Bundle of 3 - Muslim Civilizations - Key Leaders

Bundle of 3 - Muslim Civilizations - Key Leaders
Bundle of 3 - Muslim Civilizations - Key Leaders
Bundle of 3 - Muslim Civilizations - Key Leaders
Bundle of 3 - Muslim Civilizations - Key Leaders
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This is a bundle of 3 highly animated, power point presentations on Muslim Civilizations - Key Figures - Mohammed, Suleiman & Mehmed. The three presentations together number 114 slides. Each of the presentation slides are editable so you can change them to fit your individual needs.

Mohammed (ca. 570-632) was the founder of the religion of Islam and of a political unit at Medina that later developed into the Arab Empire, or Caliphate, and a multitude of successor states. Politically his great achievement was to create the framework which made possible the uniting of the Arab tribes and was capable of being developed to include an empire.

Mohammed was aware at least by 627 that it would be necessary to expand beyond Arabia, since tribes allied to him could not raid other allies and must direct their energies further afield. He thus devoted special attention to the tribes on the route to Syria and to a lesser extent on the route to Iraq. He was also to win over to his cause his chief Meccan opponents, and their administrative skills were later invaluable in conquering and ruling numerous provinces.

The growth of the Arab Empire, and with it of the religion of Islam, was made possible by favorable circumstances; but the opportunity would not have been grasped but for Mohammed's gifts as visionary, statesman, and administrator.

Power point presentation #1 is entitled, Muslim Civilizations - Mohammed, The Founder of Islam contains 21 slides and covers the following:

Early Life & Marriage
Two Visions
Early Preaching
The Hijra (Hegira)
Early Years at Medina
Mecccan Invasion
Siege of Medina
Growing Number of Followers
Islam Takes Form
Religious Practices
Years of Triumph
Gaining Power
Personality &Achievement
Context of Lifestyle
Political Achievements
Final Thoughts
End of Presentation

Suleiman the Magnificent was the 10th and longest-reigning Sultan of the Ottoman Empire. He presided over the apex of the Ottoman Empire's military, political and economic power. Suleiman personally led Ottoman armies in conquering the Christian strongholds of Belgrade, Rhodes, as well as most of Hungary before his conquests were checked at the Siege of Vienna in 1529.

He annexed much of the Middle East in his conflict with the Safavids and large areas of North Africa as far west as Algeria. Under his rule, the Ottoman fleet dominated the seas from the Mediterranean to the Red Sea and through the Persian Gulf. Suleiman personally instituted major legislative changes relating to society, education, taxation, and criminal law. His canonical law (or the Kanuns) fixed the form of the empire for centuries after his death.

Not only was Suleiman a distinguished poet and goldsmith; he also became a great patron of culture, overseeing the "Golden" age of the Ottoman Empire in its artistic, literary and architectural development.

Power point presentation #2 is entitled, Muslim Civilizations - Suleiman the Magnificent contains 32 slides and covers the following:

Introduction (2)
Early Life
Military Campaigns
Marriages & Family
Sultan Selim I
Ascent to the Throne
Military Conquest: Syria
Military Conquest: Belgrade
Military Conquest: Crusaders
Military Conquest: Siege of Rhodes
Surrender of Rhodes
Empire Expands
Into Europe
King Ferdinand
Military Conquest: Vienna
Defeat at Vienna
King Ferdinand Dethroned
First War with the Safavids
Military Conquest: Baghdad
Second War with the Safavids
Third War with the Safavids
Maritime Expansion
The Law-Giver
Administrative Reforms
Administration & Legal System
Line of Succession
Death & Burial
End of Presentation

Mehmed II, also known as Mehmed the Conqueror, was an Ottoman Sultan who ruled first for a short time from August 1444 to September 1446, and later from February 1451 to May 1481. At the age of 21, he conquered Constantinople and brought an end to the Byzantine Empire.

Mehmed continued conquests in Anatolia with its reunification, and in Southeast Europe as far west as Bosnia. Mehmed is considered a hero in modern-day Turkey and parts of the wider Muslim world. He was often brutal to the people in the conquered lands. Europe celebrated joyously when he died.

Although Mehmed II died unsatisfied in his goal to build a universal empire, he had established the primacy of the Ottoman Turks within the Muslim world. He extended Ottoman influence east as far as the Euphrates and west throughout the Balkans and even onto the Italian peninsula.

Whether reviled for his brutality and his fervor or saluted for these successes, Mehmed the Conqueror, built a vibrant capital of a growing Turkish Empire from the remains of Byzantium, which would be a major world power over the next four centuries.

Power point presentation #3 is entitled, Muslim Civilizations - Mehmed the Conqueror contains 61 slides and covers the following:

Early Years
Preparation for Leadership
Administration & Culture (4)
First Reign
Preparing to Attack Constantinople
Siege & Fall of Constantinople
Byzantine Empire: Finished
Entering Constantinople
Repopulation of Constantinople (2)
The “New” Constantinople
Conquest of Serbia (2)
Conquest of Morea (2)
Conquest on the Black Seacoast (2)
Conquest of Wallachia (7)
Conquest of Bosnia
Ottoman Venetian War (9)
Conquest of Karaman & Akkoyunlu (5)
War With Moldavia (4)
Conquest of Albania (2)
Conquest of Genoese (2)
Expedition to Italy (2)
Death of Mehmed
End of Presentation

This is one of many bundled power point presentations I offer in my store under the heading.... Muslim Civilizations.
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Bundle of 3 - Muslim Civilizations - Key Leaders
Bundle of 3 - Muslim Civilizations - Key Leaders
Bundle of 3 - Muslim Civilizations - Key Leaders
Bundle of 3 - Muslim Civilizations - Key Leaders
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