunk, drunk, flunk, plunk, shrunk, slunk, stunk, trunk
-unt: grunt, blunt, brunt, bunt, hunt, punt, runt stunt
-ush: mush, gush, hush, lush, rush
mush, blush, brush, crush, flush, plush, shush, slush
-ust: gust, bust, dust, just, must, rush, crust, trust, thrust
-ut: nut, but, cut, gut, hut, jut, rut, shut, strut
-utter: butter, cutter, gutter, mutter, putter, clutter, flutter, shutter, stutter

Common Core Standards: RF.K.2a, 2c, 2e, RF.1.2b, L.K.2d, L.1.2d

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Build a Rhyme Using Short Vowel Word Chuncks
Build a Rhyme Using Short Vowel Word Chuncks
Build a Rhyme Using Short Vowel Word Chuncks
Build a Rhyme Using Short Vowel Word Chuncks
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