Discovering Harold Printable Bundles Activities

Discovering Harold Printable Bundles Activities
Discovering Harold Printable Bundles Activities
Discovering Harold Printable Bundles Activities
Discovering Harold Printable Bundles Activities
Discovering Harold Printable Bundles Activities
Discovering Harold Printable Bundles Activities
Discovering Harold Printable Bundles Activities
Discovering Harold Printable Bundles Activities
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Discovering Harold Printable Activities Bundle is a great way for your students to enjoy a great story and at the same time practice their reading and comprehension skills. Discovering Harold is a children's book about a young fawn who ends up living with a human family. Your students will love getting to know Harold and will be kept on the edge of their seats to find out what happens to him next! The book has short chapters (you can read 2 chapters below) and is perfect for beginning readers, but not too easy for fluent readers. This printable bundle includes a PDF copy of the book, plus 132 fun printable worksheets, suitable for kids approximately ages 5 to 12, but younger and older kids can enjoy the story and have lots of fun completing the activity pages, too. Worksheets come in various styles (with and without borders, name line, etc.) for grades 1st-3rd and 4th-6th that will suit teachers, homeschoolers, and parents. The book and printables are a great and fun way to ease students back into the swing of things for a new school year or coming off a school break.

Bundle Includes:
-Discovering Harold PDF E-Book
-Crossword Puzzle Worksheets
-Word Search Puzzles
-Word Scramble Puzzle
-Coloring Pages (all animals mentioned in the book)
-Primary Copywork
-Elementary Copywork
-Primary Lined Papers
-Elementary Lined Papers

You will receive 1 PDF file which includes the Discovering Harold E-Book and a Terms of Use Document which contains a link to our dropbox where you will find all the printable worksheets available to download immediately or at your convenience.

TEACHERS: You may print unlimited copies of the E-Book and the worksheets for use with your students. You may share the files with other teachers at your school.

HOMESCHOOLERS AND PARENTS: You may print unlimited copies of the E-Book and the worksheets for use with your children or children you may care for you in your home. You may share the files with your Co-Op if you are part of one.

Hannah England is a budding young homeschooled author. Her debut work, 'Discovering Harold', is the first in a number of planned literary adventures. Her gift for storytelling was evident from a young age, as she often entertainingly regaled her family with creative tales during evenings of family time and road trips in the car. She is fan of Shakespearian plays (at least those she has explored thus far), as well as the works of Jane Austen and Jack London. Our young author often muses over the beauty she finds about her and loves finding ways of sharing those experiences through her bubbly personality and the natural humor so evident in her writing style. Hannah lives in Boiling Springs, SC with her Mom, Dad, sister, and two brothers.

Click on the links below for reviews and read two chapters of the book.

Discovering Harold Reviews

It all started out as a normal life would. My mother, sister, and I were going out to the meadow. It was morning and the sun was shining. I could hear the forest awaken and stir with life. The birds were singing, and bees went to work on the flowers. Butterflies alighted onto the flowers. It was summer, and everything was green. A day could not start better. When we arrived at the meadow, we could not believe our eyes! It was a wide-open space just perfect for running. Mother turned to us. “Listen closely to what I have to say,” she said. We looked at her expectantly. “You must always look before you run out into the meadow. There is a hidden danger that lies in wait almost everywhere. It is Man. He has great power and can use it against us. He often waits in the meadow, ready to kill. Many a careless deer has fallen from not watching out when he should.” She looked at us tenderly. “You are young. You are not in so much danger, but that does not mean you can be careless. Do you understand?” We nodded. “I will check if it is safe. If I lift up my tail to show the white fur underneath, run. If I stamp the ground with both feet, run. Do you understand?” We nodded again. “If you do not understand, do not be afraid to tell me,” she said. ���This is the key to our survival, so you have to understand this!” We quickly told her that we understood, but Mother wanted to make sure. She went through the whole lesson again. Finally, she stepped onto the meadow. She sniffed, and then she walked carefully, looking this way and that. She sniffed and listened; she stood erect for a moment and sniffed the air again. Finally she turned around and said it was all right. Instantly, we bounded forward with joy. There were flowers everywhere and many butterflies to chase. We ran around and around. Mother ran with us. We were playing tag. My sister, Anna, was very fast. No matter how much I tried I could not catch up to her. I knew mother could catch up to Anna quite easily, but she didn’t. Instead she pretended she couldn’t. It was a lot of fun, especially for Anna. We stopped for a breather. Mother snacked on the meadow grass, and Anna and I strolled quietly about on the meadow. “Is it not beautiful?” I asked her. “It is,” she said. “I know mother would never lie to us about the danger but…” Her voice trailed off, but I knew what she meant. It was too quiet and beautiful to be dangerous. An hour went by. We played another game of tag; Mother didn’t join in. It was all so lovely. I thought nothing bad could happen, when suddenly, there was a loud BANG! It hurt my ears, and I screamed. Mother jumped and her face filled with terror. She lifted her tail. I knew what it meant, and I dashed away. Anna instantly followed me, and Mother brought up the rear. We ran towards a thicket. There were loud bangs all around us; it was even worse than a thunderstorm! We rushed into the thicket, and the noises died away. We didn’t stop running, though; we were scared. We ran until we didn’t have enough breath to keep going. Finally, we stopped. “Mother,” I gasped, “what was that?” “What was making such an awful noise!” cried Anna. “My children,” said Mother, looking grave, “that was Man.” We looked at her wonderingly. “That was also how your father died,” she said, “but those were just noises.” Puzzled, I said, “How could it kill someone?” Mother looked at me queerly. “I don’t know,” she said. Anna looked troubled. “Think no more about it,” Mother said soothingly. “Why don’t we visit Lucy and her mother for awhile?” Lucy was another fawn that lived nearby. Anna quickly cheered up and forgot all about what happened in the meadow. I didn’t. I wasn’t like Anna. Once she was safe, she would forget all about the danger she had been in a few moments before. As it was, I didn’t forget our first encounter with Man. Still, a visit with Lucy was just what I needed. She was fun and always cheerful. She was a good deer to hang out with. So off we went.

