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How can you turn a nail into a magnet? The answer is by using electromagnetic energy.


An electromagnet is a magnet that works only whenelectricityis provided. In an electromagnet, wire is coiled around iron or some other magnetic material. When an electric current flows through the wire, a magnetic field is created. Electromagnets are known as temporary magnets because they don’t have a magnetic field when the electricity stops flowing. This makes them helpful because turning the electromagnet on and off can control the magnetism. The magnetic field can also be made stronger by coiling more wire or increasing the electrical current running through the wire.


You can make your own electromagnet with a few items. If you wrap wire around an iron nail and connect the wire to the poles of the battery, you can make a simple electromagnet. The electrical current of the battery will flow through the coiled wire creating a magnetic field around the nail. You can use the electromagnet to attract other magnetic materials. Once the flow of electricity has stopped, the nail will no longer be a magnet. Anything that was attracted by the nail when it was an electromagnet will fall because the energy that attracts is not present.

Electromagnets are all around you. Are there electrical cords in your classroom? Those electrical cords have electricity flowing through them when they are pluggedin. When you turn on something that is plugged in, you create a magnetic field. Think about all of the magnetic fields around you right now.

Scrap yards are one place where you can see electromagnetic energy at work. Scrap yards collect different types of metals in order to recycle or reuse them. Electromagnets are used in scrap yards to move items containing iron from one place to another. When the electromagnet is turned on, large loads of magnetic materials can be lifted and moved. The load is dropped when the electromagnet is turned off.

Some schools use electromagnetic energy to keep students safe. Electromagnets on both sides of the doors pull toward each other. When the doors are locked, the strong magnetic energy will not allow the doors to open. The door can be switched off manually or a special key can be used to open them.

Electromagnets can also help you travel at speeds of around 300 miles per hour. With the help of electromagnetic energy, a Maglev train can move smoothly, quickly, and quietly. Maglev stands for magnetic levitation. The train doesn’t use wheels or rails. Instead, the train actually lifts up or levitates over the tracks with the use of magnets that are placed on the bottom of the train. The track has a magnetic field, too. The Maglev uses repulsion or the force that separates bodies of like magnetic polarity. This causes the train to push away from the track.


Electromagnetic energy is at work all around you. It can be used to help make work easier, to keep us safe, and to help us commute from one place to another. An electromagnet is a magnet that works only when electricity is provided. When magnetic material is combined with an electrical current, electromagnetic energy is produced. Where is electromagnetic energy at work around you?

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