Christmas Mega Pack- Language, Social Skills, Articulation

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A one stop Christmas mega pack ready to target language, articulation, social skills and much more! Do you love my best sellers? This pack uses the ideas from my most popular products and rolls them into one Christmas themed pack! Plus many extra ideas to make learning and your preparation easy!

There are over 100 NEW pages with activities, worksheets and games for classroom use, small groups and speech therapy sessions! The IDEAS of my best sellers are included but all pages are NEW!

Included in this MEGA pack:

- Picture Chats (1 activity)

Picture Chats are designed to help students observe and discover pictures. By using the picture chats students look at items, characters and events within a picture. There are is a page of language ideas included to
help promote a “chat” about each scene. This includes:

* Vocabulary to learn-encourage students to name all objects in the picture scene. A list of words is provided to help prompt the words needed.
* Questions-Each scene has a list of ‘Wh’ questions to ask which relate to the picture scene. Included are ‘what,' ‘who,' ‘where,' ‘when,' ‘why’ and ‘How’ questions.
* Discussion prompts-these ideas are to encourage further discussion after the picture chat while relating back to the picture and a students own personal experiences.

- Listen & Find (1 activity)
Place the scene and pile of counters in front of each student and then read the instructions at the top of the “what to read” page. Once students have an understanding of what is expected continue with the activity and read each direction.

After students have listened to an instruction they can put a counter on the picture they think matches the direction. At the end of the directions there should be one picture without a counter to show that the students have listened and eliminated all other pictures. Directions can be read once to test students auditory memory and receptive language skills or read with repetition if needed.

- Drawing Details from a Story (2 activities)
Introduce children to the concept of visualising what they hear and seeing a picture in their mind when they hear a story. Give students the picture scene at the beginning of the activity. Instruct students to listen and remember details they hear in the story

Read the story. While each sentence is read students should be making a picture in their mind and looking at the picture scene imagining the story coming to life on the page. After the story is finished students can then draw what they remember and what they pictured in their mind onto the picture scene

A list of possible answers is provided for each picture scene/story.

- Drawing Details from Directions (2 activities)
Introduce children to the concept of visualising what they hear and seeing a picture in their mind when they hear directions. Give students the picture scene at the beginning of the activity. and instruct students to listen and remember details they hear from the directions

The instructor can read one direction at a time or more. The activities are flexible dependent on the needs and level of skill of the students. While each direction is read students should be making a picture in their mind and looking at the picture scene imagining the directions being drawn on the page.

A list of colours needed to complete the picture are provided. A list of concepts for each picture are also provided.

- Following Directions with Barrier Games (2 activities)

Each barrier game includes a picture scene/photograph (2 copies), items (2 sets) and directions to read. Laminate all 5 pages per barrier game. Cut out the 2 pages with items.

Each player sits across from each other with a barrier in between them. Each player has a copy of the blank picture scene/photograph in front of them and the cut out items (buildings, people, objects , etc.). The barrier should stop each player from seeing each others picture scene/photograph One player reads the directions while putting the items on the photograph as they go. The player on the other side of the barrier listens to the directions and also puts items on the photograph. Once all directions have been read the barrier is removed and the pictures are compared to see if they are the same

- Sequence 123 (4 sets of pictures)
“Sequence 123” allows students to learn the skill of sequencing pictures to then tell a story. Print, cut and laminate each set of cards and matching prompt cards.
Students get a set of 3 pictures and decide which order they should be in: Which picture is 1st, 2nd and then 3rd. If students have difficulty sequencing the pictures encourage them to look at the characters, events and movements within each picture.

Once students have put the pictures into the correct sequence use the matching prompt card to complete activities about the picture set. Prompt cards include:
* “Tell the story”- Students need to make a story about the pictures starting with a clear beginning sentence to match the 1st picture, a middle sentence for the 2nd picture and to end the story, a sentence to match the 3rd picture.
* “Predict what will happen next” - Encourage students to add a final sentence to the story by “guessing” what might happen next in the story. Use the extra prompt of imagining there is a 4th picture to the sequence.
* “Wh questions” - Ask the student 3 questions related to the sequenced picture set.

- Articulation Game- Lights on the Christmas Tree

This game is similar to my “Speech Pizza” game. Laminate Christmas trees (as many as you need so each student has one) and the lights with the target sounds needed (sounds include /f/, /k/, /g/, /s/, /l/, /r/, /sh/, /ch/, /s/ blends, /l/ blends and /r/ blends) all in the initial position of words.

Students take turns to pick a light, say the picture on the light correctly and hang it on their Christmas tree. Students can also say a phrase or sentence once they have put it on their tree if needed. Game is finished when all of the lights have been used!

- Articulation Cut & Paste Sheets- 'Santa’s Sack'

Print out sheets that include articulation sounds on presents (sounds include /f/, /k/, /g/, /s/, /l/, /r/, /sh/, /ch/, /s/ blends, /l/ blends and /r/ blends) and Santa’s Sack

Each sheet has instructions on what to cut and how to paste the items. Students can also colour presents before or after cutting and pasting.

MORE Christmas themed activities! In addition to my best seller themed activities you also get:

* Opposite Christmas Cookies- laminate and cut out. Use cookies to playing matching games or memory/snap and teach students about opposites

* Description Cupcakes- laminate and cut out each cupcakes. Students can pick a cupcake and think of words to describe the object on the cupcake. There is also a spinning wheel (page 62) that has ways to describe an object (e.g. colour, siz, shape etc.). Students can spin and describe the feature they land on or describe more than one.

* Naming is categories stars- laminate and cut out stars. Read the question on the card and name 3 items that match the category.

* ‘Wh” questions- Read and answer Christmas related questions. Cards include ‘what’, ‘who’, ‘when’, ‘where’ and ‘why’.

* Blank Game Boards- (2 boards)
Have fun playing a game and taking turns or use with some if the activities included in this Mega Pack. Students could answer the ‘wh’ questions as they roll or the opposites, cupcake descriptions or naming category stars! Use in social groups and answer the “what should you do question cards?”. In articulation therapy use with your articulation cards for a universal activity. Ideas are endless!

- Social Skills Activities (9 activities)
Use the activities to work on:
* Things I should and shouldn’t do that make people happy, sad and mad- 3 worksheets
* Filtering thoughts- How to say what I’m thinking with a social filter
* Think or say?- sorting activity sheet
* What Should I Do?- solving problems at Christmas time

- Christmas Worksheets (10 sheets)
No preparation needed! Just print and go!. Worksheets focus on:
* Christmas word search
* Christmas maze
* Christmas Alphabetical ordering
* Christmas Code Cracker
* Christmas Brainstorm
* My Christmas Story- template
* Christmas Adjectives
* Christmas Crossword
* Christmas Quiz
* Christmas Anagrams

This pack has enough activities to keep you going all through December!

If you want to access my best sellers use the links above or check out my store- this pack does give you a great sample of them!

Need more to get ready for Christmas? Then take a look at my Picture Chats

I also have a Fall Mega Pack available too!

Need more language resources? Then take a look at these! Language Products

Have Fun!
Katrina Bevan- Speech Pathologist
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Christmas Mega Pack- Language, Social Skills, Articulation
Christmas Mega Pack- Language, Social Skills, Articulation
Christmas Mega Pack- Language, Social Skills, Articulation
Christmas Mega Pack- Language, Social Skills, Articulation
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