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Have a go at this Number 5 Poster Activity together with Elliot, age 6, and his dad. We hope it gives you some ideas about how this poster activity might come to life in a classroom setting or indeed, at home.

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Grade Level Choices: I have indicated K, Grade 1 and Grade 2, as well as homeschool as applicable grade levels. I am working with Elliot at home, trying to support his English mother tongue, while he is in grade 1 (CP) in France. Hopefully, the success that Elliot enjoys in this video speaks to its' relevance to a homeschool setting.

I have taught Kindergarten, in the recent past, where students had tremendous success with this type of activity. I found that addition and take away pictures provide a critical step to help children visualize, pictorially what I would model prior to.

I have also taught Grade 2 very recently and understand that there are some learners where this type of activity is still very much applicable.

More About this Activity:

  • My reasons for concentrating on one number, i.e. 5, was to help establish connections between numbers in action in the real world. So in the case of number 5, I would invite students to explore five and ways to make 5 when it was the 5th of every month. In this way, it would help justify why we were investigating 5 in closer detail.
  • I have also combined addition and subtraction pictures rather than focussing on one or the other. I did this because it occurred to me after watching and observing children play that in reality we are adding to and taking away from all the time, so rather than isolate, my aim is to make learning as relevant as I can with what is actually happening around them all the time.

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