Earth, Life, Physical & Nature of Science Integrated Curriculum

Earth, Life, Physical & Nature of Science Integrated Curriculum
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This is a GROWING bundle! Purchase now to save MORE $$$ and to receive ALL additional life science powerpoints, notes and exams when added!

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About this Product:
This bundle includes all my earth, life, physical and nature of science teaching materials differentiated for grades 3-5 and 6-8. This bundle includes:
• Editable PowerPoint Presentations, Scaffolded Notes and Exams
• Interactive Notebook Lessons (Input Notes, INB Activities, Quizzes & Reflection Exercises)
• Task Cards Tiered to Bloom's Taxonomy

About the Differentiation:
Topics are differentiated for upper elementary, intermediate and advanced students. This bundle is MOST appropriate for middle school grades, but works great for upper elementary and lower high school grades as well. A color-shape code system will help you differentiate these concepts for your students' needs and abilities.

NGSS and DCI Alignment:
This product includes a reference file (found within the INB folder of each subject) to help you align your lessons to the Next Generation Science Standards and Disciplinary Core Ideas. The content in these products exceeds NGSS in order to satisfy state standards, to provide background information to NGSS and to enrich or enhance NGSS.

The concepts and skills addressed in the nature of science products align with the NGSS Nature of Science eight major themes. The products address themes that extend the science and engineering practices and cross-cutting concepts across grades 3-5 and 6-8. These practices are outlined in Appendix F and H at

Downloading and Accessing the Files:
This product is hosted on a third-party website. Purchasers will receive instructions on how to access and download the files of this product once purchased through TpT.

The PPs in this bundle are designed to help you deliver, discuss and assess science content. There are three teaching tools included with each PowerPoint product in this bundle:
• PowerPoint Presentation (differentiated and editable slides)
• Scaffolded Notes (differentiated and editable)
• Summative Examination (differentiated, editable and answer key included)

The PowerPoints are .pptx files. The notes and exams are .docx files. The fonts are safe for use with Microsoft Office PowerPoint and Word and come with most Microsoft Office versions.

My interactive notebook lessons are organized into units. Each unit is composed of interactive notebook chapters. Each chapter includes:
• An overview with photos of the completed INB activity
• One page of input notes (differentiated when necessary)
• At least one INB activity (key included)
• A 4-5 question mini assessment (key included)
• A 2-part reflection exercise

Generic and self-assessment reflection prompts also included.

The task card questions are differentiated (with a color and shape code) and tiered with a "signal strength" code so to probe lower, mid and higher order thinking. Questions are tiered according to the revised Bloom's taxonomy.

Answer sheets (differentiated) and key included for each task card set.

The following products are included in this bundle:
Nature of Science Teaching Materials:
PowerPoints, Notes & Exams
Understanding the Nature of Science PowerPoint, Notes & Exam
Science Practices & Scientific Method PowerPoint, Notes & Exam
Lab Practices, Math Skills, Graphing & Measurement PowerPoint, Notes & Exam
Engineering Design PowerPoint, Notes & Exam
Interactive Notebook Units
Understanding the Nature of Science INB Unit
Science Practices and Scientific Method INB Unit
Lab Practices, Math Skills, Measurement & Graphing INB Unit
Engineering Design INB Unit
Task Cards
Understanding the Nature of Science Task Cards (32 task cards)
Science Practices & Scientific Method Task Cards (36 task cards)
Laboratory Practices, Math Skills, Graphing & Measurement Task Cards (56 task cards)
Engineering Design Task Cards (28 task cards)
Unit Activities
Nature of Science Unit Activities

Earth Science Teaching Materials:
PowerPoints, Notes & Exams
Climate and Biomes PowerPoint, Notes & Exam
Earth, Moon and Celestial Cycles PowerPoint, Notes & Exam
Earth's History PowerPoint, Notes & Exam
Earth's Systems PowerPoint, Notes & Exam
Human Impact PowerPoint, Notes & Exam
Mapping Earth and Landforms PowerPoint, Notes & Exam
Natural Resources PowerPoint, Notes & Exam
Slow and Rapid Changes to Earth PowerPoint, Notes & Exam
Soil, Rocks and Minerals PowerPoint, Notes & Exam
Structure of the Universe PowerPoint, Notes & Exam
Tectonic Plates PowerPoint, Notes & Exam
Weather PowerPoint, Notes & Exam
Interactive Notebook Units
Climate and Biomes INB Unit
Earth, Moon and Celestial Cycles INB Unit
Earth's History INB Unit
Earth's Systems: Geosphere, Atmosphere & Hydrosphere INB Unit
Human Impact INB Unit
Mapping Earth and Landforms INB Unit
Natural Resources INB Unit
Slow and Rapid Changes to Earth INB Unit
Soil, Rocks and Minerals INB Unit
Structure of the Universe INB Unit
Tectonic Plates INB Unit
Weather INB Unit
Task Cards
Climate and Biomes Task Cards (40 task cards)
Earth, Moon and Celestial Cycles Task Cards (56 task cards)
Earth's History Task Cards (38 task cards)
Earth's Systems Task Cards (64 task cards)
Human Impact Task Cards (66 task cards)
Mapping Earth and Landforms Task Cards (44 task cards)
Natural Resources Task Cards (24 task cards)
Slow and Rapid Changes to Earth Task Cards (46 task cards)
Soil, Rocks and Minerals Task Cards (44 task cards)
Structure of the Universe Task Cards (64 task cards)
Tectonic Plates Task Cards (48 task cards)
Weather Task Cards (80 task cards)

