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Carried Off to Rapture - Analyzing Video Game Narrative

Carried Off to Rapture - Analyzing Video Game Narrative
Carried Off to Rapture - Analyzing Video Game Narrative
Carried Off to Rapture - Analyzing Video Game Narrative
Carried Off to Rapture - Analyzing Video Game Narrative
Carried Off to Rapture - Analyzing Video Game Narrative
Carried Off to Rapture - Analyzing Video Game Narrative
Carried Off to Rapture - Analyzing Video Game Narrative
Carried Off to Rapture - Analyzing Video Game Narrative
Product Description
Note: Some of my products have some “out there” ideas. Make sure to look at the preview before purchasing. Everyone's classroom is unique and while these lessons work within my classroom, that may not be the case in another’s room.

"In between, that single day of living, that
dancing, inner-strip of sunlight; we can find
what me miss. The love that makes us whole."

-Everybody Has Gone to the Rapture (Kate Appleton)

Note: While I teach this guide in a public school, there are allusions to religion and the afterlife within the video clips. This is why I send a permission slip home (as I would with a movie) before I utilize this unit with my students.

With today's student (especially teenagers), getting them motivated to think at high levels and write can be a challenge. With my students, I've found a way to truly grasp their imaginations and attention by combining video game technology and the narrative process. This premise is the catalyst for Carried Off to Rapture.

Everybody's Gone to the Rapture™ created by developer, The Chinese Room, presents the story of a tiny village and its community, engulfed in mysterious events well beyond human comprehension. The premise of this unit guide is allow students to investigate, infer, and look beyond what’s easily understood, to try and solve the mystery of what’s happened in this fictional world.

While up to each educator of how to approach this material, I utilize this unit as mini-lessons. I show one clip per day. While watching the clip (which is hyperlinked to my Youtube channel), the students fill in any clues or pieces of evidence that they feel may help them in figuring out what has happened. After the clip and evidence sheet are completed, the students take the provided quiz. The quizzes not only help assess what they’ve observed, but at times allows them to look even deeper into the clip’s meaning.

When all is said and done, the two main closing activities are an artistic representation inspired by some beautiful narrative and a final three paragraph essay. This essay asks the student to decide on what possibly could have happened?

While each school and district are unique, for my classroom, I will be sending home our district’s permission letter to view a PG-13 movie. While I’ve cut out some material, there are still some elements of language, death and spiritual themes.

When I present this lesson, I do not promote any realm of thinking or belief on what the story may or may not be implying. That’s the beauty of this work of art: it leaves it entirely up to each individual to make of it what they will.

In the end, the overarching theme is that as a living being, we are here for a finite period of time. It’s important to realize what’s truly important before the “ocean’s swell” carries us off to wherever we go.

Included in the Unit
3 Terms of Use
4 Core Standards
5 About the Unit
6 Characters of Rapture
7 Define Rapture
8 - 10 Investigation 1: The Beginning (Video, Evidence Sheet, Quiz)
11 - 13 Investigation 2: Order the Strike (Video, Evidence Sheet, Quiz)
14 - 16 Investigation 3: You’re Brilliant (Video, Evidence Sheet, Quiz)
17 - 19 Investigation 4: The Community (Video, Evidence Sheet, Quiz)
20 - 22 Investigation 5: Doctor’s Office (Video, Evidence Sheet, Quiz)
23 - 25 Investigation 6: Firing Line (Video, Evidence Sheet, Quiz)
26 - 28 Investigation 7: The Village (Video, Evidence Sheet, Quiz)
29 - 31 Investigation 8: Is That You? (Video, Evidence Sheet, Quiz)
32 - 34 Investigation 9: Town Hall (Video, Evidence Sheet, Quiz)
35 - 37 Investigation 10: The Pattern (Video, Evidence Sheet, Quiz)
38 - 40 Investigation 11: I’m So Scared (Video, Evidence Sheet, Quiz)
41 - 43 Investigation 12: The Treehouse (Video, Evidence Sheet, Quiz)
44 - 46 Investigation 13: The Phone Call (Video, Evidence Sheet, Quiz)
47 - 49 Investigation 14: Thing in the Sky (Video, Evidence Sheet, Quiz)
50 - 52 Investigation 15: The Accident (Video, Evidence Sheet, Quiz)
53 - 55 Investigation 16: Last Words (Video, Evidence Sheet, Quiz)
56 - 58 Investigation 17: Dead Birds (Video, Evidence Sheet, Quiz)
59 - 61 Investigation 18: Leave Him! (Video, Evidence Sheet, Quiz)
62 - 64 Investigation 19: They’re Dead (Video, Evidence Sheet, Quiz)
65 - 67 Investigation 20: No More Trains (Video, Evidence Sheet, Quiz)
68 - 70 Investigation 21: My Shoes (Video, Evidence Sheet, Quiz)
71 - 73 Investigation 22: Down Here! (Video, Evidence Sheet, Quiz)
74 - 76 Investigation 23: I Hate Him (Video, Evidence Sheet, Quiz)
77 - 79 Investigation 24: Dead Cows (Video, Evidence Sheet, Quiz)
80 - 82 Investigation 25: Please Frank (Video, Evidence Sheet, Quiz)
83 - 85 Investigation 26: I’m Sorry Mary (Video, Evidence Sheet, Quiz)
86 - 88 Investigation 27: You Knew (Video, Evidence Sheet, Quiz)
89 - 91 Investigation 28: Mr. Coles (Video, Evidence Sheet, Quiz)
92 - 94 Investigation 29: Sleep Tight (Video, Evidence Sheet, Quiz)
95 - 97 Investigation 30: It’s Kate (Video, Evidence Sheet, Quiz)
98 - 100 Investigation 31: No Choice (Video, Evidence Sheet, Quiz)
101 - 103 Investigation 32: 3,2,1 (Video, Evidence Sheet, Quiz)
104 - 106 Investigation 33: The Fox (Video, Evidence Sheet, Quiz)
107 - 109 Investigation 34: The End (Video, Evidence Sheet, Quiz)
110 Narrative Images
111 - 121 Differentiation Writing Prompt Options
122 - 130 Answer Key
131 References

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131 pages
Answer Key
Teaching Duration
1 month
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