Bundle #6 - Expanded World War II - Global/World History Common Core

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The following is a bundle of 6 common core-based Global History worksheets. Buy all 6 worksheets through this bundle and save 15% off the price (if you purchased all 6 separately). The worksheets are taught as a 10 lesson (75 minute periods) unit so there are a significant amount of readings, critical thinking questions, writing assignments, activities, and discussion opportunities. I do offer each lesson individually on this site. Please refer to the individual worksheets to see which common core standards are met by each worksheet/lesson and to get a preview for each lesson.

The worksheets/lessons that are in this bundle include:

Rise of Adolf Hitler – Global History Common Core

• Do now – students access prior knowledge about the Treaty of Versailles and the way it punished Germany.
• Secondary source reading about the Weimar Republic and the analysis of several paintings from the era to understand the problems Germany was facing. The paintings can easily be found online.
• Election of Chancellor activity - Students will pretend to be a citizen of Germany voting to choose a new Chancellor. Three options (without names) are given and students vote. Invariably, most students choose the candidate that turns out to be Hitler. This is an incredible moment where students understand how someone like Hitler could come to power.
• Primary source analysis of Mein Kampf – critical thinking questions follow.
• Tremendous amount of discussion opportunities.

Hitler and the New Germany - Global/World History Common Core

• Do now – Hitler quote analysis
• Analysis of Nazi propaganda/Hitler quotes – critical thinking and thought provoking questions follow.
• Secondary source readings about the Third Reich & the Hitler Youth.
• Creation of an acrostic poem based on the worksheet readings
• analysis of a 15-minute clip from Triumph of the Will by Leni Riefenstahl (clip not included, but typically available on YouTube or for purchase on Amazon)
• wrap up role play activity where students pretend to be different members of Germany society and respond to the changes that took place.
• Enormous amount of discussion opportunities!

Turning Points of World War II - Global/World/US History Common Core

The lesson focuses mainly on the Miracle at Dunkirk, the Battle of Britain, the Nazi invasion of the Soviet Union, the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, and the D-Day invasion of France. The activities included in this lesson are:

• Critical thinking questions for students to answer while watching various movie clips (clips not included). The movies are: The Great Dictator (Hinkle speech scene), Atonement (Miracle at Dunkirk scene), Enemy at the Gates (invasion of Stalingrad scene), Saving Private Ryan (D-Day invasion scene), and Band of Brothers (TV Miniseries). Several are available on youtube and others can be purchased on Amazon or are available at your local library for free.
• Primary and secondary source readings followed by an enormous amount of fact-based questions and critical thinking questions easily adaptable for whole-class discussion.
• Fill-in-the-blank notes sheet (answer key included)

The Holocaust - Global/World History Common Core

• Do now that connects previous knowledge to current lesson
• Propaganda analysis and critical thinking questions that follow
• Primary and secondary source analysis (Nuremberg Laws, and Kristallnacht respectively) along with a variety of thought-provoking questions perfect for full class discussion.
• Questions that go along with movie clips (not included with this worksheet) that serve to bring these events to life (Schindler’s List, The Pianist, The War by Ken Burns).
• “Never Again” song comparison (songs not included) with questions that follow.
• Blame assessment activity

The Holocaust PowerPoint - Global/World History

• 28 total slides
• Aim question
• Numerous primary source photographs of the Holocaust
• Numerous maps and charts that breathe life in this event.

The Atomic Bomb & World War II - Global History Common Core

Topics covered include:
• Island hopping campaign
• Kamikaze missions
• Battle of Peleliu
• Manhattan Project
• Atomic Bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki

Activities included:
• Do no that appropriately sets up the lesson
• Video questions for “The Pacific” Episode 7 – Peleliu – clips available on Youtube or available at your local library
• You Make the Call group activity – Atomic Bomb
• Link to BBC History of World War II – Hiroshima
• Primary and secondary source readings with questions
• Why Did They Drop the Bomb Activity
• Includes several critical thinking questions as well as many opportunities for class discussion.

End of World War II, Start of the Cold War - Global/World History Common Core

The topics covered in this lesson include:
• World War II casualty figures
• Problems facing the Allies after the war.
• Yalta Conference
• Iron Curtain Speech

Several activities in this lesson include:
• Do now that appropriately sets up the lesson
• Primary and secondary source analysis
• Stalin’s response – speech writing exercise
• Over 10 fact-based and critical thinking questions
• An enormous amount of opportunities for small group and class discussion.

These worksheets can easily be modified to fit a shorter or longer class period since they have been created on a Word Document. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me. Please rate this bundle if you are able. Thanks!
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Bundle #6 - Expanded World War II - Global/World History C
Bundle #6 - Expanded World War II - Global/World History C
Bundle #6 - Expanded World War II - Global/World History C
Bundle #6 - Expanded World War II - Global/World History C