Early /Fast Finishers | Dominoes Games Growing Bundle

Early /Fast Finishers | Dominoes Games Growing Bundle
Early /Fast Finishers | Dominoes Games Growing Bundle
Early /Fast Finishers | Dominoes Games Growing Bundle
Early /Fast Finishers | Dominoes Games Growing Bundle
Early /Fast Finishers | Dominoes Games Growing Bundle
Early /Fast Finishers | Dominoes Games Growing Bundle
Early /Fast Finishers | Dominoes Games Growing Bundle
Early /Fast Finishers | Dominoes Games Growing Bundle
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Fast finishers activity.These games can be used as extra work for kids who finish fast.Players match the word side with the picture.These Dominoes Games are also perfect for ESL/ELL students and young learners.

NB! 12/09/2017 I've added 3 new sets,now there're 55 dominoes games.
1. Months of the Year
2. Health Problems
3. Cowboys

NB! 11/25/2017 I've added 4 new sets,now there're 52 dominoes games.
1. Summer Words
2. Nocturnal Animals
3. Mysterious Creatures
4. Hospital

NB! 11/15/2017 I've added 5 new sets,now there're 48 dominoes games.
1. Spring Words
2. Circus
3. Tools
4. Food - Fish
5. Food- Snacks and Drinks

NB! 11/08/2017 I've added 5 new sets,now there're 43 dominoes games.
1. Winter Words
2. Parts of a House
3. Sea Creatures
4. Food - Bakery
5. Food - Dairy Products

NB! 11/01/2017 I've added 5 new sets,now there're 38 dominoes games.
1. Verbs set 1
2. Verbs set 2
3. Verbs set 3
4. Make or Do (Fixed Expressions) set 1
5. Make or Do (Fixed Expressions) set 2

NB! 10/26/2017 I've added 8 new sets,now there're 33 sets.
1. Animal Body Parts
2. People at School
3. Places in School
4. Dino Pals
5. Fall Words
6. Fruit
7. Weather
8. Vegetables

What's included:

