Complete Series Job Readiness Bundle -SPED High School (Print/Google)

Complete Series Job Readiness Bundle -SPED High School (Print/Google)
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    The Follow Up
    Bundle Description

    You will receive every resource currently in this store. You will also receive every future resource made from this point on. Basically, you will get every resource from this point on for free!!! The price of this bundle goes up with each addition.

    PLEASE NOTE: BUY BEFORE IT'S GONE -- THIS RESOURCE IS RETIRING! The Complete Series bundle will be retiring on January 31st, 2019. All who purchase this product will still have access to my resources for life. You will receive a link with permissions to access the growing file.

    This Bundle includes every resource in "What I Wish I'd Learned in School":

    List of Activities:

    - Best/Worst/Okay Time to Look for Jobs Graphic & Questions (added 9-12-18)

    - Transition Graphic/Handout for IEP Meetings (added 9-12-18)

    - Disability Awareness Calendar 2018-2019 (added 9-6-18)

    - Career Development Workbook (added 8-14-18; digital version added 8-20-18)

    - Student Performance Evaluation/Review (added 7-4-18)

    - 20 Difficult Workplace Situations Task Cards

    - Job Ready: Agree/Disagree Warm-up Activity

    - What is an I-9? Presentation and Student Note Template

    - What is an W-4? Presentation and Student Note Template

    - Most Likely to be Hired Editable Certificate

    - Hopes and Dreams Handout

    - 8th Grade Transition (Life After High School) Survey

    - Student Led IEP Script/Looking Back at Last IEP/Post IEP Reflection)

    - List of California Colleges Reference Guide for IEP's

    Introduction to Jobs and Careers

    - 20+ Journal writes on Career topics (e.g. "What jobs are considered to be "good" jobs? Why?" "When you were a child what did you want to be when you grew up?")

    - Career Scattergories: an icebreaker activity

    - Lecture notes on Jobs vs. Careers (lecture and write, students write along with you)

    - Jobs vs. Careers: A comparative example, story and activity

    - Jobs vs. Careers Review

    - Lecture notes on Jobs vs. Careers: A side-by-side comparison + activity

    - Jobs and Careers Vocabulary and Vocabulary Graphic Organizer

    - "Retirement Speech" Assignment

    - "My Career Starting Points" - thought-provoking questions to help students craft a vision of their career goals.

    - Career Goal-setting Worksheets

    - Career Stepping Stones Activity

    - Career Action Plan Activity

    - Career Research Project + Rubric

    - Career Interview Project

    - Lecture Notes on Networking

    - "My Network" web handout - asks students to think about their network right now.

    - Networking Scavenger Hunt - an icebreaker activity

    - "Networking" Review

    - Lecture notes on Digital Footprints

    - "Google yourself!" Activity

    - "Digital Footprint" Review

    - Jobs and Careers Word Search

    - Jobs and Careers Study Guide

    - Jobs and Career Test + Answer Key

    - Teacher Key, Teacher Tips and Extension Activities

    - BONUS: Career Guest Speaker Prep and Questions

    Job Applications

    - Job Application Vocabulary

    - Practice Job Application

    - How to Read a Job Ad

    - What's Wrong With This Job Application? Activity

    - Job Application Word Search

    - Job Application Worksheet

    - Job Application Checklist

    - Lecture notes on Job Applications

    - Lecture notes on References

    - References Worksheet

    - References Checklist

    - "Write Your Own Letter of Recommendation" Activity

    - Your Signature Activity

    - Job Application Test

    - Extension Activities

    - Teacher Key


    - Resume note-taking handout for students

    - "What skills do I have?" - reflective questions for students to think deeply about their strengths and skills.

    - Resume Pre-Write handout - it has a comprehensive list of skills and personality traits so that students aren't additionally burdened with researching these qualities on their own.

    - 1 Example of a Resume

    - (2) Resume templates -- one for students with no experience, one for students with some experience

    - 1 Professional Editable template to do on Google slides

    - Lecture notes on Resumes

    Cover Letters

    - Engaging, character-based sample cover letter

    - Template for Cover Letter (scaffolded)

    - Business Letters Openings/Closings

    Job Interviews


    1. "Tell me a little about yourself."

    2. Why do you want to work here?"

    3. "What are your greatest strengths?"

    4. "What is your greatest weakness?"

    5. "Where do you see yourself in 5 years?"

    6. "What are 3 words to describe yourself?"

    7. "How do you handle stress and pressure?"

    8. "How would you deal with an angry customer?"

    9. "Do you have any questions for me?

    - Teacher Tips

    - Introduction to Unit - Good/Bad Interview Simulation Script

    - Lecture notes on Job Interviewing -- types of interviews and why they are used, types of questions and psychologically why they are used, illegal questions (use as lecture notes or reading)

    - Job Interview Tips for Success (use as lecture notes or reading)

    - How to Facilitate an Effective Group Interview

    - The Group Interview Tips for Success

    - Mock Interview Student Response Sheet (two versions)

    - Full NO PREP 50-minute lesson plans for all 9 questions, including attention getters,"bad" and "good" responses to model in front of the class with instructional assistants or students, and lecture notes.

    - Final Mock Interview Rubric

    - Job Interview Journal Topics

    - Think like a Boss! Handouts - to discuss "bad" and "good" responses.

    - Warm-up Handouts

    - Notes page for each question

    - "Write your own" handout with specific directions to help guide students.

