Earth Science for High School - Full Year Curriculum Lesson Plans

Earth Science for High School - Full Year Curriculum Lesson Plans
Earth Science for High School - Full Year Curriculum Lesson Plans
Earth Science for High School - Full Year Curriculum Lesson Plans
Earth Science for High School - Full Year Curriculum Lesson Plans
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This product includes a Full Year of Earth Science Lesson Plans - 81 files.

Each of the Units contain a PowerPoint presentation, Note Outlines and Homework Assignment. In total, there are 14 PowerPoint Presentation Lesson Plans, 13 Notebook Presentations for Smartboard, 13 Notes Outlines, 12 Homework assignments, 12 Vocabulary Lesson Plans, 12 Test Prep Bundles, a Laboratory Write-Up Template, a Lesson Plan Template, an Open House/First Day of School PowerPoint Presentation and a Course Syllabus Template.

My PowerPoint presentations have been made to be both informative on curricular topics and visually stimulating for all students. 100% of my students prefer to receive and discuss new topics via PowerPoint (compared to reading textbooks, lectures, or copying information off of the board). I have found that this method works extremely well with both mainstreamed and inclusion students. When I taught in a traditional HS, I provided a notebook with all the slides for students who needed to take a second look at a slide or were absent for the day.

All individual components of this curriculum can be purchased and viewed separately in my main catalog.

Earth Science Lesson Plan topics include:

First Day of School and Science Open House PowerPoint Presentation
This is a first day of school and open house presentation that could be adapted for any science class covering the following topics: Science Class Goals, Thinking Skills, Communication Skills, Self-Evaluation, Appreciation of Nature, Prepare for More Advanced Science Courses, Evaluation, Curriculum Overview, Daily Routines, Science Class Rules, Hierarchy of Consequences, Reinforcement Rewards, Home-School Connection

Intro to Earth Science and Scientific Method
This Lesson Plan covers an Introduction to Earth Science, the steps of the Scientific Method and a Scientific Method example.

Planet Earth
This Lesson Plan covers the following topics: Earth, Earths Shape, Earths Structure, The Lithosphere, The Hydrosphere, The Atmosphere, Earths Magnetic Field, Locating Positions on Earth, Coordinate System, Navigation, Finding the North Star Polaris, Finding the Altitude of a Star, Solar Time and Clock Time, Calculating Longitude, Fields, Field Maps, Topographic Map (Contour Map), Contour Map Example, Topographic Profile, Determining Gradient and Slope, Determining Gradient Sample Problem

Minerals, Rocks and Resources
This Lesson Plan covers the following topics: Minerals, Rocks and Resources, Minerals, Luster, Streak, Crystal Structure, Hardness, Mohs Scale of Hardness, Cleavage, Density, Rocks, Igneous Rocks, Igneous Rock Formation, Igneous Rock Classification, Sedimentary Rocks, Sedimentary Rock Characteristics, Sedimentary Rock Classification, Metamorphic Rocks, Metamorphic Rock Classification, The Rock Cycle, Natural Resources, Alternative Energy Sources

Earths Crust - Earthquakes - Plate Tectonics
This Lesson Plan covers the following topics: The Earths Crust, Earthquakes, Measuring Earthquakes, Mercalli vs. Richter Scale, Seismic Waves, An Earthquakes Epicenter, Earthquake Origin Time, The Earths Layers, Earthquake Shadow Zones, Earthquake P-wave Shadow Zones, The Ring of Fire, Seismic Hazards, Volcanic Hazards, Continental Drift, Evidence from the Oceans, Plate Tectonics, Plate Boundaries, What Moves the Plates, Hot Spots

Weathering Erosion Deposition Landscapes
This Lesson Plan covers the following topics: Weathering, Erosion, Deposition, and Landscapes, Weathering, Physical Weathering, Chemical Weathering, Soil Formation, Erosion of Sediments, Erosion by Water, Velocity of Streams, Erosion by Wind, Erosion by Ice, Deposition, Deposition Factors, Sorting of Sediments, Deposition by Wind, Deposition by Gravity, Deposition by Glaciers, Continental Glaciers, Glacial Features, North American Continental Glaciation, The Oceans and Coasts, Landscapes, Landscape Regions, Climate Influence on Regions, Landscape Regions of the US, Landscape Regions of NY, Drainage Patterns, Human Activities Can Affect Landscapes

