Differentiation Literature Assessment/ History Assessment- STUDENTS LOVE THIS

Differentiation Literature Assessment/ History Assessment- STUDENTS LOVE THIS
Differentiation Literature Assessment/ History Assessment- STUDENTS LOVE THIS
Differentiation Literature Assessment/ History Assessment- STUDENTS LOVE THIS
Differentiation Literature Assessment/ History Assessment- STUDENTS LOVE THIS
Differentiation Literature Assessment/ History Assessment- STUDENTS LOVE THIS
Differentiation Literature Assessment/ History Assessment- STUDENTS LOVE THIS
Differentiation Literature Assessment/ History Assessment- STUDENTS LOVE THIS
Differentiation Literature Assessment/ History Assessment- STUDENTS LOVE THIS
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Free Choice Contract Assignment

Throughout the school year, you have learned about many different topics.
You will determine your final grade for this unit/class in accordance with the following contract. There are many activities stipulated below: you may choose from this list to determine your own grade. Your project points will determine your grade. If you achieve 100 project points, your grade will be 100 % and graded based on MYP rubric A and D. If you complete 20 project points, your grade will be 20%. Also remember that the assignment must be done completely and competently in order to earn the requisite number of point. In other words, if the activity is not done well, you will NOT earn the allotted points.

This project is due on____________. It will NOT be accepted late. Because of the scope of the assignment, it will count as TWO Major test grades.

1. Paper (75 points)
a. Write a paper for one of the following Unit Questions. Be specific in choosing your topic and get approval from your teacher (s)
 How do people decide who or what belongs and where?
 To What extent do communities manage to arrive at common agreements and serve populations where there is so much difference between and amongst citizenry?
 To What degree is change dependent on conflict?
 What is/was the driving force of the era: growth? Corruption? Innovation? Greed?
 What are the dangers and values inherent in rivalry? And what causes it?

 How can citizens create and act on change?/ How can popular will; drive change?
 To what degree is change dependent on Conflict?
 What factors create change in/with global responsibility?
 Can Equilibrium be achieved?
 What opportunities and conflicts emerge as a group expands?
• Be specific and use ICED

2. Body Bio (50 Points)
A body biography is a visual and written portrait illustrating several aspects of a historical figure. Carefully consider your famous person’s personality, appearance, thoughts, and actions and select evidence from their biography that reveals each of the selected characteristics. You may wish to create a character cluster before you begin your body biography. On a body biography, where you place your quotations and symbols is as important as the actual content.

3. Crossword Puzzle (25 points)
Create a crossword puzzle (there are apps online to help). This should include 20 words and definitions. Also, please include a Key.

4. Quotes from Historical Figure (25 points)
Select five quotations from a historical figure we have studied that are key to understanding the time era and that person’s position. For each quotation, explain what the quote was about, a description of the era, an outcome for that era/ what that person said.

5. Evening News Video (75 Points)
Present a 3-5 minute video or television show- reporting on a main event or person of the era, the conflict they faced, and the outcome of that person

6. Scrapbook / Collage (50 points)
Create a scrapbook of souvenirs, memorabilia, pictures, etc. that is an overview of the person or event. Create an overview of what you used.

7. Create your own ending (25 Points)
Re-write history and create an alternate ending for one of the people we have studied and or an event. This should be 10-20 sentences.

8. Create an Action Figure (75)
Create an action figure for a person we have studied. This should be visual and something we can see (3D, computer generated, clay, etc.) Include
o a short bio on the person
o Five super strengths (example maybe if you chose Alice Paul you would have detachable body parts since she fasted. Alternatively, Martin Luther King might have the ability to shower his enemies with dream dust since he wrote the “I have a dream speech”).
o In addition, superheroes have weaknesses. List one weakness
o Who is the superheroes Arch Nemesis and why?

9. Board Game (75)
Create an informative board game made of clay for two or more players, which will serve to inform and intrigue the game players of two or more sides of an important social issue.

10. Movie Review/ Read a Book (25 points)
Watch a movie or read a book on a topic at hand. Write a movie review, which should be a 15 sentence or more summary. Alternatively, Write/ create a video movie guide, like the ones you have in class.

11. Create an I-movie or movie trailer or interview (75 points)
Create a movie trailer or video for a specific event. This should include all major highlights from this era/ person. ALTERNATIVELY, you can do a question answer interview

12. Create a Newspaper editorial. (25points )
Select an important era/ person. Write about the issue at hand (should be at least one page). You also can do a question answer interview.

13. Comic Strip (50 points)
Create a five-scene cartoon strip for an event. Make sure you include work bubbles and pictures

14. Time Magazine Cover (25 points)
Choose a person and make them man (woman) of the year. This should include a headshot and reasons as to why they are person of the year.

15. Letter to Senator (25 points)
Write a letter to your senator or President about an important issue or topic. List who you are, reasons for writing, pressing information about the topic, and what you would like to see done. This should be formal

16. Timeline (50 points)
Create a detailed timeline for the Era. Also, describe specific events and importance.

17. Compare and Contrast/ Pros and Cons (25 points)
Write a compare and contrast or a pros and cons chart for events or key person (s). Must have at least six on each side.

18. Write a Play or Scene (50 points)
Create a play or scene to an event. This should be about two pages double spaces

19. Create a Music CD (50 points)
This should describe the song. The era, and choose a quote tell significance

20. Create a Presidential platform for a historical person (50 points)
Choose a Key figure to be America’s next president. Tell why they would be a good president according to the jobs of President and tell why
a. Commander and chief
b. Chief Legislature
c. Chief Executive
d. Chief Diplomat
e. Economic Planner
f. Party Leader
g. Chief of state

21. Create a Presidential Cabinet for the Era (50 points)
Choose the best person to fill each job of a cabinet, and tell why.
1) Vice-President
2) Speaker of the House
3) President Pro Tempore of the Senate
4) Secretary of State
5) Secretary of the Treasury
6) Secretary of Defense
7) Attorney General
8) Secretary of the Interior
9) Secretary of Agriculture
10) Secretary of Commerce
11) Secretary of Labor
12) Secretary of Health and Human Services
13) Secretary of Housing and Urban Development
14) Secretary of Transportation
15) Secretary of Energy
16) Secretary of Education
17) Secretary of Veteran Affairs.

22. Create a PowerPoint (25 points)
Create a PowerPoint on a topic/ person or issue. Include a works cited

23. Podcast (50 points)
Create a podcast on a specific issue, person or event. Should be 3-5 minutes)

24. Historical Dinner Party (100 points)
Create a historical dinner party. You will need to ask your teachers for this assignment

25. Children’s Book (75 points)
Create a children’s book about a person or topic. This should include words and pictures.

26. Create an alphabet (50 points)
Provide pictures and description for the Era using A-Z in a book format.

27. Match.com (50 points)
Sometimes it is hard for your historical figure to find love. Using a template create a Match.com profile.

28. Facebook (50 points)
Your historical figure needs social media. Using a template create a Facebook page for your historical figure.

29. Create a Pinterest (50 points)
Using a template create a Pinterest page for a historical figure or event.

30. Draw Sketches (25 points)
Draw sketches of a key figure, event or era, please describe

31. Cookbook (50 points)
Create an 8-recipe cookbook for a person or event. This should include recipes and a description of why that recipe works for that person or event

32. Brochure (50 points)
Create a brochure about a specific topic and or issue.

33. Other
Tell your teacher (s) and we will tell you point equivalent

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