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Fiction MEGA Bundle: 10 Popular Literature Units and Activities

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This MEGA bundle includes 10 of the most popular fiction teaching units and activities from The Creative Classroom! You get 10 products that contain everything you need for only $25.00! The majority of the products are aligned to the 6th-8th grade ELA CCSS and include differentiated activities and interventions activities for struggling students. The majority of these units include teacher models, opportunities for student to student interaction, and require students to think critically through higher order thinking activities and self assessment/reflection.

The following products are included in this bundle:

> Product #1-"All Summer in A Day" By Ray Bradbury

This product contains a short unit on "All Summer in a Day" by Ray Bradbury. It contains activities and materials that are aligned to the Common Core Anchor Standards-7.RL.1 and 7.W.5-Characterization and Making Inferences that are Supported with Textual Evidence

The following resources are included in this file:

1. "All Summer in a Day" Text-Two versions of the story are in this file-one for student copies and an annotated version for teachers. Annotated version includes questions and stopping points during reading.

2. "All Summer in a Day" Guided Reading Worksheet- This worksheet contains pre-reading, during reading, and after reading activities.
a. Pre-reading: Warm up question to engage students into discussion.
b. During reading-There are several guiding questions where students analyze the main characters and other characters actions during the story.
c. After reading-Students use guided questions that they answered while reading to complete a character chart and make inferences about the characters.
d. Extended writing activity-Students will use the information they have gathered to infer what happens at the end of the story.

3. Self and Peer Assessment-Students will use a criteria checklist to self assess their writing response and then peer assess a partner's writing.

4. Writing Rubrics- There are two rubrics included that you can use to score extended writing activities.

5. "All Summer in a Day" Smartboard Presentation-This presentation can be used as a guide while teaching this unit. You will need the Smartboard Notebook software to open this file.

> Product #2- "Harrison Bergeron" by Kurt Vonnegut

This unit focuses on the dystopian short story, “Harrison Bergeron”
by Kurt Vonnegut. It includes a differentiated vocabulary activity,
TEA PARTY pre-reading strategy, guided reading activity and writing
response that focuses on the theme of Equality, an optional story
map, and an activity that goes with the short film “2081” that is
based on “Harrison Bergeron”. Rubrics, self/peer assessments,
bookmarks and teacher models are also included in this unit.

The following items are included in this product:
1. Two Smartboard Presentations (Notebook and PDF versions)

2. Vocabulary Survival Guide/Formative Assessment

3. Differentiated Vocabulary Activity using Contect Clues: Two vocabulary worksheets that both use context clues. One worksheet is designed for lower level students or can be used as an intervention.

4. Tea Party Pre-reading Strategy Cards and Instructions: These cards can be cut out and used to activate prior knowledge and help students to predict what they think the story will be about.

5. Guided Reading Worksheet and Extended Writing Activity: This contains a BEFORE reading question, DURING reading activity that focuses on Equality in the story, and an AFTER reading extended writing activity.

6. “Harrison Bergeron” Story Map (Optional Activity): This activity can help students who struggle to understand the plot of the story.

7. “Harrison Bergeron” Bookmarks: These bookmarks contain important information about the author, key plot points, and vocabulary terms.

8. Self/Peer Assessments for Extended Writing: Students will use these to self and peer assess their extended writing activities. They include a criteria checklist and use T.A.G. to provide high quality academic feedback.

9. "2081" Viewing Guide and Extended Writing: This activity is optional, but highly recommended. Students will view the short film "2081" which based off "Harrison Bergeron". There is also a BEFORE, DURING, and AFTER viewing activity. The DVD can be purchased on Amazon.

10. Writing Rubric: This rubric can be used to score the extended writing responses in this unit.

11. Teacher Models (Uses “Animal Farm” by George Orwell)

> Product #3- "Aladdin" and "Monkey's Paw" by W.W. Jacobs

This unit that includes the Disney film "Aladdin" and "Monkey's Paw" by W.W. Jacobs hits four Common Core ELA standards and encompasses numerous skills such as cause and effect relationships, making predictions, using context clues, making inferences, comparing and contrasting, and more.

