FREE "Caveman Brain" Bulletin Board Resource for Any 6th-12th Grade Teacher!

FREE "Caveman Brain" Bulletin Board Resource for Any 6th-1
FREE "Caveman Brain" Bulletin Board Resource for Any 6th-1
FREE "Caveman Brain" Bulletin Board Resource for Any 6th-1
FREE "Caveman Brain" Bulletin Board Resource for Any 6th-1
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FREE "Caveman Brain" Bulletin Board Resource for Any 6th-12th Grade Teacher!

Download this "Why Does My Brain Still Think I'm a Caveman" FREEBIE bulletin board resource - perfect for any 6th-12th grade class!!!


Because it's easy to make with full directions on how to create the board, it includes poster templates...

And because this "Caveman" board will help you teach these important concepts about the BRAIN:

• Respect for how our brain works is vital for healthy lifestyle. It’s an invaluable concept for teens to understand that our brains are set up a certain way, but that behaviors we choose can alter normal brain function. The brain’s systems should be understood and respected.

• Adrenaline is a good thing to help us react in emergencies, but if stress is chronic, it can make us sick.

• Our sub-conscious brain believes and tries to make true for us anything we tell it, so if we’re telling ourselves we’re stupid or ugly, it will try to make that a reality for us! On the other hand, if we tell ourselves we can do a certain task even though it’s difficult, we usually can!

• Our brain loves habits and patterns (just think of all the multi-tasking we do!) so we must understand that anything we do regularly can quickly become a habit (good or bad!)

• Our brain love pleasure, so know that if we deny ourselves a pleasure we’re used to having our brain will fight us (like giving up sweets). If a teen thinks they can use a drug and not become addicted, they aren’t recognizing the truth that our brain loves pleasure and will try to repeat it, so when drugs give a false reward, it alters normal brain chemistry. It feels good and our brain wants it again and again!

• If we try to go too low on our calories our body goes into caveman “Set Point Theory” mode and will fight weight loss because it thinks we are a caveman starving for the winter! If we are aware of this fact, we can eat enough calories to off-set “Set Point Theory” and add exercise to burn additional calories.

• One of the best tips that stems from “Caveman” knowledge is to shop from the perimeter of the grocery store where foods are mostly what cavemen ate, rather than the processed, packaged foods in the inner aisles.


This resource includes:

1. Full directions on how to make the board

2. All words and posters that go on the board

3. Teaching points that explain the board topics

4. 24-slide Addiction PowerPoint to reinforce teaching

5. 7-slide Nutrition PowerPoint to reinforce teaching

6. Link to Harvard article on addiction

7. Additional addiction information and links




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FREE "Caveman Brain" Bulletin Board Resource for Any 6th-12th Grade Teacher!

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FREE "Caveman Brain" Bulletin Board Resource for Any 6th-1
FREE "Caveman Brain" Bulletin Board Resource for Any 6th-1
FREE "Caveman Brain" Bulletin Board Resource for Any 6th-1
FREE "Caveman Brain" Bulletin Board Resource for Any 6th-1