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Cat in the Hat Math 4 Number Games & 5 Activities

Cat in the Hat Math       4 Number Games & 5 Activities
Cat in the Hat Math       4 Number Games & 5 Activities
Cat in the Hat Math       4 Number Games & 5 Activities
Cat in the Hat Math       4 Number Games & 5 Activities
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Cat in the Hat Math
4 Number Games and 5 Activities

This is a set of cat number cards (0 – 20) to use in 4 different games and 5 activities. These Cat in the Hat games and activities are a great way to get kids excited about math.


Look Out for Thing 1 and Thing 2 ! A Number Recognition Game
This game can be used with a small group. It is great for intervention teachers to use or to send home with a child to play with their family.

I pick 5 to 6 numbers that my children need to learn. I print each of these number cards 3 times on cardstock and laminate them. Copy the special cards on cardstock and laminate them too. If the game is being used to review all numbers make sure you have at least 30 cards in the game.

Children will take turns drawing cards. They will name the number and keep it. If they can’t name the number, they are told the number. They then look at the number and name it. I let my children keep the card the first time we play the game. The 2nd time we play the game, they discard the card if they can’t give the number. We play the game at least 2 times in math stations. If they draw a special card, they do as it says. The child with the most cards after all cards are drawn is the winner.
Special Cards:
Thing 1 and Thing 2! Oh NO! All your cards must GO! (The child loses all their cards.)
Hat! Yay! Take 2 cards from all today! (The child will take 2 cards from all the children playing the game.)

Where’s that Cat?
Place 8 – 10 number cards in a pocket chart. Hide the Cat card behind one of the number cards. The children will guess where the Cat is by naming the number that they think the Cat is behind. Children will keep guessing until the Cat is found.

Number Match (Memory)
Turn over about 8 - 10 number pairs. Children will take turns turning over 2 cards at a time. They will name each number as they turn it over. If the numbers match the child will keep the cards. If they don’t they will turn them back over. The child with the most pairs when all are turned over is the winner.

Cat Battle (Battle/War)
Give each child about 15 number cards. Children will each place their top card face up in the middle of the table. The child with the largest number takes all the cards. If children have the same number, they will place 2 cards face down and 1 face up. The child with the greater number takes all of the cards. The game is over when all cards have been pulled and the child with the most cards wins.
I included Cat in the Hat pictures to glue on the other side of the cards before laminating them if you want to.


Cat/Hat Count
Tape number cards on red or black plastic cups. Give the children black unifix cubes (cats) or print the hat cards and laminate them. The children will place unifix cubes or hat cards in the cups according to the number on the cup.

Comparing Numbers
The children will compare 2 number cards. They will then place the Cat in the Hat card with the correct sign on it (<, >, =) between the 2 numbers.

Number Order
The children will use the cat number cards to order. This can be done in a pocket chart whole group or individually at a center.

What’s the Missing Number?
The teacher will put a sequence of numbers in a pocket chart, turning over some of the numbers. A child will give the missing number and turn over the card to see if they are correct.

Before & After
The child will place a cat number card on the table. He/she will then place the number card that comes before and after the given number.

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Cat in the Hat Math       4 Number Games & 5 Activities
Cat in the Hat Math       4 Number Games & 5 Activities
Cat in the Hat Math       4 Number Games & 5 Activities
Cat in the Hat Math       4 Number Games & 5 Activities