Cretaceous Dinosaurs BUNDLE (Set I, II, III) Picture Flashcards

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Cretaceous Dinosaurs-Bundle (set I, II, III) Picture Flashcards from Early Learning Printables

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More than a flashcard, our picture cards are bigger than average making them user-friendly for even the youngest of learners. Boldly printed words accompanied by quality pictures make these cards clear and easy to read. The size of the card is attractive to children, and they will enjoy seeing them, touching them, and exploring the cards on their own.

The Picture Flashcards can be used in schools or in home school settings; and can be used in a variety of unit studies such as parts of the body or household chores.
You can use these cards to compliment any unit, introduce vocabulary, review vocabulary, and/or practice vocabulary. They are especially effective for practicing vocabulary in conversation.

Cretaceous Dinosaurs - set I, II, III

* 30 Picture Flashcards
* High-Quality Pictures
* Colorful, Animated
* Bold Words beneath the Pictures
* Font: Century Gothic
* Sleeves for Use in Storing the Flashcards
* 2 Flashcards per A4 page
* Picture Flashcard Instructions with Ideas on How to Use Them
* 27 Pages Total:
- 3 Sleeve Page
- 3 Copyright Information Pages
- 6 Picture Flashcard Instructions Pages
- 15 Pages of Picture Flashcards (2 on each page)

Vocabulary used in set I
Archelousaurus [ AH-kell-oo-SORE-us]
Agujaceratops [ah-GOO-ja-SEH-ruh-tops]
Buitreraptor [bwee-tree-rap-tor]
Centrosaurus [SEN-tro-SOR-us]
Chirostenotes [KIE-ro-STEN-oh-teez]
Tarchia [TAHRK-ee-uh]
Rapator [Ra-pa-tor]
Stygimoloch [STIJ-i-MOL-ock]
Monoclonius [mon-o-KLOHN-ee-us]
Velociraptor [veh-LOH-sih-RAP-tor]

Vocabulary used in set II
Alamosaurus [AL-uh-mo-SAWR-us]
Altirhinus [al-ti-RIEN-us]
Corythosaurus [ko-RITH-o-SOR-us}
Deinonychus [die-NON-ee-kuss]
Falcorius [fal-cuh-RYE-us]
Giganotosaurus [JIG-an-OH-toe-SOR-us
Nanotyrannus [NAN-o-ti-RAN-us]
Olorotitan [o-LO-ro-TIE-tuhn]
Torosaurus [TOR-o-SOR-us]
Triceratops [tri-SEH-ruh-tops]

Vocabulary used in set III
Animantarx [an-i-MAN-tahrks]
Ankylosaurus [ang-KI-lo-SOR-us]
Carnotaurus [CAR-no-TOR-us]
Dromaeosaurus [DROH-mee-o-SOR-us]
Gallimimus [GAL-i-MIEM-us]
Iguanodon [i-GWAHN-o-don]
Parasaurolophus [pah-ra-SOR-oh-LO-fus]
Troodon [TROH-o-don]
Tyrannosaurus [ti-RAN-o-SOR-us]
Utahraptor [YOO-tah-RAP-tor]

Picture cards work well in a group or individual settings, and are appropriate for all ages!

• Conversation starters
• Easy to carry
• Easy to use when studying on-the-go
• Appropriate for all ages
• Perfect for groups or individuals
• Ease of use

Preparing your Picture Flashcard PDF

1. Print your flashcard PDF, in color preferably.
2. The first page of your PDF is the title page and word list. Fold this page in half along the dotted line to create a sleeve for use in storing the flashcards.
3. There are two flashcards per page, so cut each page in half along the straight line and then cut away the margins as well.
Keep your cards in the title page sleeve when not in use. If your wish to laminate your flashcards, it may be easier to laminate before cutting. However, if you have a big laminator, it may be more cost effective to cut them first and lay them side by side if you can get more than two on a page.

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Cretaceous Dinosaurs BUNDLE (Set I, II, III) Picture Flashcards
Cretaceous Dinosaurs BUNDLE (Set I, II, III) Picture Flashcards
Cretaceous Dinosaurs BUNDLE (Set I, II, III) Picture Flashcards
Cretaceous Dinosaurs BUNDLE (Set I, II, III) Picture Flashcards
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