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Have you ever thought about why we recycle paper? Every time you place a piece of paper in a recycling bin, you are saving our precious natural resources.


Natural resources are supplies found in nature that keep you alive and make you comfortable. Even though some natural resources are renewable, we still have to carefully monitor our use of them in order to make them last longer. Let’s learn about conserving our natural resources.


Conservation is the wise use and protection of natural resources. You can reduce, reuse, or recycle in order to conserve natural resources.

Reducing your use of resources is an easy way to conserve. Turn off the water while you are brushing your teeth.Turn the lights off when you walk out ofa room.Walk, ride your bike, carpool, or use public transportation whenever possible. There are several car manufacturers working on reducing the amount of oil and gasoline used by developing vehicles that use less fuel. Some businesses encourage conservation by offering electric vehicle charging stations in prime parking spaces for their customers to use while they shop. Being cognizant of your use of resources helps you be a responsible citizen.

Reusing means using again. Donating and shopping in resale stores or at garage sales reuses items that otherwise might end up in a landfill. Do you have books or clothes you no longer use? Swap them with a friend. Old teacups can be made into bird feeders. Tires can be made into swings. Think of ways you can reuse items before you throw them away.

Most things you throw away can be recycled. Recycling makes new things out of something that has been used before. Aluminum cans, cardboard, paper, plastic bags, metal, and glass are just a few of the items that can be recycled. Some places even give you money when you collect certain items and take them to a recycling center. Do you know that old athletic shoes can be recycled? Instead of throwing your old, stinky shoes away, contact Nike Reuse-a-Shoe. They take old shoes and turn them into a new material called Nike Grind, which is used in some athletic surfaces like basketball courts.

People are always at work trying to find new ways to conserve our natural resources. During a drought in 1981, the Denver Water Department in Colorado developed a way for people to use less water in their landscaping called xeriscaping, which means dry landscaping. Xeriscaping uses plants that require little water and maintenance. Today, xeriscaping is used in areas all over the world to save water.

Many communities around the world have groups of people committed to conserving our natural resources. Find out what groups are involvedwith conserving our natural resources near you!


Natural resources are supplies found in nature that keep you alive and make you comfortable. Conservation is the wise use and protection of natural resources. You can reduce your use of resources, reuse items, and recycle materials so they can be made into new products. One way people reduce the amount of water they use is to practice xeriscaping. Xeriscaping is a type of landscaping that requires little water and maintenance. Find out how you can get involved conserving the resources around you!
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