Electricity and Magnetism Lesson

Electricity and Magnetism Lesson
Electricity and Magnetism Lesson
Electricity and Magnetism Lesson
Electricity and Magnetism Lesson
Electricity and Magnetism Lesson
Electricity and Magnetism Lesson
Electricity and Magnetism Lesson
Electricity and Magnetism Lesson
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This is a 700 slide PowerPoint presentation with built-in class notes (red slides), built-in activities with directions, challenge questions with answers, built-in quizzes, video links, projects, several page homework, answer key, many pages of lesson notes, class worksheets that follow slideshow, PowerPoint Review Game (150+ slides each) with answers, built-in quiz, and much more.

Part 1 Electricity
This PowerPoint begins describing what our world would be like if we didn't harness electricity. The PowerPoint then describes the difficulties of defining electricity as it is a conglomeration of many definitions. Electricity is then related to charges in a series of slides. A brief review of atoms, with a focus on charged particles follows. Lightning is then described and a series of static electricity demonstrations follow. Electric Fields are then presented and a series of challenge questions has the students arrange slides so that the opposite charges attract, and the same charges repel. Many neat links are provided that lets the teacher connect to pHet simulators. A series of static charge demonstrations follow with visuals and arrows describing charge. These involve balloons and strings. How a Van deGraaff works is described, and many experiments are described with explanations. If you are unfamiliar or uncomfortable using a Van deGraaff or do not have one just skip these activities. Coulomb's Law is then described over a series of slides. A couple of neat questions to the class with visuals show a Faraday Cage. Current and Conductors of electricity are described, as well as semi-conductors. All of these are accompanied with visuals. An activity if you have a conductivity meter is described where students search the room for what they think will conduct electricity and which will not. The two types of electrical current (AC / DC) are described over a series of slides. A silent quiz follows where the teacher (Optional) plays AC/DC and points to students to go up to the board (Rocking it out hopefully) and touches the appliance that represents AC, and which represents DC. The activity lasts about as long one rock song. Watt's are covered next and a few word problems with answers are included. Amperes and resistance are covered, and symbols to build a circuit. Students then design a simple circuit, batteries are passed out and the students build a circuit. Questions with answers follow. (A basic class set for circuit building is needed here) Typical AC outlets are shown.

Part 2 Magnetism
(Magnetism is then described again with a review of magnets. An activity with magnets and iron fillings is presented with directions to create a magnetic field with the help of some white paper. The Earth's EM field is described. An activity on how to use a compass is also included with visuals and step by step directions. A neat lab activity has students construct simple electrical motors using some 22 gauge wire, paper clips, D battery, sharpie marker, and some wire with clamps. Directions, visual of set-up, questions, and answers are provided. Faraday's Law is described in a sequence of slides and directions are included for students to build their own electromagnets from copper wire, a nail, and batteries. This is a really neat PowerPoint full of activities. If you can't conduct all of the activities, explanations are always presented at the end. Please see the entire unit that this PowerPoint is a part of described below before purchase.

This PowerPoint includes critical notes (Red Slides), exciting visuals, challenge questions, activities with directions and more. Text is usually placed at the top of the slide so it can be read from all angles of a classroom. Color coded slides, as well as a shade technique is used to increase student focus and allows the teacher to control the pace of the lesson. These PowerPoints are meant to be interactive as possible and ask many questions, provides built in review opportunities, explains directions to activities, and much more. Transition effects are never used.

Matter, Energy and the Environment Unit (3,500 Slides) on TpT
Matter, Energy, and the Environment Unit

This unit includes all of the lessons below in one organized folder....
-Matter, Energy and the Environment Homework, Lesson Notes, Answer Keys, and PowerPoint Freebies
-Matter, States of Matter, Phase Change, Physical Change, Chemical Change (500 Slides, HW, Notes, and more)
-Matter and Phase Change PowerPoint Review Game
-Gases, Gas Laws, and Much More (394 Slides, HW, Notes and more)
Viscosity Olympics Lesson
-Forms of Energy Lesson (400 Slides, HW, Notes, and more)
-Heat Transfer Lesson, Convection, Conduction, and Radiation Lesson
-Electricity and Magnetism Lesson (540 Slides, HW, Notes and more)
-The Electromagnetic Spectrum, Particles, Waves, and more (900 Slides, HW, Notes, and more)
-Energy, EM Spectrum, Forms of Energy Review Game
-Matter and Energy Crossword Puzzle with Solution
-About the Environment Lesson (900 Slides, HW, Notes and much more)
-Environmental Studies Review Game a>

