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Bundle of 2 - Religion - The Tabernacle & the Ark of the Covenant

Bundle of 2 - Religion - The Tabernacle & the Ark of the Covenant
Bundle of 2 - Religion - The Tabernacle & the Ark of the Covenant
Bundle of 2 - Religion - The Tabernacle & the Ark of the Covenant
Bundle of 2 - Religion - The Tabernacle & the Ark of the Covenant
Bundle of 2 - Religion - The Tabernacle & the Ark of the Covenant
Bundle of 2 - Religion - The Tabernacle & the Ark of the Covenant
Bundle of 2 - Religion - The Tabernacle & the Ark of the Covenant
Bundle of 2 - Religion - The Tabernacle & the Ark of the Covenant
Product Description
This is a bundle of 2 highly animated, power point presentation on Religion – Jewish History – The Tabernacle & the Ark of the Covenant. The total number of slides in the presentations is 73. Each of the slides are editable so you can modify the slides if you need to.

After 400 years of enslavement, God appointed Moses to lead the Hebrews out of enslavement through a series of miracles. Because of disobedience, the children of Israel were not permitted to go directly to the “promised land”, but were confined to wander in the wilderness for 40 years. Everywhere they went they followed the Ark of the Covenant, which contained the 10 Commandments and represented the covenant they had with God.

The Jews longed to build a proper Temple to house the Ark where “true worship” could be carried out. But the Temple build was a long way off. Before the Temple could be built the children of Israel constructed a temporary house of worship called a Tabernacle. It was understood that the Tabernacle was needed only until a permanent Temple could be built.

This dream was realized when King Solomon, built a magnificent Temple in the capitol of the ancient city of Jerusalem. Solomon’s Temple (also known as the First Temple) served as the Holy Temple until its destruction by Nebuchadnezzar II in 587 BC.

A second temple was built and the Second Temple served as the Jewish Holy Temple from 516 BCE until its destruction in 70 CE. This temple served the nation until Jesus appeared on the scene. Jesus foretold the destruction of the Temple accurately and declared the Temple was no longer needed since all people now have access to God through his death as the ultimate sacrifice for sin, a claim Jews reject.

Power point #1 is entitled, Religion – Jewish History – God’s Earthly Dwelling Place – The Tabernacle and contains 46 slides and covers the following:

God’s Earthly Dwelling Place: The Tabernacle
The Tabernacle
Importance of the Tabernacle
Statement of God’s Presence
Unquestioned Authority
Reverent Obedience
The Tabernacle: Construction
The Layout
Construction Materials
Cloth & Linens
Tabernacle Features: The Gate
The Gate
Tabernacle Features: The Brazen Altar
The Brazen Altar
Sin Offerings
Significance of the Sacrifices
Tabernacle Features: The Laver
The Laver
Tabernacle Furniture: Holy Place Furniture
The Menorah
Keeping the Lamps Burning
Table of Showbread
Golden Altar of Incense
A Pleasing Aroma to the Lord
Tabernacle Features: The Holy of Holies & The Veil
The Holy of Holies & The Veil (3)
Tabernacle Features: The Ark of the Covenant
The Ark of the Covenant
The Atonement Cover
Shekinah Glory
Judgement & Wrath
The Tabernacle: Articles Contained in the Ark
Aaron’s Staff
Ten Commandments (2)
The Atonement Cover
End of Presentation

Judaism rejects physical manifestations of spirituality, preferring instead to focus on actions and beliefs. Worship of graven images is harshly condemned throughout the Torah, and perhaps the greatest sin the Israelites collectively committed was the construction of the Golden Calf recorded in the Bible in (Exodus 32). There is one exception to this rule. One man-made object was/is considered intrinsically holy - the Ark of the Covenant.

The Ark of the Covenant was constructed after the Exodus from Egypt during the Israelites' wanderings in the desert and used until the destruction of the First Temple. During that time, The Ark was the most important symbol of the Jewish faith, and served as the only physical manifestation of God on earth. The legends associated with this object; and the harsh penalties ascribed for anyone who misuses it, confirm the Ark's centrality to the Jewish faith of that period.

Hidden in the special golden box in the Ark were not treasures and precious gems, but rather 3 articles that represented some of the most embarrassing and disgraceful events in the history of the Israelites; Manna, Aaron’s Staff and the 10 Commandments.

The Ark was used in the desert and in Israel proper for many spiritual and pragmatic purposes. God used the Ark as an indicator of when he wanted the nation to travel, and when to stop. When the Israelites went to war in the desert and during the conquering of Canaan, the Ark accompanied them. It inspired them to believe that God was present with them and that He aided them in fighting. Spiritually, the Ark was the manifestation of God's physical presence on earth (the shekhina). Once the Ark was moved into the Holy of Holies in the Tabernacle, and later in the Temple, it was accessible only once a year, and then, only by the Hight Priest.

The Ark remained in the Temple until its destruction at the hand of the Babylonian empire, led by Nebuchadnezzar. No one knows where it is today except it there are a few location suggestions that re quite interesting.

The only remnant of the Ark in Jewish life today is the Holy Ark in which Torah scrolls are kept in synagogues. These Arks often are decorated with copies of the Tablets, reminiscent of the contents of the actual Ark of ancient times. The Ark itself plays no role in Jewish life today, but remains a potent symbol of the Jewish peoples' past, and of the messianic era many believe is waiting in the future.

Power point #2 is entitled, Religion – Jewish History – The Ark of the Covenant and contains 27 slides and covers the following:

Importance of the Ark
Command to Build the Ark
The Ark’s Construction
The Atonement Cover
Contents of the Box
Aaron’s Staff
10 Commandments (2)
Role of the Ark: Practical
Role of the Ark: Spiritual
God’s Presence
The Ark’s Holiness
History of the Ark
The Philistines
Captured & Returned
The Ark Returned
The Ark’s Home
Where is The Ark Now?
The Ethiopian Claim
The Temple Mount Claim
The Ark Today
End of Presentation

This is one of many bundled power point presentations I offer in my store under the heading... Religion.
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