Common Core Health Lessons Made Easy: 20 Full Lessons to Meet Standards!

Common Core Health Lessons Made Easy: 20 Full Lessons to Meet Standards!
Common Core Health Lessons Made Easy: 20 Full Lessons to Meet Standards!
Common Core Health Lessons Made Easy: 20 Full Lessons to Meet Standards!
Common Core Health Lessons Made Easy: 20 Full Lessons to Meet Standards!
Common Core Health Lessons Made Easy: 20 Full Lessons to Meet Standards!
Common Core Health Lessons Made Easy: 20 Full Lessons to Meet Standards!
Common Core Health Lessons Made Easy: 20 Full Lessons to Meet Standards!
Common Core Health Lessons Made Easy: 20 Full Lessons to Meet Standards!
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★★★★★ Wouldn't it be great to have someone just hand you ready-to-use lesson plans to add to your current program and it would be "Common Core aligned?"

Consider it done! This "Easy to Use" resource for 6-12th grade Health teachers includes Health activities for each of the 20 Common Core standards required of Health and other Technical Subjects.


★Health's requirements are part of the "Literacy in Technical Subjects" standards, along with P.E., Social Studies, Fine Arts, and CTE, which means Health teachers are required to implement 10 Writing for Literacy, and 10 Reading for Literacy standards into their current Health program.


★This resource is taken directly from my Full Semester/Year High School Health Curriculum, and my Middle/Junior High School Health Curriculum, which are both #1 Best-Selling Health Curriculums on TPT!


★Why re-invent the wheel? I've done the research, and designed the activities, and provided them to you here in a easy to use, organized, and detailed resource.

If you teach P.E., try my Common Core Standards for P.E.


★ALL FUTURE UPDATES FOR LIFE ARE INCLUDED!! All new lessons, activities, and any changes that I create for this resource are FREE!! Simply go to your "My Purchases" folder and download anytime!


Here is what this 132 page resource includes:

1. An explanation of the Health Standards.

2. An overview spreadsheet listing the Writing and Reading Literacy Standards for Health, and what topic and lesson is included to meet that standard.

3. Grades 6-8, 9-10, and 11-12 Writing and Reading Health standards in simplified and full versions.There are 20 standards for 6-8th grade, 20 standards for 9-10th grade, and 20 standards for 11-12th grades.

4. National Health Standards. National Standards are also referenced for each lesson and a full standards document is included.

5. Blank standards template if you want to add more of your own ideas.

6. 20 Lesson plans, including each of the activities, worksheets and handouts for you to print and use in your own classroom.

7. ★This resource has been completely updated and enhanced!!★ Now includes 165 PowerPoint slides, plus task cards, articles, surveys, video links, and more!!!


Here are some of the activities included:

-Writing 1. “Alcohol Refusal Skills”:

-“Top 10 Pressure Lines” PowerPoint Quiz

-Alcohol Role-Plays Activity with “Observation Sheet”

-Alcohol Role-Plays Scenarios

-“Dad Defends Drinking Party” Article as a Discussion Prompt!

- Writing 2. “Calcium Worksheet”:

-Students use their own food records to fill in “Calcium Worksheet”

-Calcium Research Information

- Writing 3. “Quit Tobacco Brochures”:

-3 Optional Videos

-Real Brochure Examples

-7-Page Research Sheet for Students to Use for Brochures

- Writing 4. “Teen Drug Progression Story”:

-Addiction Background Handout

-“Holly’s True Story” with discussion prompts

-“Teen Progression Handout”

-3 Optional Videos

-“Pressure to Use Drugs Task Cards” Follow-Up

- Writing 5. “Blind, Paralyzed or in Prison For Life” Paper:


-“Blind, Paralyzed, or in Prison Handout” with “Writing Peer Grading Sheet”

- Writing 6. “Stop Bullying: Making Your Voice Count” Group Worksheet:

-35-Slide PowerPoint to Walk You Through This Lesson!

