Earth Science Clip Art Mega Bundle

Earth Science Clip Art Mega Bundle
Earth Science Clip Art Mega Bundle
Earth Science Clip Art Mega Bundle
Earth Science Clip Art Mega Bundle
Earth Science Clip Art Mega Bundle
Earth Science Clip Art Mega Bundle
Earth Science Clip Art Mega Bundle
Earth Science Clip Art Mega Bundle
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Product Description

Teach students about the Earth with this 439 piece Earth Science Clip Art Mega Bundle. This mega bundle includes 12 sets which include; Climate, Clouds, Environments and Biomes, Weather, Earth Science, Fossils, Weathering And Erosion, Build A Coral Reef, Ocean Creatures Depth Zones, Oceanography, and The Water Cycle. The bundle includes 154 PNG color illustrations, 145 PNG gray scale black and white versions and 140 line versions. These are high resolution (300 dpi) transparent background graphics. No watermarks will appear on the files that you download.

The clip art illustrations measure approximately 6 inches to preserve image quality when re-sizing. Included are the following:


● Adobe Homes; Climates Affect On How People Live

● Alligator; Climates Affect On Animal Adaptions

● Camel; Climates Affect On Animal Adaptions

● Climates Affects On Animal Adaptions; Wet and Dry

● Climates Affects On How People Live Cold And Warm

● Climate Created By The Sun

● Climate Zones

● Cold Climate

● Hot Dry Climate

● Hot Wet Climate

● Igloo Home; Climates Affect On How People Live

● Ocean's Affect On Coastal Climate

● Rain Shadow Orographic Effect


● Altocumulus

● Altostratus

● Cirrocumulus

● Cirrostratus

● Cirrus

● Cloud Chart

● Cumulonimbus

● Cumulus

● Nimbostratus

● Stratocumulus

● Stratus

Environments and Biomes

● Arctic Tundra

● Biome Map

● Coral Reef

● Desert

● Forest

● Grassland

● Rainforest

● Savannah

● Swamp

● Taiga


● Cloudy

● Hurricane

● Hurricane Flags

● Lightning

● Rain Cloud

● Snow Flake

● Sun

● Thermometer

● Tornado

● Weather Map

● Wind

Earth Science Set

● Atoll Creation (fringe reef, barrier reef, and a lagoon)

● Earth

● Earths Inner Layers

● Earths Magnetic Field (magnetic, and polar north pole)

● Inner Earth (Lithosphere, asthenosphere, mesosphere, outer core and inner core)

● Pangaea (Panthalassa)

● Plate Boundaries (convergent, transform and divergent)

● Subduction Zone (trench, subducting lithosphere, oceanic and continental crust)

● Volcano (magma chamber, fissure, crater, central vent)

● Water Cycle (precipitation, evaporation, condensation, transpiration, and runoff)


● Amber Sap Fossil

● Ammmonite

● Archaeopteryx

● Cloudina

● Dickinsonia (Fossil From Precambrian Era)

● Eutherian (Early Mammals Found during Mesozoic Era)

● Fossil Embedded In Rock

● Fossil Formation Process (Offered With and Without Descriptions

● Fossil Index

● Kimberella

● Mammoth

● Neanderthal

● Plant Fossil

● Redlichiid Fossil (Order Of Trilobites Found During The Paleozoic Era)

● Smilodon Fossil (Also Known As A Saber Tooth Tiger or Saber Tooth Cat Found During The Cenozoic Era)

● Stegasaurus ( Dinosaur From The Mesozoic Era)

Rocks And The Rock Cycle

● Igneous Rock Formation

● Igneous Rock Samples (Andesite, Diorite, and Basalt)

● Metamorphic Rock Formation

● Metamorphic Rock Samples (Slate, Lapis Lazuli, Marble)

● Rock Cycle

● Rock Cycle in Landscape Scene

● Rocks Elemental breakdown (Granite = Feldsbar, Quartz, and Biotite)

● Sedimentary Rock Formation

● Sedimentary Rock Samples (Breccia, Iron Ore, And Limestone)

● Speleothems Cave Formations (Stalactites, Stalagmites, Columns, and Draperies)

Weathering And Erosion

● Biological Weathering (Plant Weathering)

● Broken Rock

● Chemical Weathering

● Frost Wedging

● Glacial Erosion

● Grain Size Scale (Wentworth Scale)

● Landslide

● Valley Creation

● Wave Erosion

● Weathering Fracturing Of Rock

Build A Coral Reef

● Backgrounds (black, blue, green, purple, and white)

● Blue Tang Fish

● Clown Fish

● Flat Crown Toadstool Coral

● Gorgonian/ Alcyonacea Sea Fan

● Pocillopora Damicornis/ Cauliflower Coral

● Purple Mushroom Polyp

● Red Boring Sponge/ Cliona Delitrix

● Sea Anemone

● Starfish/ Asteroidea

Ocean Creatures Depth Zones

● Angler Fish

● Fangtooth Fish

● Giant Squid

● Hammer Head Shark

● Lantern Fish

● Ocean Depth Chart (With And Without Animals Included)

● Rattail Fish

● Sardine

● Tube Worms

● Tuna


● Beach

● Coastal Downwelling (With And Without Words)

● Coastal Upwelling (With And Without Words)

● Coriolis Effect

● Light Absorption

● Ocean Basin

● Tides (With And Without Words)

● Wave

● Wave Parts Diagram

● Wind Driven Surface Currents

Water Cycle

● Condensation

● Evaporation

● Fresh Water Storage (Lakes and Rivers)

● Ground water

● Plant Transpiration

● Precipitation

● Water Cycle

● Water Molecule

● Water Stored As Snow

This mega bundle includes:

Earth Science Clip Art Bundle

Climate Weather And The Environment Clip Art Bundle

Oceanography Clip Art Bundle


These graphics can be used for both personal and commercial use.

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