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Why spend another year putting up with a "sorta passable" planner or timetable? Why waste hours entering All. That. Info. over and over? YOUR ANSWER, THE CUSTOM PLANNER THAT PRACTICALLY CREATES ITSELF, IS RIGHT HERE... 

➽  Automated creation of your dream layout! You select the amount and order of teaching blocks and breaks for your planner, and it is created for you! Over 4,000 possible layouts! 

➽  Excellent for international teachers! Choose your date format and select an A4 paper layout!

➽  Perfect for non-standard school years! You indicate the first and last days of your school year and the planbook will automatically be created for your specific year!

➽  Autofills YOUR school year dates (even international), no-school days, and days-of-school counter for the entire year! 

➽  Fill in your re-occurring weekly events, lessons and to-do items ONCE on the master week page and the planner will autofill every week of the year for you! 

➽  Free updates for life! Purchase once and use every year. Designed with future-year capability so you don’t have to wait for update releases!

➽  The custom coding inside the Google Sheets file creates your dream planner for you!

Includes monthly calendars automatically filled with your no-school days!

Stylish, modern designs, including a printer-friendly option!

➽ Use printed or digitally - Google Drive ready!

➽  Ideal for preschool thru high school and home-school!

➽  No need to be super tech-savvy!

➽  Easy to create and time-saving!


❤ Use this planner as a 2021 digital planner while teaching through distance learning or while homeschooling your children due to coronavirus (covid19), with the option to use it digitally and/or printed now and in the future. (Side bonus: you'll have an awesome custom planner to use for years to come!!)




⭐  Specifically designed to work as an international 2021 teacher binder! Whether you are in Australia, the UK, Canada, Europe or anywhere else, select the date format (mm/dd or dd/mm) that is perfect for your 2021 timetable.

⭐  It doesn’t matter how many months a year your school year runs, if you are on a year-round schedule or have any other variations that make most plan books annoying to use. Your timetable is automatically created, fully dated for YOUR specific school year! It's like magic!

⭐  Choose A4 paper during your setup and your 2021 international planner will be laid out to perfectly maximize the space and print on A4 paper!

⭐  Excellent for European, Australian and world-wide school schedules. As long as you teach Monday through Friday, the Nurtured Potential Planner is designed with international teachers in mind. 

⭐  Whether you call it your planner, timetable, diary, schedule or binder, your Nurtured Potential 2021 teacher planner will keep you on track.




✅ Your Nurtured Potential Planner can either be printed out and used as a traditional paper planner OR used online as a digital planbook and used anywhere you can access Google Drive (Google Sheets). 

Share your Google Sheets planner document as you would any Google Doc. Allow principals, admins, and other teachers to view-only or edit your teacher planner.

✅ You can even share your planner as "view-only" with your students' families if desired!

Perfect for remote collaboration, remote learning, distance learning, and working from home due to the COVID19 / Coronavirus pandemic.

✅ You can even use it digitally one year and printed another year. Or use it digitally, but print certain pages when desired - you are free to choose!


EVERY CLASSROOM IS DIFFERENT - to think that a standard 6 or 8 column planbook could meet everyone’s needs is crazy!


⭐  That’s why the Nurtured Potential Planner is 100% customizable with your choice of any combination of 1 to 11 daily blocks and breaks - without you having to do any super fancy tech work.

⭐  Do you have 2 teaching blocks, a snack recess, then 3 teaching blocks, one stop for lunch and 3 more teaching blocks? Great - your plan book will AUTOMATICALLY be created in exactly that way! Do you have 2 teaching blocks, lunch and then 4 teaching blocks? No problem - your planbook will AUTOMATICALLY be exactly that! 

⭐  You choose the name for each of your blocks and breaks -- “8:30 - 9:45” or “Reading” or “Period 1” or anything else your heart desires! 

⭐  With over 4,000 different possible layouts, this means this teacher binder works perfectly for any teacher - homeschool, preschool, elementary school, middle school, high school and beyond!

