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    First Grade Literacy Centers - This literacy centers for first grade bundle has everything you need to help set up your literacy centers! Your students will love these fun, and engaging first grade literacy centers! Included in these first grade literacy centers are: a variety of dice games, no-prep writing, silly sentences, creative story writing, blends & digraphs bingo, character traits sorting activities, higher order thinking activities, making inferences using pictures, reading comprehension, vocabulary worksheets, simple and compound sentences sorts, crack the code mystery sight word task cards, games and independent contract work! These literacy centers for first grade can also be used for: morning work, early finisher activities, whole class instruction, or sub activities for 1st and 2nd grades! By purchasing this First Grade Literacy Centers Bundle you will save 50% off!

    Literacy Centers For First Grade:

    1. Complete and Incomplete Sentences

    2. Consonant Blends & Digraphs Bingo

    3. Literacy Menus

    4. Fall Simple and Compound Sentence Sort

    5. Silly Sentences Center

    6. Roll a Story Activities

    7. Character Traits Sorting Activities

    8. Expanding Noun Groups with Cupcakes

    9. CVC Words - Roll a Die Worksheets

    10. Crack the Code for the Mystery Sight Words

    11. Adjectives Worksheets & Activities

    12. Person, Place or Thing Noun Popcorn Sort

    13. All About Me Roll a Die Activities

    14. Higher Order Thinking Skills Task Cards

    15. Reading Response Roll a Die Activities

    16. Inference Task Cards Using Pictures

    Feedback Highlights - What Others are Saying About this Bundle!

    "You have literally thought of everything you could possibly need. From the 10 different literacy contracts, to the 'i have, who has? sight word cards' as well as the heap of 'roll a die' activities there are so many different activities in this pack to keep students engaged and learning during literacy centres. This will be a super useful resource for me!!." by Georgia R.

    "This is amazing-especially since it has been updated! I love the roll and read activities and higher order question skills task cards. I have them printed and laminated to use at my reading table. Great resources!" by Leslie B.

    "This has made my life so much easier, and the kids have such a great time learning through these literacy centers." by Elyssa A.

    "This bundle is awesome! The selection and choices are exactly what I was looking for. Thanks so much!." by Kim.

    "Great bundle! Highly recommend." by Corynn T.

    Literacy Center Contents:

    Fairy Tale Theme - Complete and Incomplete Sentences

    This fairy tale sentence sort is a fun and engaging way for your students to identify complete and incomplete sentences. For this activity students will read the sentences and sort them accordingly. This activity is great to use in your daily literacy centers! Perfect activity for kindergarten and first grade students!

    Activity includes:

    • Teacher Instruction page

    • Magic Mirror headings for complete and incomplete sentences - color and b/w

    • 2 sets of 32 sorting cards - in color and b/w

    • a recording sheet - photocopy twice and print back to back

    • Answer sheet

    Consonant Blends & Digraphs Bingo

    These digraphs and consonant blend games consists of 30 unique bingo cards with initial blends and digraphs pictures on each game board. Answer keys (with words for blends and digraphs) are also included for each bingo card, which can be used as game boards to differentiate for your more confident readers. There are enough bingo cards for the whole class to play, or alternatively you can incorporate the bingo game into your literacy centers or spelling groups.

    The packet consists of:

    • Teacher instructions
    • 25 callings cards - digraphs and initial consonant blends
    • 30 bingo boards with pictures
    • 20 bingo boards with words (answer keys)

    Consonant Blends & Digraphs Included

    • Digraphs - ch, th, wh, sh, ph
    • Initial S Blends - sc, sk, sn, sm, sp, sl, sw
    • Initial L Blends - cl, fl, bl, gl, pl,
    • Initial R Blends - br, cr, dr, fr, gr, pr

    Simply print and laminate the digraphs and consonant blend game boards and calling cards. Students place colored counters on their pictures. Students call out 'bingo' when they have 3 counters in a row (horizontally, vertically or diagonally). Alternatively you can play the game, where each picture is called on the game board!