There are more than five activities that are highly engaging and cause students to think critically. Each activity comes with a Smart board presentation, worksheets and other reference materials including answer keys and teacher models.

For detailed information and description about this unit, please download the preview file that contains an outline of the unit, daily learning objectives, brief descriptions of the activities, and some sample pictures of the materials in this unit.

> Product #4- "The Murders in the Rue Morgue" by Edgar Allan Poe

This ZIP file contains a CCSS aligned unit on "The Murders in the Rue Morgue" by Edgar Allan Poe. It is also a complete differentiated unit that allows you to easily customize a lesson to fit the needs of all your students.

The following items are included in this file:

1. Play version of "The Murders in the Rue Morgue"-This play is written in a more modern language that makes it easier for students to understand than the full text of Poe's short story.

2. Pop Quiz for Scenes 1-5 of the play.

3. There are three vocabulary options in this file that can help you meet the needs of all your students and provide easy differentiation in your classroom. (You do not have to complete EVERY worksheet in this file....you pick the ones that will best meet your students’ needs!)

Option 1: Vocabulary Foldable- This vocabulary activity can be used for lower level students. Students will create foldable that contains the vocabulary term, definition from the dictionary, and the definition in their own words (There is a vocabulary Smart board presentation in this file with step-by-step instructions to create the foldable).

Option 2: Vocabulary Chart- This vocabulary option can be used for lower-average students. The chart contains a definition from the dictionary, definition in their own words, and a picture to associate with the vocabulary terms. There is a Teacher Model (I DO) and Partner Practice (WE DO) included on the chart.

Option 3: Probable Passage-This vocabulary activity can be used for average-higher level students. Students are given several words from “The Murders in the Rue Morgue” and must categorize those words into different elements of the plot. Based upon how they categorize the words, students will make a prediction on what they think will happen in the story. There is also a spot for student to write down “to discover” questions that they want to learn from the story.

4. There are several During and After Reading options in this file that can help you meet the needs of all your students and provide easy differentiation in your classroom. (You do not have to complete EVERY worksheet in this file....you pick the ones that will best meet your students’ needs!)

Option 1: During Reading Prediction T Chart- Since this is a great story to make predictions as you read, this T Chart will allow you to determine several stopping points in the story to have students predict what they will happen next on the left side of the chart. After reading the next section, student can record what actually happened on the right side of the chart.

Option 2: During/After Reading Detective Log- This detective log can be used during and after reading. The front page of the detective log contains six different guiding questions/topics for students to record evidence as they are reading the story. After students have read Scene 9 in the play, they can stop and create a theory on who the killer is using the evidence they have gathered to support their position. Once you have completed reading the story, students have a series of questions to answer to check their theories.

Option 3: After Reading Plot Diagram-This diagram is designed for students to identify the different plot elements in the story. It is a great activity for visual learners.

Option 4: After Reading Story Elements Chart-This chart asks students several questions to answer regarding the story elements. A teacher model (I DO) is also included for this activity.

>Product #5- "The Cask of Amontillado" by Edgar Allan Poe

"The Cask of Amontillado" unit includes several activities that meet a variety of ELA CCSS. There are pre-reading, during reading, and after reading activities that include some differentiated material and teacher models.

The following files are included in this unit:

1. Student and Teacher Annotated Versions of the Story Text

2. Vocabulary Activity: Students will use context clues from the story to make inferences about what vocabulary words mean.

3. Probable Passage: Students will use a variety of words pulled from the short story to predict what they think will happen.

4. During Reading Graffiti Wall: Students can use this graffiti wall to take notes while reading/listening to the short story.

5. Identifying Story Elements Activity: Students will answer a series of questions to identify various story elements.

6. Sequencing Activity: This can be used as an intervention for students who have difficulty understanding the story. There are two differentiated charts available.

7. Analyzing Dramatic Irony: Students will answer a variety of constructed response questions to analyze how dramatic irony shapes the story.