    - "Final" answer handout

    - Funny Youtube job interview clips

    - Surprising and Unique Job Interview questions

    The Follow-Up

    - Lecture notes (Why Follow Up? and Follow-Up "Do's")

    - Write Your Own: Follow-Up E-mail or Handwritten Thank You Card

    Good/Bad Reasons to Leave a Job

    - Activity to discuss good and bad reasons to leave a job


    - Editable version on Google Slides

    - Lecture Slides on Google Slides

    - 34 "Talk with a partner" and "Agree/Disagree" opening activities (sold separately here). These are also included as 34 journals if you prefer to do it this way.

    ****MY SKILLS UNIT****

    - "About Me" Activity

    - "Researching My Job Site"

    - "What hard skills do I have?"

    - "What soft skills do I have?"


    - 34 customer service topical journals

    - "Evaluating a Customer Service Model" Mini-Project

    ****FORM DRILLS****

    - "Following directions"

    - "NOTES: The Job Application"

    - "Job Application Checklist"

    - "NOTES: References"

    - "Reference Checklist"

    - "My References"

    - "Trader Moe's Job Application Notetaking sheet"

    - "Trader Moe's practice job application"

    - "Think Like a Boss Job Application Critique Activity"

    - "How to Read a Job Ad"

    - "Job Application Vocabulary"

    - "Your Signature!"

    - "Job Application Word Search"

    - "NOTES: Resume"

    - "Resume Pre-Write"

    - "Create your own Resume Template"

    - "NOTES: I-9"

    - "I-9 Employee Documents Match"

    - "NOTES: W-4"


    - Customer Service K-W-L Chart

    - "Activity: Customer Service Qualities"

    - "Moments of Truth"

    - "We are all Customers"

    - "NOTES: 6 Basic Rules of Customer Service"

    - "NOTES: 10 Ways to Create the Disney Experience"

    - "The Disney Experience Poster"

    - "NOTES: 'It's my pleasure,' The Chik-fil-A Toolkit"

    - "Second-Mile Service"


    - "Famous People Matching"

    - "Self-Advocacy: Words You Need to Know"

    - "NOTES: What is Self-Advocacy and why is it important?"

    - "What do you know about yourself and your disability?"

    - "Knowing Your Strengths and Needs"

    - "Defining Your Disability" (Self)

    - "Defining Your Disability" (Trusted Adult)

    - "NOTES: Rights and Responsibilities Under the Law"

    - "NOTES: Should I disclose?

    - "Real Examples of Disclosure"

    - "Should I disclose? Advantages and Disadvantages"

    - "Disclosure Points in the Job Process"

    - "Weighing the Advantages/Disadvantages of Disclosure"

    - "NOTES: How to Request Accommodations"

    - "How to Request Accommodations Sample Scripts"

    - "Sample Workplace Accommodations"

    - "My Own Request for Accommodations"

    ****YOUR FIRST DAYS****

    - "10 Tips for how to make a great impression on your first day!"

    - "Handshaking Tips"

    - "How to Greet Coworkers on the First Day"

    - "Small Talk Topics"

    - "Small Talk" Article Review

    - "FORM Technique"

    - "NOTES: Puncuality on the Job"

    - "Attendance Rules"

    - "Good/Bad/OK Reasons to Miss Work"

    - "Trustworthiness on the Job"

    - "How to Survive the Rush!"

    - "Bored on the Job?"

    - "Bored on the Job?" Survey

    - "Making Lemonade on the Job"

    - "My Job Self-Interview"

    - "Reading the Workplace Bulletin Board"

    - "NOTES: How to Call in Sick"

    - "NOTES: Good/Bad Reasons to call in sick"

    - "Other Reasons Why People Miss Work"


    - "Customer Greeting Scripts"

    - "Customer Greeting Practice"

    - "Customer Courtesy Scripts"

    - "Customer Courtesy Practice"

    - "Customer Enthusiasm Scripts"

    - "Customer Empathy Scripts"

    - "Customer Empathy Practice"

    - "Customer Regret Scripts"

    - "Customer Service Phrases to AVOID"

    - "What Should I Say?"

    ****THE CUSTOMER****

    - "Why Customer Satisfaction is Important"

    - "How we Become Customers"

    - "How We Become Customers" Reflection Activity

    - "9 Things Customers Love"

    - "9 Things Customers Love Investigation Activity"

    - "The 5 Types of Customers"

    - "The 5 Types of Customers Guessing Activity

    - "How to make Customers into Regulars"

    - "NOTES: Secret Shoppers"

    - "Sample Secret Shopper ?'s"


    - "Customer Service Statistics You NEED to Know"

    - "Remember Me?"

    - "4 Customers Who Might Need Special Assistance"

    - "Basic Tips for Dealing with Difficult Customers"

    - "7 Difficult Customers"

    - "How to Deal with an Angry Customer"

    - "What Would You Do?"


    - "NOTES: How to Win Over The Boss"

    - "NOTES: Accepting Orders"

    - "Accepting Orders Practice"

    - "Accepting Orders - Proper Phrases"

    - "NOTES: Accepting Criticism"

    - "Accepting Criticism Case Studies

    *****LEAVING THE JOB****

    - "NOTES: Signs You Might Want to Leave Your Job"

    - "Resignation Do's and Don't's"

    - "NOTES: How to PREPARE to Resign"

    - "NOTES: How to Resign"

    - "Two Weeks Notice Template

    - "Write Your Own Two-Week Notice

    There are over 1000 pages of career ready worksheets, content, projects, and engaging activities to bring the world of work to life for your students. The accessibility of print or digital formats is an incredible bonus and time saver.

    Happy Teaching!


    "What I Wish I'd Learned in School"

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