About a month later, my life changed forever. We, along with Lucy and a few other deer, were at the meadow. We were grazing peacefully, when all of a sudden we raised our heads; something wasn’t right! The grownups stood, pawing the ground nervously and sniffing the air. They looked confused and worried. “Let’s go home,” Mother said. “It’s not safe here.” Then it happened--BANG! We whirled around and dashed toward the woods. BOOM! BANG! The noises boomed all around us. A doe was running beside me. There was a loud BANG! She gave a stifled gasp and fell. My eyes opened wide with horror as I saw a gaping wound on her chest. In terror, I ran faster still. We rushed into the forest, but the noises didn’t dim. We were being pursued. Then, the adventure really began! I was running beside Anna, when I stepped in something. I wasn’t given time to wonder what it was, for the next moment, I was on my face. I sprang up to follow Anna, but I was tied fast. Terror shook me from head to foot. I made a wild bound forward, and again landed on my face. When I arose, my nose was bleeding. The blood trickled from my nose to my chin, and then on to the ground. I bleated for Mother over and over again, trying to catch the sound of her hooves. It didn’t come; I was all alone, and with Man in the forest too! Animals sped past me. I was an easy meal for a fox, but they paid no attention to me as they ran for their lives. I saw some little field mice and begged them to gnaw me free. They looked at me with terror in their eyes, but they ran on. Then, I was really all alone. I gave one last forlorn little bleat and listened. Something was coming. I waited hopefully. Suddenly, Mother burst out of two bushes! “Jonathan!” she cried. “Mother,” I whispered thankfully. She looked at the rope around my leg that was keeping me from running. She tried to bite through it, but it was too thick. She looked very troubled, but there was nothing she could do for me. All at once I realized the terrible truth of the matter. Mother stayed with me for as long as she could and tried everything to get that rope off. All of her efforts were useless. The rope was too strong; no amount of pulling could get it off. “Mother,” I said in a choking voice, “you must leave me here. I can’t get loose.” Mother looked at me with love and a deep sadness in her eyes, and then she looked at Anna. She knew what she had to do. She bent down close to me. “Goodbye,” she whispered. Anna did the same. For a moment, they stood there gazing at me, and then they turned and were gone. It was the last I was going to see of them for a long time. After they had left, I put my head in the grass and waited. I heard heavy footsteps. I knew who they belonged to, and I trembled. Some bushes moved, and a creature stepped out. It was the tallest creature I had ever seen. It was Man. I sprang to my feet and started to scream. Beside the man were two weird looking creatures. I had never seen dogs before, but since they looked similar to wolves, I assumed that’s what they were. The man had a long stick in his hand. I sprang to my feet and tried to bolt--I had forgotten the rope. I stopped and looked at them in terror. One of the wolf-creatures growled, and silently he rushed at me, baring his teeth. I leaped to the other side, and he staggered into empty air. Suddenly, I was knocked off my feet. My instinct told me that the other one would go for my throat, so when he dove for it, I rolled over and tried to run around him. I hoped that I had made him miss my skin, but he grabbed my leg. A searing pain shot through my calf. However, its grip was only maintained for a second. I heard a slap, a yelp, and a sharp word, and the grip was released. I sank down, the blood pouring from my leg. I knew this was the end. The man didn’t move; he just looked at me. I looked back at him, trembling. He started to lean over me. I wanted to scream, but probably from fright and loss of blood, I fainted.

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