 Your CUSTOM layout is created for you in moments! No need to spend hours sorting through a jumble of planner template files trying to find one that that will be passable enough to work with your daily schedule. Phew!




✅ The Nurtured Potential Planner takes care of all the repetitive data entry… You’ll never again have to enter ALL. THAT. INFORMATION. Over and over. Into every week of the school year.

Your Nurtured Potential Planner will automatically be filled with

  • dates
  • a count for which day of the school year it is (no more painstakingly counting through the calendar trying to figure out which day will be the 100th day of school or if your calendar count is accidentally off!) 
  • no-school days
  • any recurring weekly items you want in each week of your planbook 

Anything that you do each week in your classroom can be entered onto the “master weekly schedule” page and will then be automatically entered onto each page of your teacher binder in just a few seconds as you sit back and relax! 

✅ The planner automatically calculates dates, taking into consideration weekends, leap year, etc. Oh my, is that a game changer or what?!? 

✅ You also get automatically-created monthly calendars, based on when your school year starts and ends and with your no-school days already entered!




⭐  The Nurtured Potential Editable Teacher Binder has the design-forward, trendy look you crave. 

⭐  The planner comes with your choice of 3 modern design options. Choose from “Color Splash” or “Purple Monochrome”, both printable in color or black and white, or "dusk" our completely B&W design. 

⭐  Personally created by our design team including an organization-obsessed teacher, a talented animator/illustrator, and a computer tech genius -- all three of whom have an eye for style -- this planner meets your needs on every front... ease of use in a real-life classroom setting, super streamlined data entry, and stylishly trendy design

⭐  Go ahead and stop reading for a second to do a happy dance… We don’t mind at all!  :)




⭐  This is a perennial teacher binder, so once you purchase it, you have access to everything the planner comes with each and every year.

⭐  It already works for future years - no need to wait for us to create and release new dated documents each year! You can even make a planner for some future year, such as 2028, right now if you so desire.




You DO NOT have to be a “super techie person” to use this incredible planner as your 2020-2021 teacher binder! 

All cute fonts are INCLUDED in the document and will work immediately. You do NOT need to mess with finding and/or installing fonts in order to make your planner look as good as the samples shown here! Yay!

✅ While it is a simple google sheets document with easy step-by-step interface for you, it is also a robust, personalized planner creator, running custom computer coding behind the scenes right inside the google sheets document. You do NOT need to install any programs

We’ve done all the crazy tech work, so you can easily have the teacher binder of your dreams! You are essentially buying a planner program that will take all your desires to heart, based on a short questionnaire, and generate a custom planner created just for you! 

You do NOT need to know Google Sheets to create or use this planbook! You are guided every step of the way in simply clicking, typing and then printing it out. You don’t need to do any formatting, fancy computer work or have specialized knowledge. We include both a quick-start guide and detailed instructions with your purchase.




✅ To save color printer ink, all designs can be printed in black and white, or choose our fully B&W design ("Dusk") from the get-go.

✅ Also, the “Color Splash” and "Dusk" designs are specifically created to require a minimal amount of printer ink whether you choose to print your 2021 planner in color or black and white.




⭐  Teachers have very strong feelings about the orientation of their planners - it seems we are either a “weekdays on the side” teacher or a “weekdays on the top” teacher. But whatever your preference, we’ve got you covered with both vertical and horizontal planner options.

⭐  The Nurtured Potential Planner automatically formats any “no school days” to look different than standard school days, enabling you to see at a glance which days are school days versus holidays...

⭐  The Nurtured Potential planner includes a generous list space to get everything written down and put your mind at ease. AND, if you have to-do items you need to remember each week, you can enter them on your “master week” page ONCE and they will automatically be added to your to-do list on every week of your planner!!

⭐  It also includes spaces for all your weekly info and is customizable! Do you want a dedicated spot to write your weekly homework plan and another spot to see at a glance which student is star of the week? You’ve got it! Need to keep track of your yard duty schedule? There is space to do that!