-10 True Story Bullying Articles

-Group Worksheet and Activity

-2 Optional Videos

- Writing 7. “Healthy Relationships: What Do They Look Like?” Artwork:

-4 Articles Describing What Makes a Relationship Healthy

-“Healthy Relationships Activity”

-“10 Traits I Want in a Future Spouse” Activity

- Writing 8. “Drug Research Project”(and/or Drug Brochures):

-Optional “Drugs Are Bad” Presentation

-Using MLA format for citing websites

-Website Reliability Examples

-Optional “Truth about Drugs” Video

-Drug Brochures Template and Directions

-“Drug Research Questions Worksheet”

-“Drug Research Posters” with Student Examples

- Writing 9. “Alcohol Wheels” Project:

-20-Slide PowerPoint Lesson Introduction and Statistics

-“Alcohol Wheels Template”

-7-Page “How Alcohol Affects Body Organs Resource Sheet”

- Writing 10. “THINK PAIR SHARE Writing Prompts”:

-15-Slide PowerPoint with Editable Templates


-Reading Introduction - “Joe’s Calories: How Counting Calories Can Lead to Weight Loss.”

-This meets Reading 4, but the topic of calories should be taught before other Reading lessons!

-Link to the complete FREE lesson "How Cutting Calories Leads to Weight Loss"

-“How to Figure How Many Calories I Should Have” Worksheet

-“Joe’s Calories Worksheet”

-8 Food Labels

- Reading 1. “Fast Foods-Healthy Versus Unhealthy” Posters:

-23-Slide Introduction on Fat, Trans Fat, “How Much Fat Should I Have?” formula

-Fat in Fast Food Restaurants Investigation!

-Nutritional Facts Sheets Link

-“Analyzing Fast Food” Worksheet

-“Analyzing Fast Food” Posters with Real Student Examples

- Reading 2. “Overcoming Hardships” Articles:

-27-Page “Overcoming Hardships Articles” of 14 Celebrities

-“Overcoming Hardships” Worksheet

-“Overcoming Hardships Reflection Sheet” and Key

-Reading 3. “Energy Drinks” Worksheet:

-“Energy Drinks Worksheet” and Key

-“Energy Drinks Website Links”

-Energy Drinks Statistics


- Reading 4. “Is Diet Healthy?” Activity:

-40-Slide “’Is This Diet Healthy?’ PowerPoint Explanation

-“’Is This Diet Healthy?’ Worksheet

-16 Suggested Diets to Analyze

- Reading 5. “Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Letter, Article and Reflection”:

-“Fetal Alcohol Syndrome” Research

-“Fetal Alcohol Syndrome” Letter

-“Fetal Alcohol Syndrome” Worksheet

- Reading 6. “The Gingham Dress” Article:

-17-Slide Empathy Lesson and “Empathy Survey”

-“Empathy Homework”

-Article and Reflection

-5 Optional Videos on “Empathy”

- Reading 7. “Birth Control” Worksheet and Conclusions:

-30 Slide “Birth Control PowerPoint Explanation of Different Methods”

-Current Research Links

-“Birth Control Worksheet” and Key

-Birth Control Methods Handout

-Birth Control Reflections

-2 Optional Free “Abstinence Activities”

- Reading 8. “Depression Survey” and Reflection:

-“Depression Survey”

-True Story Articles

-5 Optional Videos

-Optional “Stress, Depression and Suicide Parent-Teen Homework”

- Reading 9. “Grocery Story Scavenger Hunt” Activity:

-Link to Free “Food Label Reading Full Lesson”

-Optional “Grocery Store Manipulation” Video

-Link to Free “Vending Machine Choices” Lesson

-“Grocery Store Scavenger Hunt” Worksheet

- Reading 10. “A Carrot, an Egg, or Coffee-Which are You?” and

“All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten”:

-A Carrot, an Egg, or Coffee-Which are You?” with Reflection

-“All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten”

-Link to Free “Values,” “Improving Body Image,” and other lessons!




Copyright © Health Education Today, Inc. All rights reserved by author.

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*Additional license for other teachers to buy this product are discounted if done during original purchase (Click the license button during purchase). (SAVE $$$)

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Thank you so much for previewing!

Mrs. S.

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By the end of grade 10, read and comprehend science/technical texts in the grades 9–10 text complexity band independently and proficiently.
Compare and contrast findings presented in a text to those from other sources (including their own experiments), noting when the findings support or contradict previous explanations or accounts.
Assess the extent to which the reasoning and evidence in a text support the author’s claim or a recommendation for solving a scientific or technical problem.
Translate quantitative or technical information expressed in words in a text into visual form (e.g., a table or chart) and translate information expressed visually or mathematically (e.g., in an equation) into words.
Analyze the author’s purpose in providing an explanation, describing a procedure, or discussing an experiment in a text, defining the question the author seeks to address.
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