Entire 4 year Science Curriculum, 20 Full Units (50,000 Slides) HW, Notes, and much more

Please visit my other posting on TpT called The Matter, Energy, and the Environment Unit which includes this PowerPoint within the 3500+ slide PowerPoint roadmap, 14 page bundled homework / assessment, 8 page modified assessment, detailed answer keys, and 20 pages of unit notes for students who may require assistance that chronologically follow the PowerPoint slideshow. The answer keys and unit notes are great for support professionals. This larger file also includes three PowerPoint review games (110+ slides each with Answers), 29 videos, lab handouts, activity sheets, rubrics, materials list, templates, guides, and much more. Also included is a 190 slide first day of school PowerPoint presentation. Everything arrives in editable format and can be modified to fit any curriculum or time requirement.

Areas of Focus within the Matter, Energy, and the Environment Unit. Matter, Elements and Compounds, States of Matter, Solids, Liquids, Gases, Plasma, Law Conservation of Matter, Dark Matter, Physical Change, Chemical Change, Gas Laws, Charles Law, Avogadro's Law, Ideal Gas Law, Pascal's Law, Viscosity, Archimedes Principle, Buoyancy, Seven Forms of Energy, Nuclear Energy, Electromagnet Spectrum, Waves / Wavelengths, Light (Visible Light), Refraction, Diffraction, Lens, Convex / Concave, Radiation, Electricity, Lightning, Static Electricity, Magnetism, Coulomb's Law, Conductors, Insulators, Semi-conductors, AC and DC current, Amps, Watts, Resistance, Magnetism, Faraday's Law, Compass, Relativity, Einstein, and E=MC2, Energy, First Law of Thermodynamics, Second Law of Thermodynamics,Third Law of Thermodynamics, Industrial Processes, Environmental Studies, The 4 R's, Sustainability, Human Population Growth, Carrying Capacity, Green Design, Renewable Forms of Energy.

I also sell all 20 Science Units as a digital hard good on TpT. This includes all 20 units (50,000+ slides), in Life, Earth, and Physical Science for students in grades 5-10, This also includes 300+ pages of bundled homework that chronologically follows each unit, 200+ pages of modified assessments, 350+ pages of answer keys, 300+ pages of unit notes, 40 PowerPoint review games (5000+ slides), hundreds of lab activities with questions and answers, hundreds of project ideas, 350+ videos, hundreds of pages of handouts, First Day PowerPoint, Guidebook, and Four Year Curriculum Guide, and classroom license.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me. Thanks again and best wishes.

Ryan Murphy M.Ed

Below are the links to the 20 units of study that I offer on TpT for individual purchase. All of these are included in the curriculum purchase.

Physical Science Units
Science Skills Unit
Laws of Motion and Simple Machines Unit
Matter, Energy, and the Environment Unit Atoms and Periodic Table of the Elements Unit

Physical Science Curriculum
Physical Science Bundle Package (4 Units)

Life Science Units
Human Body System and Health Topics Unit
Cellular Biology Unit
Infectious Diseases Unit
DNA and Genetics Unit, Cell Division
Taxonomy and Classification Unit
Evolution and Natural Selection, Change Topics Unit
Botany Unit
Ecology Feeding Levels Unit
Ecology Interactions Unit
Ecology Abiotic Factors Unit

Life Science Curriculum
Life Science Bundle Package (10 Units)

Earth Science Units
Weathering, Soil Science, Soil Conservation, Ice Ages, Glaciers Unit
Astronomy Topics UnitGeology Topics Unit
Weather and Climate Unit

Earth Science Curriculum Bundle
Earth Science Curriculum (6 Units)

Water, Water Quality, Rivers, Lakes, and Fish Units
Water on Earth, Properties of Water, Water Pollution Unit
Rivers, Lakes, and Water Quality Unit (Salmon, Fish, and more)

Below is a link to view this curriculum in greater detail. You will find a PowerPoint tour, how a unit works guide, curriculum possibilities, standards, and many free samples.
Curriculum Tour

Best wishes,

Science from Murf LLC

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