Earths History
This Lesson Plan covers the following topics: Earths History, Uniformitarianism, Law of Superposition, Original Horizontality, Igneous Extrusions, Igneous Intrusions, Folds and Faults, Fossils, Correlation of Rocks, Correlation of Rocks Example, Geologic Time Scale, Evolution of Life, Life and The Atmosphere, Past Geologic Events, Radioactive Dating, Half-Life, Decay-Product Ratio, Selecting the Best Radioactive Element for Dating a Sample

Earths Atmosphere
This Lesson Plan covers the following topics: The Atmosphere, Structure of the Atmosphere, Weather, Air Temperature, Temperature Scales, Air Pressure, Measuring Air Pressure, Air Pressure Factors, Moisture in the Atmosphere, Measuring Moisture in the Atmosphere, Psychrometer, Relative Humidity, The Wind, Measuring the Wind, The Coriolis Effect, Zones of Convergence and Divergence, Cloud Formation, Precipitation

Weather Systems
This Lesson Plan covers the following topics: Weather Systems, Energy in the Atmosphere, Electromagnetic Spectrum, Evaporation, Three Stages of Water, Heat of Fusion, Heat of Vaporization, Latent Heat Energy, Synoptic Weather Maps, Weather Station Symbols, Air Masses, Weather Fronts, Front Symbols, Natural Hazards, Tropical Storm Formation, Tropical Storm Categories

Water Cycle and Climates
This Lesson Plan covers the following topics: The Water Cycle and Climates, The Water (Hydrologic) Cycle, Groundwater, Permeability, Capillarity, Rainfall and Stream Flow, Factors Affecting Stream Flow, Watersheds (Drainage Basin), How Heat Energy Travels, Insolation, Angle of Insolation, Duration of Insolation, Variations in Day Length, Variations of Insolation, Absorption of Insolation, Reflection of Insolation, Terrestrial Radiation, Greenhouse Effect, Insolation Temperature Lag, Climate, Factors that Affect Climate

Environmental Awareness
This Lesson Plan covers the following topics: Balance of Nature, Pollution, Pollution Example, Technology and the Environment, Pollution Classification, Air Pollution, The Carbon Cycle, Sources of Emissions of Air Pollutants, CO2 Content of Earths Atmosphere is Increasing, The Greenhouse Effect, Acid Rain, Water Pollution Sources, Ground Pollution Sources, Energy Pollution, Human Population Growth, Human Population Density, Renewable Resources, Nonrenewable Resources, The Future

Space Earth and Celestial Objects
This Lesson Plan covers the following topics: Space Earth and Celestial Objects, Celestial Objects, Motion of Stars and Planets, Constellations, Regions in the Night Sky, Night Sky Models, Heliocentric Model, Foucault Pendulum, Coriolis Effect, Motions of the Sun, Seasons, Autumnal Equinox, Winter Solstice, Vernal Equinox, Summer Solstice, Latitude and the Angle of the Sun, Earths Axis, Daylight Hours

Earths Moon and Solar System
This Lesson Plan covers the following topics: Phases of the Moon, Eclipse of the Moon, Eclipse of the Sun, Angular Diameter, Angular Diameter of the Sun, Angular Size and Shape of Orbit, The Tides, The Geometry of Orbits, Calculating Eccentricity (elongation) of an ellipse, The Force of Gravity, Gravity and the Planets, Planets of our Solar System, Similarities between Mercury and Earths Moon, Planet Surface Temperatures. Earth is Unique, Asteroids, Meteors, Comets, The Sun, Classifying Stars, Galaxies, The Milky Way, Spectroscopes, Edwin Hubble, Evolution of the Universe, The Size of the Universe, The Future of the Universe

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