End of the Year Activities or Summer Sight Words Centers-10 Sets- Last 120 Dolch

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End of the Year or Summer Literacy Centers: Sight Word Activities - SET TWO

★ 10 Sets – Memory and “Rainy Day” Card Game!

★ 5 Ways to Play - 59 page download – Last 120 Dolch Words. (See set 1 in my other product listings for the first 100 Dolch Words with different graphics and font size to differentiate from set 2.)

Use as simple flashcards for individual students or for the activities below:

Game 1: Concentration/Memory
10 different games - 24 cards (12 pairs) with matching backings in each set. Place the cards for any set face down in 4 rows of 6. Students play Memory or Concentration, turning over 2 cards at a time and keeping them if they match AND they can read the word and/or use it in a sentence. The game is over when all cards are gone. The winner is the student with the most cards. Keep cards that belong together in individual baggies. Students can record the words on the matching optional recording sheets.
Game 2: “Rainy Day!” (Like “Old Maid”)
Place one “Rainy Day” card with a set of 24 cards. All the cards are dealt, face down. It doesn’t matter if some players end up with more cards than others. The players then sort their cards, keeping them hidden from all other players. Anyone holding pairs of matching cards, with the same word, should put them down face up. The player to the left of the dealer then fans his or her cards in his or her hand so he can see them all, although s/he keeps them hidden from the other players. (If you prefer, each student can be given a piece of construction paper folded the long way and set it up tent style to place the cards against.) S/he offers them to the player on his or her left, who cannot see them, but takes a random card from the fan. If the card s/he picks matches any s/he already has, s/he puts down the pair. If not, s/he keeps it in his or her hand. Then, s/he, in turn, fans his or her cards and offers them to the player on the left. This continues until all the cards have been put down in pairs, except the “Rainy Day” Card (old maid card), which is left alone and cannot be paired. The person left holding the Rainy Day card loses the game. Players should be asked to read the cards and/or record them as they put down their pairs of matching cards, or they can record the words when the game is over.
Game 3: “Rainy Day!” Guessing Game
Add one, two, or three “Rainy Day” cards to any set of Memory Cards. Be sure to select the Rainy Day cards with the same backing!! Shuffle cards, and place cards face down in a pile. Students take turns declaring how many cards they think they can draw and read before drawing a Rainy Day Card: 1 card, 2 cards or 3 cards. If the student draws a Rainy Day Card before his or her goal is met, s/he must return all cards to a discard pile. When all cards have been drawn, the discard pile is shuffled, and the game continues. The winner is the student with the most cards when all cards have been drawn.
Game 4: Roll and Read!
Select just the cards that a particular group of students needs to practice. Place cards face down in a pile. Students roll a die to see how many cards they can pick. Students keep each card that they correctly read. The game is over when all cards have been drawn. The winner is the student with the most cards.
Game 5: Follow The Path
Select the words that a group of students needs to practice. Students line up the cards as though they are on a path. This creates a “follow the path” type game. Each student has a game token. Students take turns rolling a number die, moving that number of spaces and reading the word that is on the space where the student lands. For more fun, place a few Rainy Day Cards along the path. You can make a rule that if a player lands on a Rainy Day Cards s/he loses a turn or gets an extra turn… whichever you prefer.

You can print it out as is, but it is designed to be printed out back to back with 10 different sets of summer graphics printing on the reverse side to keep the 10 sets separate. 10 Recording Sheets (color and black and white) with Coordinating Graphics to match each game, and 4 summer themed Sight Word Awards (color and black and white).
**First run pages 1-25. (Word Cards and “Rainy Day” cards for some of the activities listed below.)
**Next, place the word sheets and Rainy Day sheets face up and facing you in the printer paper tray.
**Now, print out pages 26-48 which contain 10 different types of backings (summer graphics) that will be printed on the reverse side of each sheet. This will help you keep the sets separated into 10 distinct sets. All 10 types of graphics will print out on the backs of the “Rainy Day” cards as well so that there are 3 Rainy Day cards to match each set.
**The last 12 pages (49-60) are 10 different optional recording sheets (in color and black and white) with a graphic to match the backing on each set, upon which students can write the words they read, as well as 4 Sight Word Awards in color and black and white. You could laminate the color recording sheets, and ask students to use erasable markers, OR you can print out the black and white copies, and ask students to record in pencil.
**Finally, just cut each word card sheet and Rainy Day card sheets on the paper cutter into 12 square cards. If you don’t want to print back to back, you can print out the entire file at once and then glue the backings to the plain sides of the word cards, OR just use the cards as one-sided with plain backs.

