Cellular Respiration Homework Assignments and Study Guide

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Cellular Respiration is one of the hardest topics that we must teach to our biology and life science students. The key to success is to provide good instruction followed by a good review exercise.

This document is a 9 page student worksheet consisting of 76 questions. Since many of the questions have multiple parts, there are over 100 questions. As I am teaching my unit on respiration, I assign a portion of these questions for homework each night. This document provides quality homework assignments and ends up being a completed and thorough study guide for the unit test.

Note: This product is also contained in a complete bundled unit plan and can be viewed here: Cellular Respiration Complete Bundled Unit Plan

All answers are included in the 5 page teacher guide that is included with this product.

The questions are of varying difficulty levels. Question types include compare and contrast, fill in the blank, short answer, multiple choice, labeling and true/false. You will receive both a Word document as well as a pdf form of the study guide. Many of the questions are basic and concrete in nature, but many of the questions involve critical thinking and problem solving skills.

Your download will include both a Word document as well as a pdf of this extensive homework/study guide.

Topics covered are:
1. The importance of food.
2. Chemical energy and ATP, structure of the ATP molecule, the conversion of ADP to ATP.
3. The relationship between photosynthesis and respiration, the reactants and products of photosynthesis and respiration, the use and release of energy in photosynthesis and respiration.
4. Overview of Respiration, definition, equation for respiration, types of respiration, stages of respiration.
5, Details of glycolysis, ATP use, ATP production, NADH, end products, advantages and disadvantages of glycolysis.
6. The fate of pyruvic acid, what happens if oxygen is present, what happens if oxygen is absent.
7. Overview of aerobic respiration, Krebs cycle, electron transport chain, differences in respiration in prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells, structure of the mitochondria.
8. The bridge reaction of the conversion of pyruvic acid to acetyl CoA.
9. The Krebs cycle, ATP production, NADH production, FADH2 production, carbon dioxide release.
10. Summary of the Krebs cycle
11. The electron transport chain, definition, use of NADH and FADH2, the pumping of hydrogen protons across the membrane, ATP synthase, ATP production, the production of water.
12. Recap of electron transport
13. ATP accounting
14. Fermentation
15. Alcoholic fermentation
16. Lactic acid fermentation
17. The evolution of anaerobic and aerobic pathways.
18. A comparison of photosynthesis and respiration.

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Cellular Respiration Homework Assignments and Study Guide
Cellular Respiration Homework Assignments and Study Guide
Cellular Respiration Homework Assignments and Study Guide
Cellular Respiration Homework Assignments and Study Guide