Density Labs & Density Math Word Problem Sets with Answers & Solutions

Density Labs & Density Math Word Problem Sets with Answers
Density Labs & Density Math Word Problem Sets with Answers
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Two great labs highlighting scientific investigation and lab skills along with 5 pages of density math word problems.

In “Density of Rubber Stoppers,” students are challenged to find the density of different rubber stoppers. Much to the dismay of many, however, it is only after measuring, graphing and calculating slope that they realize that rubber stoppers made of the same material have the same density regardless of shape and size! A great lesson in critical thought and not believing everything they hear!

Following that, in “Density of 4 Unknown Liquids,” students design their own experiment to qualitatively and quantitatively rank the unknowns in order of density and correctly identify the unknown using their data.

Finally, five pages of density problems requiring students to read word problems, identify variables, and manipulate the formula D=m/V to solve for the unknown. Questions become slightly more difficult as students progress. Answers provided at the bottom of each page so students can quickly assess if they are on the right track. Complete solutions also provided on separate pages. Solutions may be posted to the classroom wall so students may assess their math work in more detail. Original artwork.

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Density Labs & Density Math Word Problem Sets with Answers
Density Labs & Density Math Word Problem Sets with Answers
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