1. Animals (14 words)
bear, elephant, giraffe, horse, pig, monkey, lion, kangaroo, rabbit, zebra, crocodile, fish, turtle, whale
Early Finishers Activity | Dominoes: Animals
2. Farm Animals (19 words)
turkey, cat, sheep, chick, rooster, cow, fog, frog, rabbit, pig, goat, mouse, goose, horse, hen, bird, farm, mice, lamb
Early Finishers Activity | Dominoes: Farm Animals
3. Forest Animals (14words)
bear, porcupine, bird, opossum, deer, hare, fox, raccoon, hedgehog, skunk, moose, squirrel, owl, forest
Early Finishers Activity | Dominoes: Forest Animals
4. Rainforest animals (11 words)
anaconda, orangutan, ant, panda, butterfly, parrot, gorilla, piranha, tiger, toucan, tree frog
Early Finishers Activity | Dominoes: Rainforest Animals
5. Birds (13 words)
woodpecker, robin, starling, swan, stork, owl, dove, ostrich, eagle, sparrow, flamingo, hummingbird, crow
Early Finishers Activity | Dominoes: Birds
6. Clothes (16 words)
coat, jeans, sweater, scarf, hat, gloves, pants, shorts, boots, sandals, dress, shirt, skirt, suit, jacket, clothes
Early Finishers Activity | Dominoes: Clothes
7. Bugs (14 words)
butterfly, firefly, wasp, caterpillar, mosquito, slug, grasshopper, worm, bee, ant, ladybug, fly, dragonfly, snail
Early Finishers Activity | Dominoes: Bugs
8. Colors (11 words)
black, white, green, blue, pink, orange, purple, red, brown, yellow, grey (gray)
Early Finishers Activity | Dominoes: Colors
9. Community Buildings (14 words)
courthouse, school, fire station, restaurant, post office, hospital, police station, store, movie theater, jail, diner, cafe, factory, medical center
Early Finishers Activity | Dominoes: Community Buildings
10. Countries (16 words)
Australia, Mexico, Brazil, Russia, Canada, Spain, China, the UK, France, the USA, Germany, India, Italy, Norway, Japan, the Netherlands
Early Finishers Activity | Dominoes: Countries
11. Daily Routines (14 words)
get up, wash one's face, have breakfast, have lunch, have dinner, brush one's teeth, go to school, sleep, get undressed, take a shower, brush one's hair, get dressed, take a bath, put on pajamas
Early Finishers Activity | Dominoes: Daily Routine
12. Emotions (11 words)
angry, worried, confused, shy, shocked, embarrassed, sared, happy, proud, upset, disappointed
Early Finishers Activity | Dominoes: Emotions
13. Fairy Tale Words (19 words)
gnome, fairy, wizard good witch, wicked witch, well, wand, castle, court jester,crown, dragon, king, queen, troll, knight, cauldron, pirate, magic, gold
Early Finishers Activity | Dominoes: Fairy Tale Words
14. Family Words (11 words)
father, mother, grandmother, grandfather, parents, baby, son, daughter, children, pets, family
Early Finishers Activity | Dominoes: Family
15. In the Bedroom (14 words)
bed, books, blanket, pajamas, pillow, hot chocolate,alarm clock, mat, slippers, curtains, bathrobe, lamp, sleeping, snoring
Early Finishers Activity | Dominoes: In the Bedroom
16. In the Kitchen (14 words)
blender, kettle, toaster, fork, pitcher, spoon, stove, plate, cup, glass, knife pan, refrigerator, pot
Early Finishers Activity | Dominoes: In the Kitchen
17. In the Classroom (14 words)
book, chair, bulletin board, teacher's desk, drawers, whiteboard, desk, clock, teacher, pencil sharpener, cupboard, students,bookshelves, rug
Early Finishers Activity | Dominoes: In the Classroom
18. Jobs (set 1) (14 words)
astronaut, bank clerk, bellboy, cleaner, dentist, hairdresser, judge, air stewardess, pilot, plumber, news reporter, soldier, chef, teacher
Early Finishers Activity | Dominoes: Jobs (set 1)
19. Jobs (set 2) (14 words)
architect, artist, baker, bus driver, butcher, coach, carpenter, electrician, fishmonger, cashier, librarian, fireman, farmer, businessman
Early Finishers Activity | Dominoes: Jobs (set 2)
20. Shapes (10 words)
circle, oval, square, triangle, rectangle, octagon, star, pentagon, hexagon, diamond
Early Finishers Activity | Dominoes: 2D Shapes
21. Numbers (11 words)
zero, one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten
Early Finishers Activity | Dominoes: Numbers
22. Question Words (8 words)
when, where, which, who,what, how many, how much, why
Early Finishers Activity | Dominoes: Question Words | Freebie
23. Prepositions (14 words)
above, across, against, behind, below, between, in, off, on, out, over, through, toward, under
Early Finishers Activity | Dominoes: Prepositions
24. Space (14 words)
asteroids, astronaut, meteor, moon, rocket ship, satellite dish, satellite, shooting star, shuttle, star, star cluster, telescope, UFO, alien
Early Finishers Activity | Dominoes: Space
25.Sports (14 words)
swimming, gold, tennis, boxing, judo, fencing, diving, gymnastics, badminton, sailing, wrestling, archery, weightlifting, karate
Early Finishers Activity | Dominoes: Sports
26.Vegetables (14 words)
cucumber, corn, broccoli, pumpkin, tomato, onion, garlic, beetroot, potato, sweet pepper, carrots, cabbage, eggplant, cauliflower
Early Finishers Activity | Dominoes: Vegetables
27. Places in School (7 words)
cafeteria, gym, classroom, janitor's closet, library, nurse's room, principal's office
Early Finishers Activity | Dominoes: Places in School
28. Dinosaurs (9 words)
Pterodactyl, mammoth, egg, Brontosaurus, volcano, palm tree, Stegosaurus, Triceratops, Tyrannosaurus Rex
Early Finishers Activity | Dominoes: Dinosaurs
29. Fruit (14 words)
apple, grapes, banana, pear, orange, lemon, pineapple, watermelon, peach, kiwi, cherries, raspberry, blackberry, papaya
