Easter Bundle

Easter Bundle
Easter Bundle
Easter Bundle
Easter Bundle
Easter Bundle
Easter Bundle
Easter Bundle
Easter Bundle
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392 pages
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12 products
    Bundle Description
    Easter - Bundle
    592 pages

    Please read the description and download the preview before purchasing. The preview clearly shows you what is included in this pack.

    This bundle includes these packs -
    Easter English and Math Tasks
    Easter Readers
    Math Bundle includes all this!
    Easter Theme - Calendar
    Easter Theme – Matching Collections to Ten Frames
    Easter Theme - Missing Numbers to 20
    Easter Theme – Missing Numbers to 120
    Easter Theme - Number Lines
    Easter Theme – Odd an Even Sort
    Easter Theme – Ordinals to 30
    Easter Theme – Roll and Cover
    Easter Theme – Skip Counting
    Easter Theme – Ten Frames

    Easter Pack One
    Easter – Hopping into Reading
    (38 pages)
    • Enthuse your readers by sharing these two little books with them.
    • These two books are in color and black and white. Choose which one you want to copy and each section will give you two books.
    • Copy them, staple and then cut the book in half to make two books.
    • The first book is an easy reader about egg colors (7 pages). The black and white version allows the reader to add their own colors. The books can be shared each day and they contain many common words that young readers struggle with.
    • The second book is a 10 page book that encourages the reader to look and find where the eggs are. Again you choose whether you want color or black and white.
    • Happy reading

    Easter Pack Two
    Easter – Hop into English and Maths
    Hop into Easter – 122 pages

    • Matching lower case letters to capitals – copy in color and laminate. Cut leaving a small pink border around each card. Mix cards up and match. Sequence the lower case letters in alphabetical order and then match capitals. Use to play memory games. Place face down and pick one card at a time and say a word that starts with that letter or has that letter in it
    • Making lists- there are color copies and black and white masters to use for e, ea, double letters and er sound. Go for a word walk around the room and make lists of words that you see
    • Scissor sentences - Three pages of simple sentences. Cut the words from the bottom, match and glue on top of the correct sentence. Draw a picture
    • Sight words - Color copy and laminate
    • Use as flash cards and for memory games

    Math 282 pages
    • Matching numeral and word to collection. Copy onto color. Have one set for each pair of students who need to be working on this skill
    • Patterns – color copy and laminate. Place in small plastic pockets and use as two/three/four colour patterns as well as two/three/four object patterns
    • Patterns – worksheet, complete the pattern
    • Roll and cover - use dice to roll a number and place counters on top of the correct numeral
    • Sequence and add eggs – colour copy and laminate. You may need more than one set. Place baskets in correct sequence and hen use the eggs to show how many in that collection. There is set for numerals and one for words
    • How many? – count the objects and record the correct total
    • Who lost the race? – Ordinals to see who is last
    • What order? – More ordinal work

    Easter Theme Calendar
    Calendar Easter Theme
    25 pages
    Calendars play a vital role in classroom procedures. Learning the days of the week, seasons and months of the year is an important life skill.
    This pack includes -
    • Northern and Southern Hemisphere seasons are included
    • Headings to place on your bulletin board
    • Days of the Week tags
    • Season labels
    • Months of the Year tags
    • Dates to use on your calendar
    • Daily Schedule tags
    • Weather prompts
    Ideas to help you use this pack -
    • Print and laminate these items and then use an existing bulletin board to display them.
    • Use Velcro dots to attach the correct parts for each day, or attach magnets for a whiteboard.
    • Allow the children to become independent and change them each morning. Assign a bulletin board monitor who then shares with the grade what the board says each day.
    • Start with today is.. then add tomorrow will be….then yesterday was. This allows you to discuss past, present tense and days in the order. Using the date and discuss ordinal numbers.
    • Months and seasons are also discovered incidentally. The weather for the day allows discussion on clothes and activities that are relevant for the weather.

    Easter Theme – Matching Collections to Ten Frames
    Matching Collections Easter Theme
    22 pages
    Sequencing and matching collections to 30 is skill needed to create a strong number sense.
    Working with these numbers and finding out all we can about them is an integral part of manipulating numbers. The stronger sense of what a number is, the better we can work through operations with confidence.
    Task includes
    • Bunnies to 30
    • Carrots in a ten frame format to match to each bunny
    • This is great for subitizing and trusting the count
    • The rabbits can be sequenced and the cards can be used as flashcards too

    Easter Theme - Missing Numbers to 20
    Missing Numbers Easter Theme
    17 pages
    This number sort will help your students to find what comes before and after numbers to 20.
    The task helps with -
    • number sense to 20
    • sorting numbers
    • understanding numbers out of sequence
    There are two printing options –
    • full color
    • less color option

