FREE SAMPLE - Kindergarten - Math Homework - Whole Year - ENGLISH & SPANISH

FREE SAMPLE - Kindergarten - Math Homework - Whole Year -
FREE SAMPLE - Kindergarten - Math Homework - Whole Year -
FREE SAMPLE - Kindergarten - Math Homework - Whole Year -
FREE SAMPLE - Kindergarten - Math Homework - Whole Year -
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2 WEEKS FREE of my kindergarten math homework packet...this freebie gives you 2 weeks in English and 2 weeks in Spanish math homework for kindergarten. It includes the first two weeks of school so that it helps take off some beginning of the year stress for you - no need to find math homework for the first 2 weeks of school:)

This Kindergarten Math Homework - Kindergarten - Whole Year is a great weekly homework packet that will review all common core strands on a weekly basis. It's great for spiral review, too:)

If you like this free sample, click here to buy the whole year in English:
Kindergarten - Math Homework - WHOLE YEAR

Here is the whole year Kindergarten math homework in Spanish:
Kindergarten - Math Homework - IN SPANISH - WHOLE YEAR

Click here to check out the English & Spanish bundle available here:
Kindergarten - Math Homework - in ENGLISH & SPANISH - WHOLE YEAR

If you prefer, I also sell all 4 quarters of Kindergarten math homework separately.
Here are the English ones:
Kindergarten - Math Homework - 1st Quarter
Kindergarten - Math Homework - 2nd Quarter
Kindergarten - Math Homework - 3rd Quarter
Kindergarten - Math Homework - 4th Quarter
Kindergarten - Math Homework - WHOLE YEAR

Here are the Spanish individual packets of Kinder math homework:
Kindergarten - Math Homework - IN SPANISH - 1st Quarter
Kindergarten - Math Homework - IN SPANISH - 2nd Quarter
Kindergarten - Math Homework - IN SPANISH - 3rd Quarter
Kindergarten - Math Homework - IN SPANISH - 4th Quarter

It is very kid-friendly, easy to read, examples are given for most problems, and it's packed with real work...not just time-wasting work. It has cute graphics for so it's fun for the kids to work on.

Every Monday –Measurement and Data (K.MD) or Numbers and Base Ten (K.NBT)
Every Tuesday –Geometry (K.G)
Every Wednesday –Counting & Cardinality (K.CC)
Every Thursday – Operations and Algebraic Thinking (K.OA)

You get 9 weeks of homework. I would suggest that you print each week double-sided to save paper so that you only have 1 sheet per week. NOTE: This would also work great as morning work:)

Here is what comes with the whole year bundle:

1st Quarter:

Circle and draw shorter or longer
Circle and draw shorter or taller
Match base ten blocks to #s 1-10
Draw base ten blocks to match #s 1-10
Write # to match base ten blocks

Match addition pictures to number sentences within 10
Match addition pictures to total number
Write number sentences to match picture
Add pictures to write

Color circles, squares, triangles, rectangles
Match shape to name
Circle groups of shapes
Draw circles, triangles, squares, rectangles
Circle pictures that show given positional words

Match # to picture 1-10
Count and write numbers to match pictures 1-10
Write missing numbers 0-10
Circle pictures that show given numbers
Draw and color given numbers

2nd Quarter:

Color and count items with 4 corners and 4 sides
Identify or circle heavier or lighter items
Identify or circle longer or shorter items
Count and label groups of items
Count base ten blocks up to 19

Write addition number sentences to 5 by looking at drawings
Draw lines to decompose numbers up to 5
Subtract within 5 and 10 using given pictures
Write missing #s in subtraction sentences by looking at picture
Use shapes to make addition sentences
Find missing addends to make 10

Identify and color flat shapes and solid shapes
Identify shapes made by putting multiple shapes together
Draw lines to match shapes to name (shapes/flats/solids)
Count corners and sides of shapes
Identify pictures (and draw items) that show below, above, beside, in front, behind, next to

Count objects up to 20 in a line, rectangular array, in a circle, base ten blocks
Count and compare items in groups up to 10
Count items up to 10 in scattered form
Insert missing #s into 100 chart up to 70
Write missing #s on number lines up to 10

3rd Quarter:

Write, circle, and draw taller/shorter
Identify more than, less than, equal to
Sort items into 3 categories
Compose and decompose #s 11-19 using base ten blocks
Identify how many tens and ones are in a number

Add and subtract using dominoes and dice
Addition and subtraction word problems
Number bonds to make #s to 10
Add circles to make 10
Practice addition and subtraction fluency within 5

Label shapes
How are shapes similar or different
Describe a shape’s attributes
Decompose large shapes made from smaller shapes
Count and identify shapes used to make a larger shape

Count to 100
Write missing #s (0-20), not beginning with 1
Write missing #s on number line
Count items in rectangular array, scattered form, and circular form
Insert missing #s in 100s chart

4th quarter

Longest and shortest
Tallest and shortest
Order by length
Order by height
Measure length
Measure height
Count and draw base ten blocks from 0-19
Introduce graphs

How many in all
Add circles to add
Add and find sum
Cross out to subtract
Subtract and find difference
Addition word problems
Subtraction word problems

Circles & squares
Rectangles & triangles
Hexagons & triangles
Pentagons & rectangles
2D shape attributes
2D shape/word match
Draw 2D shapes
Fill in shape and shape attributes chart

Count to 30
Count to 60
Count to 90
Count to 120
Missing numbers in !20 chart
Skip count by 5 and 10 forward

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FREE SAMPLE - Kindergarten - Math Homework - Whole Year -
FREE SAMPLE - Kindergarten - Math Homework - Whole Year -
FREE SAMPLE - Kindergarten - Math Homework - Whole Year -
FREE SAMPLE - Kindergarten - Math Homework - Whole Year -