Earth's History and the Origin of Life Homework

Earth's History and the Origin of Life Homework
Earth's History and the Origin of Life Homework
Earth's History and the Origin of Life Homework
Earth's History and the Origin of Life Homework
Earth's History and the Origin of Life Homework
Earth's History and the Origin of Life Homework
Earth's History and the Origin of Life Homework
Earth's History and the Origin of Life Homework
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Use this set of 3 homework assignments on "Earth's History and the Origin of Life" to provide your students with quality homework assignments for your evolution and origin of life units. This resource contains 13 student pages consisting of 89 questions. As I teach my unit on the history of life on Earth, I assign a portion of these questions for homework each night. The completed homework assignments provide a thorough study guide for the unit test. You can also use a few questions during class each day to check for student understanding of the concepts being taught.

This set of 3 homework assignments can be used with the "History of Life" chapter of any biology textbook.

This set of 3 homework assignments is perfect to use with my PowerPoint and Notes set: Earth's History and the Origin of Life PowerPoint and Notes Bundle. Click this link to view this set.

What is included in this product?
• 3 homework assignments (13 student pages).
• 89 questions of varying formats!
• 14 page teacher guide and answer key.

What material is covered by each assignment?

Homework 1: Early Ideas About the Origin of Life

• Early Ideas About the Origin of Life: Biogenesis and spontaneous generation.
• The experiments of Redi, Spallanzani, and Louis Pasteur.
• Students are given a picture of Redi’s classic experiment and asked to explain his control and experimental groups.
• Questions (with diagrams) also cover the experiments carried out by Spallanzani, and the classic experiment of Louis Pasteur that disproved spontaneous generation for all time.

Homework #2: Earth’s History, Dating Techniques, First Organic Compounds, First Life Forms, Origin of Heredity
• Earth’s History: The age of the Earth, radioactive dating, isotopes, radioactive isotopes, carbon-14 dating, the limits of carbon-14 dating, the dating of older rocks and fossils.
• Relative dating, relative age, absolute age.
• The chemical and physical processes that might have occurred that led to the first life forms.
• The First Organic Compounds on Earth: The Oparin hypothesis, the experimental evidence of Miller and Urey, examination of new evidence about the atmosphere of early Earth.
• From Molecules to Cell-Like Structures: Microspheres, coacervates, the experiments of Sydney Fox, the life-like properties of microspheres and coacervates.
• The First Life Forms: Key processes of metabolism and replication, protobionts.
• The Origin of Heredity: RNA as the first genetic material, ribozyme, the ability to self-replicate, the role of natural selection.

Homework #3: The Fossil Record, First Cells, Photosynthesis and Respiration, First Eukaryotes, Sexual Reproduction, Multicellularity, Colonization of Land.
• The Fossil Record: The fossil record shows change over time, why the fossil record is incomplete, types of organisms that do and do not form fossils.
• The First Single Celled Organisms: The anaerobic conditions on early Earth, first heterotrophic prokaryotes, rise of autotrophs, chemosynthesis, archaebacteria.
• Photosynthesis and Aerobic Respiration: The production of organic compounds in photosynthesis, the release of oxygen into the atmosphere, the damaging nature of oxygen, the evolution of aerobic respiration, cyanobacteria, production of ozone.
• The First Eukaryotes: Differences between prokaryotes and eukaryotes, the theory of endosymbiosis, evolution of mitochondria and chloroplasts, evidence for endosymbiosis.
• Sexual Reproduction and Evolution: Differences between sexual and asexual reproduction, the disadvantage of asexual reproduction, the advantage of sexual reproduction, the link between sexual reproduction and natural selection/evolution.
• The First Multicellular Eukaryotes: Arrival of protists, algae, fungi, plants and animals, the Cambrian explosion, first animal phyla, early animals are herbivores, appearance of predators.
• The Colonization of Land: Solving the problem of reproduction without water and the problem of dehydration in an oxygen atmosphere, solutions to these problems, vascular tissue of plants, cuticle of plants, reproduction with pollen, the exoskeleton of arthropods, and the amniote egg.
• Large Scale Processes Have Affected Life on Earth: Continental Drift, Mass extinctions, Adaptive radiations.

All answers are included in the very detailed 14 page teacher guide that is included with this product.

The questions are of varying difficulty levels. Question types include compare and contrast, matching, fill in the blank, short answer, graphing, calculations, and modified true/false. Questions range from very basic to questions requiring problem solving and critical thinking.

Your download will include both a Word document as well as a pdf of this extensive homework/study guide set.

This study guide is appropriate for any biology or life science class with students in grades 8 - 12.

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