    Easter Theme – Missing Numbers to 120
    Missing Numbers Easter Theme
    51 pages
    Missing Numbers is a great task to do to get your students thinking about what number is next or what comes before. These boards are easy to check when complete and can be checked by a buddy too for great peer teaching.
    - Choose a board – the save ink or full color versions, boards are provided for 10, 20, 50, 120
    - fill in the missing numbers with the dry erase markers
    - Grids to 120 are not in traditional sets of rows of 10. By using an 8x14 grid the student needs to know what comes next and is not able to rely on the pattern to complete the grid.
    You will need
    - To color copy and laminate the boards you wish you to use
    - Dry erase markers for each student
    - Cleaning cloth to share

    Easter Theme - Number Lines
    Number Lines Easter Theme
    31 pages
    Use this popular Easter theme to motivate your students to explore the answers for addition and subtraction equations. The number lines allow your students to count up or count back.
    Use the number lines to -
    • Work out how many eggs are needed for each equation
    • Color copy and laminate
    • Display around the room; as a “Read the Room’ Task.
    • Read the equations and use the characters on the number line to help work out the answer.
    • Record your answer on the answer sheet
    • Check using the answer key provided.
    • Choose between a set that has a bright pink border and a set without

    Easter Theme – Odd an Even Sort
    Odd and Even Sort Easter Theme
    20 pages
    Working with numbers and finding out all we can about them is an integral part of manipulating numbers. The stronger sense of what a number is the better we can work through operations with them with confidence.
    Instructions -
    • color copy and laminate the cards
    • cut on the dotted lines
    • have students work in pairs
    • there can be six students working on this at one time
    • place the number cards in the center and work as a pair with an even and an odd sorting mat
    • take one egg card at a time
    • place on the correct mat
    • check in with a buddy each time

    Easter Theme – Ordinals to 30
    Ordinals Easter Theme
    19 pages
    Working with numbers and finding out all we can about them is an integral part of manipulating mathematics. The stronger sense of what a number is the better we can work through operations with them with confidence.
    You will need
    • To copy and laminate the set you want to use- full color or less color version
    • Cut out the cards
    • Order the rabbits 0-30
    • Match the words ‘first’ to ‘thirtieth’ to the correct rabbits

    Easter Theme – Roll and Cover
    Roll and Cover Easter Theme
    20 pages
    These roll and cover tasks are an easy way to consolidate number sense and the basic number facts of +1, +2 and doubling.
    You will need
    • To color copy and laminate the mats you want to use – there are two printing options
    • 6 sided dice
    • counters for each student
    This pack includes mats for
    • Number recognition to 6 using dice and subitizing facts
    • Roll and +1
    • Roll +2
    • Roll and double

    Easter Theme – Skip Counting
    Skip Counting Easter Theme
    23 pages
    Learning to skip count helps with addition and subtraction fluency. This Skip Counting Easter Theme pack has sequences that add and subtract. Use the task cards as a ‘read the room’ task and get students moving while learning. There is an answer key too.
    This pack includes -
    • A full color or ‘save your ink’ version to print
    • A recording sheet to write down the answers
    • Answer Key for easy correction

    Easter Theme – Ten Frames
    Ten Frames Easter Theme
    45 pages
    Subitizing is a skill that assists later with adding to ten, build to ten, near doubles and doubles. Use these ten frames each day for quick recall of collections to 10.
    • Use as flash cards for trusting the count
    • Discuss strategies that can be used to know that 7 is 4 and 3 as well as 5 and 2
    • There are three card sets to choose from
    • Each set has two printing options – full color and less color

    K.CC.1 Count to 100 by ones and tens
    K.CC.4 Understand the relationship between numbers and quantities – connect counting to cardinality
    K.CC.5 Count to answer ‘how many’
    K.OA.1 Represent addition and subtraction
    K.OA.3 Decompose numbers eg 5=2+3

    Grade 1
    1.OA.1 Use addition and subtraction within 20
    1.OA.3 Apply properties of operations
    1.OA.8 Determine the unknown whole number in addition and subtraction
    1.MD.3 Tell…time in hours and half hours using analog and digital

    Australian Curriculum
    Establish understanding of the language ad processes of counting by naming numbers in sequences, initially to and from 20, moving from any starting point. ACMNA001
    Connect number names, numerals and quantities, including zero, initially up to 10 and then beyond
    Subitise small collections of objects ACMNA003
    Compare, order ad make correspondences between collection, initially to 20, and explain reasoning ACMNA289
    Represent practical situations to model addition and sharing ACMNA004
    Sort and classify familiar objects and explain the basis for these classifications. Copy, continue and create patterns with objects and drawings ACMNA005

    Year One
    Develop confidence with number sequences to and from 100 by ones from any starting point. Skip count by twos, fives and tens starting from zero ACMNA012
    Represent and solve simple addition and subtraction problems using a range of strategies including counting on, partitioning and rearranging parts ACMNA015
    Investigate and describe number patterns formed by skip counting and patterns with objects ACMNA018
    Tell time to the half-hour ACMMG020
    Describe duration using months, weeks, days and hours ACMMG021

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    Revised 2018

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