8. Teacher Models are included using "The Tell-Tale Heart"

9. Warm-up Questions and Self Reflection Questions are included in this product for each day.

10. Three separate presentations are included to help guide the lessons each day.

Check out the preview to see a unit outline and to see the activities that are included in this product!

> Product #6- "Holy Task Cards: 28 Task Cards for Any Short Story"

This file contains 28 task cards that can be used with any short story that you read in your English classes. They are designed specifically for 6th-8th grade classes, but could easily be used in higher grade levels. The front of each task card contains a description of each task while there are two options for the back of each task card. Option One contains a list of clearly defined criteria for each task that students can use to guide them and self-assess. The second option is an editable template that allows you to customize the criteria to fit your needs.

If you are looking for great stand alone activities for any short story your cover in your class, then this is the item for you. In addition, these task cards would work great as an enrichment activity or as early finisher options for your students.

It would be a great idea to laminate these task cards for durability or so that students can use a dry erase markers to check off the criteria while self-assessing their work.

>Product #7- "Tuck Everlasting" by Natalie Babbit

This zip file contains several resources to use during and after viewing the film "Tuck Everlasting" by Natalie Babbit.
This unit covers Common Core ELA Standards 7.W.4 and 7.W.5

The following files are included in this unit:
1. Tuck Everlasting Viewing Guide-Students identify problems that Winnie Foster encounters during the film and her decision/solution to the problems, and are given an opportunity to agree with WInnie's decision or to offer a better alternative.

2. Tuck Everlasting Cover Sheet- This cover sheet has the learning target, writing topic, scoring rubric, and steps of the writing process. It's all the important information that students need to know to complete their persuasive letter.

3. Tuck Everlasting PEEL Organizer- Students use the PEEL pre-writing organizer to organize their information. This strategy has worked extremely well with my lower performing students. There is also a teacher model that uses Bella from Twilight.

4. Tuck Everlasting Teacher Model- A teacher model letter to Bella from Twilight has been included to show students what a high quality letter looks like. The letter has also been annotated to identify the critical pieces of the writing activity.

5. Tuck Everlasting Final Draft/Alternate Rubric-Students will write the final drafts of their letters on this worksheet. Also provided is an alternative rubric to the one on the cover sheet.

>Product #8- "Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, Oh My!"

This technology bundle includes the following products in a ZIP file"

A.Picture That: Instagram Activity
This product includes a variety of ways that students can
create Instagram photo profiles for characters from literature
or historical figures. In addition, students can demonstrate their
understanding of setting, theme, and other literary devices.
Students will also use textual evidence to support their

The following items are included in this product:

1. Picture That: Short Story or Novel Activity (1 Photo &
Explanation and 3 Photos & Explanations)
2. Picture That: Bringing Historical Figures into the 21st
Century (1 Photo & Explanation and 3 Photos & Explanations)
3. Large Photo Frames (Blank)
4. Teacher Models

It comes in PDF, iWork Keynote, and Microsoft Office Power Point versions.

2. Facebook Student Template

This Facebook Student Template is a great activity for the first days of school. I use it for my students to fill out as their student information sheet. It's much cooler to complete than the plain old worksheet or index card.

Students can design their page and add a picture of themselves. I always put my student Facebook pages in pocket protectors and create class binders.

3. Character Facebook Profile

This zip file includes the Facebook Character Profile in three formats: Powerpoint, Keynote, and PDF. Students are able to create a Facebook page for characters they have read about in short stories, poetry, or novels.

4. Tweet Out the Door Formative Assessment

With so many students involved in social networking, why not use something they are familiar with to assess student learning? This file contains eight different formative checks questions to assess student understanding and two blank templates to ask your own questions.

Students will have to tweet a response in under 140 characters just like on Twitter.
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List Price: $43.00
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Fiction MEGA Bundle: 10 Popular Literature Units and Activities
Fiction MEGA Bundle: 10 Popular Literature Units and Activities
Fiction MEGA Bundle: 10 Popular Literature Units and Activities
Fiction MEGA Bundle: 10 Popular Literature Units and Activities