Find the Fraction - fraction of a number task cards + printables (set b)

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Help your students apply and extend their ability to find a fraction of a number with this set of task cards and printables. The 32 task cards in this set present students a variety of multiple choice questions that relate to finding a fraction of a number. Extend your students’ practice (or assess their level of mastery) with the two included worksheets. With these resources, your students will grow stronger in their understanding of this key fractional concept.

• 32 task cards
• graphic reference sheet
• task card answer sheet and key
• 2 activity sheets and scoring guides

This set is a follow-up to my related product, Find the Fraction - Set A. The resources in this set are unique from those in Set A. If you purchased Set A already, this set has no duplicate materials to that set.

The materials in this set all relate to finding a fraction of a number. Finding a fraction of a number is not an explicit standard in the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics. However, the thinking your students will do as they work with these resources will lay the foundational skills necessary for thinking about multiplying a fraction by a whole number (5.NF.4) in terms of finding a/b (part) of c (whole).

The printables consist of a graphic reference sheet and two different activity sheets. The graphic reference sheet ¬¬¬¬¬¬illustrates a method for solving one particular type of question that is found on some of the task cards – one that gives the students the fraction and the part, and asks them to find the whole. For instance, students might be told that one-third of a number if 8 and are then asked what that original number is. This reference sheet demonstrates a method for using a bar model to solve problems such as these. Your students can use the journal insert as a guide while they work on the cards, as well as when they complete other tasks that require them to work backwards with “fraction of a number” type problems.

The fractions used on the cards in this set are all unit fractions, and the whole numbers are all multiples of the fraction’s denominator, allowing for students to more readily notice the patterns present when finding a fraction of a number. This set assumes some level of proficiency with finding a fraction of a number. No models are provided for students, and each card requires students to find a given fraction of multiple numbers. The cards do not focus simply on finding a fraction of a number, but applying that skill in the context of another skill (e.g., ordering numbers).

The 32 cards features a variety of question types. While all the questions are multiple-choice in format, some of the questions have more than one correct answer. The questions themselves indicate when there might be more than one answer. For instance, a question may reads, “Which equation(s) are equal to 6?” I designed the cards in this way to force my students to think outside the box when they read and think through the different task cards. Check out the preview to see some examples of the kinds of questions your students will see on these task cards.

The two provided worksheets can be used to evaluate your students’ ability to apply the skill of finding a fraction of a given number. The worksheets are formatted similarly, and have similar types of questions, though the numbers on each are different. The types of question on the activity sheets are simiar to those on the teask cards, so these are an ideal follow-up to the cards. You can use these activity pages in a variety of ways: pre-test/post-test, guided practice, homework, center assignments, or any other purpose that fits your teaching style or classroom routines.

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I hope your students enjoy these resources and are able to build their proficiency with fractions. – Dennis McDonald
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Find the Fraction - fraction of a number task cards + prin
Find the Fraction - fraction of a number task cards + prin
Find the Fraction - fraction of a number task cards + prin
Find the Fraction - fraction of a number task cards + prin