Bundle of 2 - History of Russia - The Russian Revolution & The Soviet Era

Bundle of 2 - History of Russia - The Russian Revolution &
Bundle of 2 - History of Russia - The Russian Revolution &
Bundle of 2 - History of Russia - The Russian Revolution &
Bundle of 2 - History of Russia - The Russian Revolution &
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This is a bundle of 2 highly animated, power point presentations on the History of Russia - The Revolution to the Soviet Era. Both presentations together number 36 slides. Each of the presentation slides are editable so you can change them to fit your individual needs.

Since the reign of Ivan the Terrible, the Russian Tsars had followed a fairly consistent policy of drawing more political power away from the nobility and into their own hands. This centralization of had been accomplished in two ways: Either by simply taking power from the nobles and braving their opposition or by compensating the nobles for decreased power in government and then giving them greater power over their land and its occupants.

From Ivan the Terrible, to Catherine the Great, the Russian Tsars enjoyed virtually autocratic rule over their nobles. things only got worse under the reign of Nicholas who eventually abdicated as Russia formed weal provisional government.

During the struggle for power the Bolsheviks gained increasing support from the ever more frustrated soviets. On October 25, led by Vladimir Ilyich Lenin, they stormed the Winter Palace and deposed the Kerensky government.

They succeeded in taking Russia out of the war, though on very unfavorable terms. Within months civil war broke out throughout Russia and for the next 3 years the country was devastated by civil strife. By 1920 the Bolsheviks had finally emerged victorious.

Power point #1 is entitled, History of Russia - The Russian Revolution contains 16 slides and covers the following:

Path to Revolution
Centralization of Authority
Decembrist Revolt
Changes Brewing
Expansion & Power
War With Japan
“Soviets” Formed
Nicholas’ Failures
World War I
Nicholas Abdicates
Provisional Government
Bolsheviks Rebel
Bolsheviks are Victorious
End of Presentation

The first few years of Soviet rule were marked by an extraordinary outburst of social and cultural change. Although the Bolsheviks had maintained complete control of the economy during the civil war, Lenin decided at its end that a partial return to a market economy would help the country recover from the destruction of the previous 3 years.

His New Economic Policy, or NEP, brought about a period of relative prosperity, allowing the young Soviet government to consolidate its political position and rebuild the country's infrastructure. Although the country still faced enormous challenges, there was a widespread sense of optimism and opportunity. Lenin's death in 1924 was followed by an extended and extremely divisive struggle for power in the Communist Party.

By the latter part of the decade, Joseph Stalin had emerged as the victor, and he immediately set the country on a much different course. In 1990, the Soviet Union itself began to unravel. Its own constituent republics began to issue declarations of independence. Demonstrations against the government and the party intensified. The economy worsened, food shortages became a problem, and the crime rate began to skyrocket.

Interim leaders did little to improve the Russian economy until Gorbachev. He was caught between popular demands for more radical reform and party demands for the re-imposition of strict control, failed to satisfy either side. Military units were dispatched to enforce the authority of the new government, but they were met with overwhelming popular protest led by Yeltsin and the other presidents of the republics.

By the end of the year the Soviet Union had been voted out of existence, to be replaced by a Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS). On December 25, Gorbachev resigned, and on midnight of December 31, the Soviet flag atop the Kremlin was replaced by the Russian tricolor flag.

Power point #2 is entitled, History of Russia - The Soviet Era contains 20 slides and covers the following:

The Soviet Era Begins
Lenin’s Death
Stalin’s Changes
Religion & Purges
World War II
German Invasion
Germany Defeated
World Power Status
Nikita Khruschev
Leonid Breshnev
Mikhail Gorbachev
Glasnost at Work
Voting Rights
Gorbachev “Resigns”
Soviet Union Replaced
End of Presentation

This is one of many bundled power point presentations I offer in my store under the heading.... the History of Russia
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Bundle of 2 - History of Russia - The Russian Revolution &
Bundle of 2 - History of Russia - The Russian Revolution &
Bundle of 2 - History of Russia - The Russian Revolution &
Bundle of 2 - History of Russia - The Russian Revolution &
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