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 Digital Resource for Students
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 Digital Resource for Students
The Teacher-Author has indicated that this resource is made for device-based learning.
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    These seven drama lessons and units (163 pages) use fairy tales as the focus. In particular, students learn about set and costume design, tableau, stage makeup, stage properties AND participate in a class play, The Brave Little Tailor. Plus, they have the opportunity to be designers themselves. Cooperative learning, creative problem solving and developing individual creativity is stressed. Use the entire bundle and you have a month and a half's worth of learning! this price, you get one lesson for free with the bundle discount! That's a heck of a deal, my friend.



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    A month could be spent studying these lessons or perhaps one at a time and then culminate the learning by performing the play.

    Here's what included:

    Set Design Unit Product

    This eight day unit on set design (with fairy tales as the focus) was created for upper elementary gifted and middle grade students through ninth grade. Students learn about the history of set design, famous set designers, develop a critical eye about what makes up an award winning set design, create a ground plan for a story of their choosing and draw a rendering. In addition, the students must work with ratios and measuring. The first two assignments are completed individually, but then the fun begins! The students are paired up to create a model working together towards the goal. There is even room for parents to celebrate the end of the unit with your students.

    Included in the unit:

    • An overview of the unit for the teacher
    • Rationale for teaching set design
    • History of set design
    • Set designer's responsibilities
    • Teacher's Script--what I say and how I say it!
    • Warm up for day one
    • Procedures for each day (8)
    • Lecture notes including links
    • Information about the message color conveys
    • Ground plan example
    • Rendering examples
    • Stage curtain sheet for rendering
    • Step by step directions for model building including photo examples
    • Cheat sheet for various set pieces
    • Assignment sheet for each step of the design process
    • Exit slip prompts for 4 days
    • Grade sheet EDITABLE
    • Source Page

    Set Design Templates Product

    These templates are time savers for the busy teacher. They were created to answer the requests for additional templates to accompany my Set Design unit.

    Note: These templates are sketched on l/2 grid paper. The student can use them as examples, but they will not be the correct measurements if they merely trace them.

    There are eleven pieces:

    • door
    • window
    • fireplace mantel
    • desk
    • bed
    • bridge
    • throne
    • cemetery grave marker
    • tree
    • fence
    • shrub

    Costume Design with Fairy Tale Characters

    This two-day lesson on costume design is focused on fairy tale characters and gives the students an opportunity to be costume designers. Suitable for students in grades 4 to 8, the product is broken in to two class periods, although it could be used for a one day exploration of the subject. This is a huge time saver for the busy teacher!

    Students will learn about:

    • The History of Costume Design

    • The Rationale for Teaching Costume Design

    • Teacher's Script--what I say and how I say it!

    • Costumes Notes for Students

    • Procedure

    • Materials List

    • Source & Video link list

    • A Warm-Up—engaging and creative

    • Fairy Tale Character list

    • Two Assignments--one creative and one written

    • Student Examples


    This one day lesson teaches the why, what and how of tableau. It is suitable or all ages, but most successful with elementary and middle school students.

    The product contains:

    • Warm up Exercise
    • What is Tableau
    • Why Teach Tableau
    • Teacher's Script
    • Procedure
    • Lesson
    • Extension Activities
    • Cool Down Exercise

    Stage Properties

    This one-day lesson about stage properties (with fairy tales as the focus) is suitable for upper elementary and middle school students. It is engaging, fun and unique. This isn't just a worksheet--this is an ENTIRE lesson ready for you to copy and go!

    Product includes:

    Warm Up

    Teacher's Script--what I say and how I say it!

    Stage properties categories and the reasons they are labeled as such

    Short quiz

    Quiz key

    Movie title suggestions--cued up and hot linked to help you

    Cooperative learning assignment

    Stage Makeup Fantasy

    This lesson is focused on stage makeup application for FANTASY characters. It also gives your students an opportunity to be stage make up designers. A brief history of stage makeup is included for the teacher to instruct through slides as well. Students in art classes, drama, and gifted students love this lesson. It is most suitable for high school students, although middle schoolers may enjoy its complexity. This product lends itself to Halloween but of course the lesson can be taught most anytime.

    Students learn about:

    • Warm Up Game-- Please Don't Take Me (MY version)

    • The History of Stage Makeup (separate file of Power Point slides & teacher's lecture notes)

    • Teacher's Script--what I say and how I say it

    • Procedure

    • Materials List

    • Source & Video link list (various fantasy application tutorials, etc.)

    • Two Assignments--one drawing and one creative writing

    • Theatre Quote page--great to use for discussion and/or bell ringers

    The Brave Little Tailor

    This comical play (moderate or large cast depending on your needs) is suitable whether studying fantasy and fairy tales, the German culture or in a drama class. Students strengthen their reading (fluency), speaking (diction) and listening skills (restating) while learning to work cooperatively. The central themes include fate, ingenuity and cleverness. Based on the Grimm Brothers' fairy tale by the same name, students will have an opportunity to:

    learn about "the director's concept" and help to create one

    dramatize a fairy tale including a few puppets if you so choose

    use unusual materials as stage properties

    create comical characters

    This product comes with:

    • a warm up focused on dialogue and the art of imitation
    • procedure or rehearsal schedule
    • teacher's script--how I say it and what I say
    • information about the Grimms Brothers and the true history of the fairy tales
    • eleven page script complete with stage and blocking directions (to help you stage your performance)
    • tips and advice
    • discussion questions (post performance) with a quick art assignment
    • costume suggestions
    • original song, written especially for this play--plenty of fun for everyone!
    • sound bytes which can be used as accompaniment or for rehearsing the song
    • stage properties list--including how to create each prop
    • links to puppets, hat making
    • sources

    Time tested by veteran award winning drama teacher of 38 years. these are winners with students!

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