Early Finishers Activity | Dominoes: Fruit
30. People at School (10 words)
school nurse, janitor, coach, librarian, lunchroom lady, teacher, counselor, cafeteria worker, secretory, principal
Early Finishers Activity | Dominoes: People at School
31.Animal Body Parts (14 words)
whiskers, mane, beak, fin, claw, hump, trunk, horn, feather, antler, wings, tail, snout, hoof
Early Finishers Activity | Dominoes: Animal Body Parts
32.Weather Words (16 words)
sunny, windy, rainy, foggy, umbrella, flood, rainbow, cold, hot, warm, partly cloudy, lightning, cloudy, thunder, tornado, snowy
Early Finishers Activity | Dominoes: Weather Words
33. Fall Words (19 words)
apple, crow, hay, scarecrow, September, October, November, pumpkin, sunflower, acorn, squirrel, tree, rake, leaves,leaf, mouse, mice, wagon, sweater
Early Finishers Activity | Dominoes: Fall Words
34. Verbs set 1 (19 words)
buy, cook, draw, listen, pay, speak, study, swim, travel, watch, dance, drink, eat, paint, play, read, run, sing, sleep
Early Finishers Activity | Dominoes: Verbs (set 1)
35. Verbs set 2 (19 words)
think, sell, write, teach, go, win, bring, build, dig, relax, cycle, catch, work, wash, drive, see, turn, cry, lie
Early Finishers Activity | Dominoes: Verbs (set 2)
36. Verbs set 3 (19 words)
cut, lift, guess, serve, help, bend, jump, hurt, sit, stand, call, taste, fall, fix, kiss, plant, scream, throw, get
Early Finishers Activity | Dominoes: Verbs (set 3)
37. Make or Do? set 1 (14 words)
make a fuss, do an exercise, make the bed, do the shopping, make a movie, do a puzzle, make a dinner, make a noise, make tea, do well, make magic, make a fire, do nails, make friends
Early Finishers Activity | Dominoes for ESL/ELL Kids: Make or Do (set 1)
38. Make or Do? set 2 (14 words)
do the dishes, make a mistake, make a cake, do some chores, do one's duty, do the ironing, do a crossword, make plans, do one's homework, make a phone call, make coffee, do a test, make a threat, do the vacuuming
Early Finishers Activity | Dominoes for ESL/ELL Kids: Make or Do (set 2)
39. Food -Dairy Products (9 words)
butter, milk, eggs, cheese, margarine, yogurt, cream, cottage cheese, ice cream
Early Finishers Activity | Dominoes: Food -Dairy Products
40. Food -Bakery (10 words)
loaf of bread, burger buns, cake, cinnamon roll, croissant, cupcakes, donuts, hot dog buns, muffin, pretzel
Early Finishers Activity | Dominoes: Food -Bakery
41. Sea Creatures (12 words)
whale, shark, dolphin, pufferfish, shrimp, jellyfish, clownfish, tuna, octopus, seahorse, manta ray, crab
Early Finishers Activity | Dominoes: Sea Creatures
42.Parts of a House (10 words)
bathroom, bedroom, dining room, kitchen, living room, playroom, laundry room, garage, backyard, house
Early Finishers Activity | Dominoes: Parts of a House
43. Winter Words (16 words)
snowman, mittens, earmuffs, snowsuit, snow angel, snowflake, sled, ice skates, snow, icicles, skis, December, January, February, cold, winter
Early Finishers Activity | Dominoes: Winter Words
44. Spring Words (16 words)
seedling, robin, bud, crocuses, seeds, daffodil, butterfly, daisy, grass, nest, kite, planting, March, April, May, blossom, spring
Early Finishers Activity | Dominoes: Spring Words
45. Food- Drins and Snacks (2 games)
1. Snacks:apple sauce, chocolate bar, chips, cookies, nuts, popcorn, crackers
2. Drinks: apple juice, peach juice, coffee, milk, water, tea, orange juice, pineapple juice, soda
Early Finishers Activity | Dominoes:Food - Drinks and Snacks
46. Tools Words (14 words)
saw, mallet, wrench, drill, vice, nail, hammer, pliers, tool belt, spirit level, toolbox, tape measure, screwdriver, ax (axe)
Early Finishers Activity | Dominoes: Tools
47. Circus Words (14 words)
balloons, clown, elephant, bear, circus ring, juggle, big top, lion, podium, unicycle, ringmaster, cotton candy, popcorn, trapeze
Early Finishers Activity | Dominoes: Circus
48. Food - Fish (9 words)
crab cakes, fish sticks, lobster, salmon, scallops, tuna, white fish, caviar, shrimp
Early Finishers Activity | Dominoes: Food - Fish
49. Mysterious Creatures (14 words)
centaur, Pegasus, yeti, phoenix, Hydra, Bigfoot, ogre, werewolf, leviathan, ghost, zombie, fairy, vampire, troll
Early Finishers Activity | Dominoes: Mysterious Creatures
50. Summer Words (17 words)
sunny, beach ball, ice cream, beach, sunscreen, surf, sandcastle, lifeguard, Frisbee, rock pool, juicy, wave, June, July, August, flip-flops, lemonade
Early Finishers Activity | Dominoes: Summer Words
51.Hospital (14 words)
hospital, doctor, patient, nurse, ambulance, surgeon, first aid kit, mask, crutch, pill, dropper, syringe, X-ray, thermometer
Early Finishers Activity | Dominoes: Hospital
52. Nocturnal Animals (14 words)
badger, mole, bat, otter, dormouse, owl, firefly, porcupine, flying squirrel, raccoon, fox, rabbit, hamster, toad
Early Finishers Activity | Dominoes: Nocturnal Animals
53. Months of the Year (12 words)
Early Finishers Activity | Dominoes: Months of the Year
54. Health Problems (10 words)
broken leg, germs, medicine, measles, toothache, fever, runny nose, a pain in the stomach, headache, examine
Early Finishers Activity | Dominoes: Health Problems
55. Cowboys (14 words)
saddle, cattle dog, prairie, cactus, chaps, cow, cowboy boots, cowboy hat, cowboy, horse, horseshoe, knife, lasso, rocks
Early Finishers Activity | Dominoes: Cowboys

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