Custom Megabundle for Laura

Custom Megabundle for Laura
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This bundle includes these four INBs

1. Matter, Elements, Compounds and Mixtures
✔ Matter Slider
✔ Magic Density Triangle with worksheet
✔ Properties of solids, liquids and gases (2 types)
✔ Changes of state comic book style!
✔ Heating and Cooling Graphs

2. Atomic Structure and the Periodic Table
✔ Discovery of the structure of the atom timeline - comic book style!
Mendeleev and the Period Table Comic Book Style!
✔ Atomic Number and Mass Number
(3 differentiated types of accordion foldable)
✔ The Periodic Table
✔ Periods/Groups
✔ Metals/Non-Metals Metalloids
✔ Worksheet

3. Acids, Bases and Neutralization
✔ Acids and Bases Slider (ideal for revision)
✔ Acids and Bases Sort Activity
✔ 3 comics - Acids, Bases, Neutralization - A "no-prep" version is also included.
✔ The Litmus Test Worksheet

4. Solutions and Separation Techniques
✔ Solution Slider
✔ Solvent, Solute and Solution Comic
✔ Solubility, Temperature, Crystallization Comic
✔ Separation Techniques Comic - evaporation, filtration, distillation, separating funnel, chromatography
✔ Worksheets and Foldable

These Interactive Notebooks are packed with activities, foldables, sliders and more to make fun filled and interesting topics for both you and your students. This bundle includes these four INBs

5. Force and Motion Interactive Notebook
✔ Forces Comic
✔ Contact/non-contact forces accordion foldable
✔ Mass/Weight Comic
✔ Mass/Weight Venn Diagram Compare/Contrast
✔ Friction Comic
✔ Net Forces foldable
✔ Newton's 3 Laws Matchbook foldable
✔ Newton's 3rd Law Sliders
✔ Speed Distance Time Foldables
✔ Vocabulary Folder

6. Heat and Temperature INB
Included in this resource are:
✔ Heat and Temperature Slider
✔ Heat and Temperature Comic - A differentiated version is included. This will really let their creativity loose!
✔ Expansion of Solids, Liquids and Gases Comic
✔ Transfer of Heat Comic
✔ Conductors and Insulators
✔ Heat and Water
✔ Heat Facts Game

7. Light INB
✔ Properties of Light Comic - A differentiated version is included.
✔ Let's Reflect Comic - concave and convex mirrors, periscopes
✔ Let's Refract Comic - this focuses (sorry!) on concave and convex lenses and their uses
✔ Worksheets and Foldables

8. Sound INB
✔ Good Vibrations! - With these comics students read a supplied text and then make their own comic using the images supplied. A differentiated version is included.
✔ Sound Waves Comic - amplitude, frequency, ultrasound
✔ Reflected Sound Comic - echoes, echo location, sonar
✔ Decibel range
✔ Worksheets and Foldables


This bundle includes these three products

9. Periodic Table Bingo.
Bingo like it's never been played before!
This is a great activity for consolidating learning, as a class reward or as a review.
★ 30 unique bingo cards
★ 35 elements of the periodic table
★ 4 questions for each element, you choose how easy or difficult to make it!
★ Ideal for differentiation
★ Each bingo card comes with the element symbol along with a graphic hint
These are ready to go! Just print them, laminate them and have fun.

10. Periodic Table Task Cards.
★ 30 task cards with questions
★ Editable task card template - make your own custom task cards
★ Student Record Sheet
★ Teacher Answer Sheet
★ Ideas for Use

Topics covered include:
☆ Atomic Number, Atomic Weight
☆ Alkali Metals, Alkaline Earth Metals, Halogens, Nobel Gases,
☆ Metals, Non-metals, Metalloids

11. Bonding - Ionic and Covalent Animations.
Here are three "fast-draw" animations showing covalent bonding in methane and ionic bonding in NaCl. I've also included "A Chemical Romance", my free download, a tongue in cheek look at the love story that was never told between Na (a small town boy) and Cl (a posh girl from the famous Halogen family). It's a very visual way of engaging the learner. It's great for complimenting your existing resources and introducing the student to covalent and ionic bonding in a fun and exciting way.

It can also be used as a convenient way to revise the concept as well as being used for differentiated learning.

This unit is packed with activities, worksheets and 2 powerpoint presentations on current electricity. And an animation!
✔ The Current Times newspaper
✔ Conductors and Insulators
✔ Current and Magnetism
✔ Circuit Components
✔ Circuit Digrams
✔ Series and Parallel Circuits
✔ Ohm's Law

Literacy rich reading lessons that requires the student to engage in active reading. The questions range in complexity and will get them thinking critically.

Plan 1 - Mendeleev and The Periodic Table
2 page newspaper on Mendeleev and his discovery of the periodic table. This is accompanied by a worksheet that the students will work on based on the newsletter. A teacher answer sheet accompanies this.

Plan 2 - Louis Pasteur and Vaccines
2 page newspaper on Louis Pasteur and his discovery of vaccines. This is accompanied by a worksheet that the students will work on based on the newsletter. A teacher answer sheet accompanies this.

Plan 3 - Robert Hooke and Hooke's Law
2 page newspaper on Hooke and Hooke's Law. This is accompanied by a worksheet and graphing activity that the students will work on based on the newsletter. A teacher answer sheet accompanies this.

Plan 4 - Photosynthesis
2 page newspaper on the important milestones in the discovery of photosynthesis with accompanying worksheet and teacher answer sheet.

Added 19. MAGNETISM INB 31st Oct 2015

✔ Poles Apart - a 2 page non-fiction newspaper with accompanying worksheet
✔ Magnetic/Non-Magnetic Sort Activity
✔ 3 comics - Magnetism, Magnetic Fields and Electromagnetism - With these comics students read a supplied text and then make their own comic using the images supplied. A "no-prep" and differentiated version are also included.

Added 20. ACIDS AND BASES POWERPOINT 19th Mar 2016


Added 22. DENSITY POWERPOINT 19th Mar 2016

Added 23. DENSITY INB 23rd Mar 2016

Added 24. ENERGY INB 29th Mar 2016

Added 25. Science Warmups Bellringers 4 weeks worth 20th Oct 2017

Added 26. Force and Motion Warmups Bellringers 20th Oct 2017

If you would like me to create a custom bundle for you just email me



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