⭐  We’ve all been there… It’s Sunday evening, you finally get a chance to glance at the next week in your planbook and you realize “OMG - it’s read-a-thon week!” or some other special event that you really should have had on your radar. Eek! Your Nurtured Potential planner has space to write current week events and list upcoming events. You’ll never be caught unaware again. 

⭐  Everything you need to be organized in one stop! Teacher planners are essential and the Nurtured Potential Planner is just the ticket for a successful school year! 




To create your planbook, you will need a free google account (aka gmail account). This is free and easy to set up in less than 5 minutes. If desired, once you have printed your planner, you never need to use your google account again. 

✅ This planner works for Monday through Friday school weeks. Unfortunately, it will not currently work with a 6-day or 7-day school week. If you are interested in that feature, please let us know!

Colors look slightly different on every monitor and print slightly differently on each printer. Please be aware that your printed planner may not have the exact color shades you see on your screen.

✅ Please note that your purchase is good for ONE USER LICENSE. If you are wanting to share, you MUST purchase multiple user licenses upon checkout or have your colleagues purchase this product themselves. We have spent countless hours creating a planbook that you will love and ask that, in return, you respect legal and common courtesy guidelines. Thank you! ❤




⭐  Your 2020-2021 teacher binder (or 2021-2022 teacher binder!) comes with 

  • 22 editable, trendy cover designs - choose the one that speaks to you!
  • Editable binder spines that coordinate with all planner looks.
  • Editable tabs that coordinate with all planner looks. Use to tab your months in the printed planner or edit the text to create tabs for any other planner section.
  • Auto-created monthly calendars, based on when your school year starts and ends and with your no-school days already entered!

⭐  You also get gorgeous, coordinating printables in both black & white and color

  • 5 different note-taking pages (staff meetings, SSTs, IEPs, conferences, and professional development notes)
  • Student Birthdays
  • Staff Birthdays
  • Daily To-Do List
  • Weekly To-Do List
  • Class Checklists (versions for classes with up to 25 students and up to 37 students)

⭐  We are always creating new bonuses so watch for more editable covers along with additional planner items to be added on occasion. Once you own the planner, check back often as we will be updating the "Nurtured Potential Planner Extra Pages" file regularly! 




✅ We want you to be happy with your purchase! Along with our high-quality 2020-2021 planner (or 2021-2022 planner!) and bonus extras, we provide you with

  • A short Quick-Start Guide (if you’re comfortable jumping right in) 
  • Completely comprehensive instructions (if you want more hand-holding as you create your planner). 

✅ Additionally, if you run into an issue we haven’t covered, we are only an email away and will make sure you are taken care of! Your positive experience is our number one priority! ❤




  • You open the google sheets file and fill out a short questionnaire about your planner preferences (weekdays on top or on sides? How many blocks do you want in your day and do you want breaks/lunch between any of them? What do you want to title your blocks? What style/look do you prefer?)
  • Enter your specific school year data in the questionnaire (your start and end dates, your holidays and no-school days)
  • Within moments, your weekly template page is made for you and you can fill it out with anything you want to appear each week in your planner - pullouts, weekly to-dos, subject headings, etc. 
  • Click one button and you will quickly have your personal planner in a google sheets file that has every week of the school year with dates, day-of-the-school-year (2nd day, 100th day, etc), school holidays, and your recurring weekly details filled in!
  • You then have your full 2020-2021 teacher planner (or 2021-2022 teacher planner) to use as a Digital Planner through Google Sheets -- or easily print it out to have a traditional paper planner!




⭐  Hi, I’m Allison Blair! I’m an organization-loving, tech-savvy teacher and have been creating my own custom planners for years. After the hundredth person asked me if I could make them their own plan book, I knew for sure that teachers would love to be able to make their own custom planners if only they didn’t have to have tons of tech knowledge to do so. So I enlisted my animator husband, Tim, and my tech genius sister, Erika, to help me and we spent 2 years creating, testing and perfecting the Nurtured Potential Planner. We are now so excited to share it with you!  


Allison Blair

Nurtured Potential

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