Life Science Teaching Materials:
PowerPoints, Notes & Exams
Cells PowerPoint, Notes & Exam
Cell Division PowerPoint, Notes & Exam
Classification PowerPoint, Notes & Exam
Ecology PowerPoint, Notes & Exam
Heredity and Genetics PowerPoint, Notes & Exam
Microscopes PowerPoint, Notes & Exam
Reproduction and Development PowerPoint, Notes & Exam
• Animal Adaptations PowerPoint, Notes & Exam (coming soon)
• Evolution and Natural Selection PowerPoint, Notes & Exam (coming soon)
• Five Senses PowerPoint, Notes & Exam (coming soon)
• Homeostasis and Disease PowerPoint, Notes & Exam (coming soon)
• Human Body PowerPoint, Notes & Exam (coming soon)
• Life Cycle PowerPoint, Notes & Exam (coming soon)
• Metabolism and Nutrition PowerPoint, Notes & Exam (coming soon)
• Plants PowerPoint, Notes & Exam (coming soon)
Interactive Notebook Units
Animal Adaptations INB Unit
Cells INB Unit
Cell Division INB Unit
Classification of Living Things INB Unit
Ecology INB Unit
Evolution and Natural Selection INB Unit
The Five Senses and Sensory Processing INB Unit
Heredity and Genetics INB Unit
Homeostasis and Disease INB Unit
Human Body INB Unit
Life Cycle INB Unit
Metabolism and Nutrition INB Unit
Microscopes INB Unit
Plants INB Unit
Reproduction and Development INB Unit
Task Cards
Animal Adaptations Task Cards (72 Task Cards)
Cell Division Task Cards (56 Task Cards)
Cells Task Cards (52 Task Cards)
Classification Task Cards (44 Task Cards)
Ecology Task Cards (110 Task Cards)
Evolution and Natural Selection Task Cards (68 Task Cards)
Five Senses Task Cards (48 Task Cards)
Heredity and Genetics Task Cards (84 Task Cards)
Homeostasis and Disease Task Cards (78 Task Cards)
Human Body Task Cards (108 Task Cards)
Life Cycle Task Cards (36 Task Cards)
Metabolism and Nutrition Task Cards (32 Task Cards)
Microscopes Task Cards (36 Task Cards)
Plants Task Cards (100 Task Cards)
Reproduction and Development Task Cards (68 Task Cards)

Physical Science Teaching Materials:
PowerPoints, Notes & Exams
Atoms PowerPoint, Notes & Exam
Chemistry PowerPoint, Notes & Exam
Energy PowerPoint, Notes & Exam
Energy Resources PowerPoint, Notes & Exam
Forces and Motion PowerPoint, Notes & Exam
Magnets and Electricity PowerPoint, Notes & Exam
Matter Properties PowerPoint, Notes & Exam
Mixtures and Solutions PowerPoint, Notes & Exam
Simple Machines PowerPoint, Notes & Exam
Thermal Energy and Heat PowerPoint, Notes & Exam
Water Properties PowerPoint, Notes & Exam
Waves and Sound PowerPoint, Notes & Exam
Light and Optics PowerPoint, Notes & Exam
Interactive Notebook Units
Atoms INB Unit
Chemistry INB Unit
Forces and Motion INB Unit
Forms of Energy INB Unit
Energy Resources INB Unit
Magnets and Electricity INB Unit
Matter Properties INB Unit
Mixtures and Solutions INB Unit
Simple Machines INB Unit
Thermal Energy and Heat INB Unit
Water Properties INB Unit
Waves (Light, Sound & EM Spectrum) INB Unit
Task Cards
Atoms Task Cards (68 Task Cards)
Chemistry: Compounds, Bonding and Reactions Task Cards (84 Task Cards)
Energy Task Cards (40 Task Cards)
Energy Resources Task Cards (26 Task Cards)
Forces and Motion Task Cards (40 Task Cards)
Magnetism and Electricity Task Cards (44 Task Cards)
Matter Task Cards (52 Task Cards)
Mixtures and Solutions Task Cards (42 Task Cards)
Simple Machines Task Cards (36 Task Cards)
Thermal Energy and Heat Task Cards (40 Task Cards)
Water Properties Task Cards (42 Task Cards)
Waves Part 1: Waves and Sound Task Cards (84 Task Cards)
Waves Part 2: Light and Optics Task Cards (64 Task Cards)

Important Considerations:
• Download a FREE PowerPoint to learn more about my PP, Notes & Exams
• Download a FREE Interactive Notebook Unit to learn more about my INB products
• Download a FREE task card set to learn more about my task card products

I offer various purchasing options to meet your needs while saving you money. If you are looking to purchase specific types of teaching materials, I offer INB Bundles, PowerPoint Bundles and Task Card Bundles separately. You can find my smaller bundles by browsing through my custom categories.
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Earth, Life, Physical & Nature of Science Integrated Curriculum