Classical Genetics Learning Activities (Mendelian and Beyond Mendel)

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This zip file is a comprehensive file (61 pages of student materials alone) which can be used in a biology or genetics course to construct a complete unit on classical (non-molecular genetics). It contains several PowerPoints/cloze notes, worksheets, labs, and quizzes and tests which I have elaborated upon in the following paragraphs.

Two PowerPoints are included. The first PowerPoint addresses the background to Mendel's work, Mendel's Laws, sample genetics problems involving these laws including the dihybrid cross, as well as terminology associated with these topics (genotype,phenotype, filial generation, etc.) This 55 frame PowerPoint can be used to complete the 8 page cloze note packet associated with the PowerPoint.

The second PowerPoint addresses topics beyond Mendelian genetics. Concepts such as the test cross, probability rule, incomplete dominance, codominance, blood group heredity, sex-linked heredity, sickle cell anemia, lethal alleles as well as some examples of the interaction of environment and heredity are discussed. This 59 frame PowerPoint can be used to complete the 9 page cloze note packet associated with this PowerPoint.

A third PowerPoint contains a Jeopardy review game of 25 questions.

The Marzano learning goals for this classical genetics packet are also included.

This zip file also contains four worksheets with associated answer key/teaching PowerPoints covering many concepts in basic genetics. Topics addressed include genotype, phenotype, Mendel's Laws, Law of Dominance crosses, dihybrid crosses, intermediate inheritance, codominance, sex-linked and blood group crosses. 35 total problems of varying difficulty are included in these four worksheets and all answers are addressed in the PowerPoints which I have used in my classroom to discuss the answers and concepts addressed on the worksheets.

Two practice tests containing a total of 70 questions of various formats with answers are also included. These may be given to students for additional practice or used for sources of testing materials for the teacher.

A one page quiz with answer key, as well as a comprehensive 40 question exam with answer key are also included in this package.

Additionally, this zip file contains three different laboratory activities which can be used to teach or reinforce basic genetics concepts. It also contains links to computer animations and videos which can be used to teach or provide student practice with these concepts. The specific activities and their descriptions are as follows:

1. Reebop Lab: This activity uses marshmallows, pipe cleaners and other cheap and easily obtainable materials allowing the students to complete genetic crosses and construct a "baby reebop". This concept addresses the concept of the law of dominance, incomplete
dominance and codominance. An answer key to this activity is included.

2. Genetics of an Imaginary Predator: This activity introduces the students to the concept of dominance, genotype and phenotype. Materials required include no more than crayons or colored pencils, index cards and pennies. An answer key to this activity is included.

3. Drosophila Simulation Lab: This activity requires internet access and uses the website allowing students to perform,record and assess data on involving fruit fly genetic crosses. A chi-square assessment option is included as part of the lab report, but is easily eliminated if the teacher wants to use this activity with lower level biology students.

4. Listing of Animations and Videos on concepts in basic genetic crosses and concepts

Word documents are provided when possible for easy edit as well as pdf and PowerPoint files.

Terms of Use

- Purchase of the product is for classroom use by the purchaser only. It is a violation for individuals, schools, and districts to redistribute, sell, or post this item on the Internet or to other individuals.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

Many more biology materials to compose a full year course including this unit of learning activities are available at a significant savings of over 70% if purchased as a package for $23.99 (over 900 pages of different learning materials and 1500 PowerPoint slide) ... this package includes the following units:

If the contents of this complete course were purchased as individual zip files for each unit, it would cost more than $70 for these materials.

This year long course contains the following units.

-- Life Processes and Introduction to Classification Learning Activities
-- Cell Structure and Function Lesson Activities
-- Membrane and Membrane Processes Learning Activities
-- Introduction to Biochemistry and Enzymes Lesson Activities
-- Human Nutrition Learning Activities
-- Human Circulation Learning Activities
-- Immunity Lesson and Lab Activities
-- Human Respiration Learning Activities
-- Introduction to Cell Respiration Learning Activities
-- Introduction to Human Excretion and Human Locomotion Learning Activities
-- Nervous and Endocrine Systems Lesson Activities
-- Introduction to Mitosis and Asexual Reproduction Lesson Activities
-- Introduction to Meiosis Lesson Activities
-- Reproduction and Development Lesson Activities
-- Plant Systems and Adaptations Lesson Activities
-- Photosynthesis Learning Activities
-- Plant Reproduction and Development Lesson Activities
-- Classical Genetics Learning Activities (Mendelian and Beyond Mendel)
-- Introduction to DNA, RNA, Protein Synthesis and Biotechnology Lesson Activities
-- Introduction to Evolution Lesson Activities
-- Ecology Lesson Activities
-- Human Ecology Learning Activities
-- Complete NY State Living Environment Regents Review Packets
with answers

View the contents of the whole year course in more detail at

Biology/Life Sciences Complete Course
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Classical Genetics Learning Activities (Mendelian and Beyo
Classical Genetics Learning Activities (Mendelian and Beyo
Classical Genetics Learning Activities (Mendelian and Beyo
Classical Genetics Learning Activities (Mendelian and Beyo
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