Elementary Health Curriculum Made Easy!: Full Year 5th Grade Health Lessons

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Elementary Health - ★I am so excited for fifth grade teachers to see this unique "5th Grade Health" program! The whole year curriculum is on 30 weekly "Task Cards!" (Once a week from October - Mid-May)!

Or, you can teach the 30 lessons and/or many included lesson extensions yourself in class in any time-frame you want!




This meets all State and National Health Standards, and meets many Common Core Standards as well. Learning Targets are included for each task card!


★Interesedt in other grade levels of this program?

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4th Grade Health Full Year

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Elementary (3rd, 4th, 5th) & Middle School Bundle

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2nd - proposed completion date= Nov. 2016
1st - proposed completion date= Nov. 2016

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Students and their families can learn these important topics together, while you can choose how much to introduce, teach, or reinforce the topics.

★Examples of Activities Include:

-Friendship Recipe
-Peer Pressure Role-Play
-"I" Statements
-"Is This Product Healthy?" cube
-Skeletal Self-Portrait
-HIV Myths and Truths
-Medicine Cabinet Dangers
-Family Medical History
-First Aid Practice
-Animal Stress Story
-Alcohol Dangers Puzzle
-25 things to do Instead of Drugs When You're Bored
-Making Your Voice Count Quilt
-Internet Safety Rules
...And more…All the lessons are in editable PowerPoint form so you can change anything if you want!!


Each lesson includes a Learning Target with space for student feedback!

★Here are the "Learning Targets" from the 30 Task Cards:

1."I will learn the traits of a good friend."
2. "I will recognize the traits of a healthy and unhealthy relationships."
3. "I will learn how to assertively stand up to peer pressures. "
4. "I will learn and practice good, assertive refusal skills."
5. "I will learn conflict resolution skills and practice "I" statements."
6. "I will understand why servings size, fats, and sugars on a food label are important."
7. "I will be able to figure out if a product is 'healthy' or not."
8. "I will learn what food groups are required, and then analyze my eating for one day to see if I get the correct amounts.”
9. "I will understand why calcium is important and see if I am getting enough daily."
10. "I will learn what eating habits are unhealthy and determine any unhealthy eating habits I have."
11. "I will learn the importance of good hygiene."
12. "I will learn the importance of good hygiene."
13. "I will learn the characteristics of puberty and know that they're normal."
14. "I will understand truths about what the HIV virus is and how it is spread."
15. "I will learn what illnesses are in my own family genetics."
16. "I will coordinate an emergency plan for my family."
17. "I will know how to correctly apply basic first aid for common conditions.
18. "I will learn how to relieve stress in healthy ways."
19. "I will learn the dangers of alcohol."
20. "I will understand the dangers of over-the-counter drugs."
21. "I will understand the dangers of drugs."
22. "I will celebrate my family heritage and culture."
23. "I will respect, and be proud of, differences and have empathy for everyone."
24. "I will know what to do if I am bullied or I see bullying."
25. "I will learn rules to help me determine if a magazine ad reflects the truth."
26. "I will learn they key to not being manipulated at the grocery store."
27. "I will know how to determine if a website is reliable or not."
28. "I will recognize technology dangers and how to avoid them."
29. "I will gain decision-making skills."
30."I will review everything I learned this year and set some goals to be above negative influences."



…You want a Health program that’s fun, engaging, challenging, and thought-provoking

…You want a Health Curriculum that meets State, National, and Common Core Standards

…You see the tremendous value of parents involved in their child’s health and wellness

…You currently don’t have the time to teach as many of the Health topics as you’d like

…Your current Health program is boring your students

…Your school doesn’t have a Health curriculum

…If you are homeschooling your child...



***AMAZING*** While this program meets all Washington State Health Standards for 5th Grade, I wanted to show that it's so easy to match your own state standards to my state of Washington’s, so I randomly selected Idaho (since I fish there every summer!!!) and it only took me 18 minutes to fill in Idaho 5th Grade Health Standards onto my spreadsheet in the space provided for your own state standards. This program met every single Idaho 5th Grade Health standard!






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1 to 4-Week Units:

3-Week Nutrition Unit (My #1 Selling Unit!)
3-Week Drug Unit
2-Week Alcohol Unit
1-Week Tobacco Unit
3-Week Sex Ed. Unit (Makes this topic easy to teach!)
4-Week Empathy/Violence Unit
2.5-Week Stress Unit
1-Week Body Systems Unit
1-Week Self-Esteem Unit
1-Week Dangerous Decisions Unit
1-Week Conflict Resolution Unit
1-Week Best Beginning of a School Year Ever Unit
1-Week Ending a School Year Unit

3 to 4-Week Basketball Unit
3 to 4-Week Flag Football Unit
3 to 4-Week Volleyball Unit
Cardio Workouts and Weight Room Unit
50 Low Organized Games Inside the Gym Unit
1 to 2-Week Badminton Unit-FREE!

Independent Study Sex Ed. Unit
Independent Study Nutrition Unit
3-Week Sex Ed. Unit for Special Needs Students

Best Sellers and Favorite Lessons:

In my 19 years of teaching Health and P.E. and designing hundreds of lessons, these are my all-time favorite lessons:

1. Food Label Scavenger Hunt (This lesson is my #1 selling lesson!)
2. Life Stories Project
3. Alcohol Refusal Skills (Very powerful!)
4. Fat and Sugar Nutrition Lab (Turn your classroom into a science lab)
5. How Alcohol Affects the Body
6. “Intervention” Addiction Lesson
7. Marijuana Card Game: How Pot Hurt Me
8. Narcotics Dangers “Pharm Parties“ Lesson
9. Fast Food Lesson
10. Sexual Pressures Flip Charts
11. Stop Bullying: Making Your Voice Count
12. My Favorite VIDEOS: Over 100 Links to FREE Teen Videos and Presentations
13. b.f.f. (Be Fit Forever) - My 45 Best Health & Fitness Activities for Grades 4-12
14. Nutrition Facts Card Game! This 52-Card Deck Makes Learning Fun!
15. Interactive Health Activity: Flip-Open Food Labels
16. Alcohol Refusal Role-Plays
17. Fun Personality Surveys

Sub Plans:

Motivating Articles Sub Plans (This is my #1 Selling Sub Plan!)
Energy Drinks Sub Plans
Being Above Peer Pressures Sub Plans
Communication Skills Sub Plans
Decision-Making Skills Sub Plans
Self-Esteem Screensaver Sub Plans
Set of 6 Sub Plans-BEST VALUE!!

Elementary Curriculum:

5th Grade Full-Year Health Curriculum
4th Grade Full-Year Health Curriculum
Arts & Crafts Task Cards=*F*U*N*!: Projects for Classroom, Homeschool, + Parents
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***It’s fun to keep up on anything -*N*-*E*-*W*- that I post, so follow me by clicking the green star by my picture!


Elementary Health Curriculum Made Easy!: Full Year 5th Grade Health Lessons.

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Elementary Health Curriculum Made Easy!: Full Year 5th Gra
Elementary Health Curriculum Made Easy!: Full Year 5th Gra
Elementary Health Curriculum Made Easy!: Full Year 5th Gra
Elementary Health Curriculum Made Easy!: Full Year 5th Gra