Please click on any of the GREEN LINKS below to see more End of the Year Learning Centers and Activities! Thank you…


This bundle contains:
**End of the Year Poems and Songs
**End of the Year Emergent Readers (2 Reading Levels)
**End of the Year Memory Book (one page + cover collabortive template)
**End of the Year Awards (7 Different Awards Read to Edit)
**End of the Year Poem Template


End of Year Volunteer Poem - 4 Versions - Color and Black & White With and Without Illustrations in case you’d like to create your own illustrations.


Easy End of the Year Memory Class Yearbook - This simple one page template and cover will make an easy-to-create yearbook for your students to take home to remember their school year and their friends with a copy of everyone's page in their class. One copy with dotted baselines and one with simple lines. Small clipart reminds younger learners what sentences say. MS Word document ready for you to type your name on the cover. You could even change the sentences.


End of the Year Original Student Poem Template! - Students can summarize their school memories by writing an original poem using this foolproof graphic organizer for a non-rhyming poem that's sure to please at the end of the year.


End of the Year Awards – 7 Awards Ready to Edit - Newly revised with new clip art! Margins on this document are all .4". Recognize your students’ achievements with these “ready to edit” awards. Create your own category


End of the Year Songs and Poems – For Shared Reading and Fluency -18 page file - All Illustrated with End of the Year/Summer themed graphics - 2 Versions of each poem: color and black and white for students to color. Songs and Poems sung to popular children’s songs. Just choose those you like, and print just those pages. Sing to familiar tunes, or chant. Use some or all year after year.


End of Year Emergent Readers – 8 Versions - 18 Page Download - 2 Reading Levels, Color & BW, with and without clipart - Easy Assembly - This mini book about Our School Year will be a perfect addition for guided reading during the month of June.


End of the Year Assessment Growth Evidence -
Do you need to show growth in a particular area for your students? If so, then this excel file is ready to enter your students' names and their Baseline Assessment and Final Assessment. The file will automatically calculate the percentage of growth for each student. It will also give you the average score of your baseline assessment, the average score of your final assessment, and the average percentage of growth. You can edit the categories and/or change the colors to make it appropriate for your particular classroom.


End of the Year or Summer Themed Sight Words Literacy Centers Game Board Activities – SET ONE - 5 Different Game Boards - 5 different summer themed game boards for the first 100 Dolch sight vocabulary words. I have included 6 spinners, 8 optional recording sheets, and 4 optional sight word awards.


End of the Year or Summer Themed Sight Words Literacy Centers Game Board Activities – SET TWO - 5 Different Game Boards
5 different summer themed game boards for the LAST 120 sight vocabulary words. I have included 6 spinners.


End of the Year Math Centers or Summer Math Centers Counting and
Skip Counting Activities…
38 Page Download - Themes: Birdie’s Beach Party, Summer Seashells, Summer Kids, Beach, and Summer Flip Flops. Introduction to or review of counting and skip counting by ones, twos, fives and tens to 100.


End of the Year or Summer Literacy Centers: Sight Words – Level 1 - If you have a school website, you can make this available to families for summer practice. Lots of other activities if you do a search for Summer on TPT. Summer Sight Word Activities -SET One - 10 Separate Games -3 Ways to Play-52 page download - First 100 Dolch Words. (See set 2 in my other product listings for the last 120 Dolch Words.)


End of the Year OR Summer Literacy Centers: Summer Sight Word Activities -SET Two - 10 Separate Games -3 Ways to Play
52 page download - Last 120 Dolch Words. (See set 1 in my other product listings for the first 100 Dolch Words.)
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End of the Year Activities or Summer Sight Words Centers-1
End of the Year Activities or Summer Sight Words Centers-1
End of the Year Activities or Summer Sight Words Centers-1
End of the Year Activities or Summer Sight Words Centers-1
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