    The game boards can also be placed inside plastic sleeves, and students can use dry erase markers to cross out the pictures once they are called. Bingo daubers is another alternative to dry erase markers!

    Literacy Menus

    Literacy Menus are a great way to promote students to become independent learners and have choice in their learning. These literacy choice activity boards will engage your kiddos, and they can easily be incorporated into your daily literacy centers or stations. Students select an activity whilst you work with a small group on guided reading/writing.

    This kit is available in both color and black lined, and includes 2 sets of 10 literacy menus. These literacy contracts are also available in US spelling and Australian. The literacy contracts are designed to use 4 days a week from Monday-Thursday.

    Students select 2 boxes to work on a day during your literacy block. Once they have completed a box they color their box in with a colored pencil. They work independently on each task while the teacher pulls out groups for guided reading/writing.

    Alternatively the literacy contracts could be used as a 'Tic-Tac-Toe' activity, where students select an activity, and mark a cross or circle in each box once completed. The goal is to have 3 crosses or circles in a row horizontally, diagonally or vertically.

    Activities included in the contracts:

    • Read to Self - students re-read a book from their guided reading group and complete the activity.

    • Silent reading - select a book from the bookshelf to read independently.

    • Buddy Reading - Choose a buddy to read a book with

    • 3 spelling boxes - different spelling activities on each contract.

    • 1 vocabulary box - different vocab activity each contract.

    • Labeling - students draw and label a different picture each week.

    • Journal writing - students write a recount about their weekend.

    The literacy contracts are very user friendly and easy for students to understand with visual cues in each box. Teacher instructions are also included.

    Fall Simple and Compound Sentences Sort

    Fall Simple and Compound Sentences Sort is a fun and engaging way for your students to identify and revise their sentences. For this fall activity students will sort the sentences into the correct category: simple or compound. This fall activity is perfect for your daily literacy centers!

    Fall Activity Includes:

    • Teacher instruction sheet

    • Three anchor charts - simple and compound sentences & conjunctions - color only

    • Fifteen Fall/Halloween simple sentences - color and b/w

    • Fifteen Fall/Halloween compound sentences - color and b/w

    • Two headers - simple and compound - color and b/w

    • Student response sheet - b/w only

    • Answer sheet - b/w only

    Simply print and laminate the sheets onto hard card stock paper for durability. Then cut and the sorts are ready to be used in your literacy centers. Students could also copy their simple and compound sentences into their writing books.

    Silly Sentences

    Are you looking for a fun activity for your literacy centers? This silly sentences literacy center will bring lots of laughter into your classroom. Your students will love creating lots of silly sentences. Perfect writing activity for kindergarten, 1st, and 2nd grade students to incorporate into your literacy centers, work stations or Daily 5 activities.

    There are 32 beginning and ending sentence parts in this pack. Students can join any sentence beginning with an ending to create a silly sentence. See thumbnail and preview for examples.

    Students will be actively engaged whilst creating silly sentences. They can mix and match a wide variety of silly sentence cards to make new sentences.

    To extend students you can ask them to expand the sentences by creating compound sentences.

    For example: The cool hippo rode a wave and fell off his board.

    Roll a Story

    Engage your students with these creative writing prompts! Your students will love playing this Australian themed, 'Roll a Story' writing activity. This creative writing activity is based on Australian animal characters, settings and problems. 'Roll a Story' is perfect for story writing, creative writing, literacy center, or as an independent writing activity! These creative writing prompts can be used to create a story as a whole class, or independently!

    How to Play

    1.Roll die - select a character from table that matches the die rolled.

    2.Roll die - select the setting from the table that matches the die rolled.

    3.Roll a die - select the problem from the table that matches the die rolled.

    4.Students then create a story on the writing templates provided. There is writing papers included for each of the Australian animal characters from the roll a die activities.

    This pack includes black lined copies of:

    * 2 Australian Roll a Story Games

    * 12 writing templates with Australian animals

    Character Traits Sorting Activities

    Want to get your students thinking about character traits? This no-prep character traits sorting pack provides additional practice in sorting various character traits under the correct heading. Character trait sorts are a great hands on activity where students are actively engaged and expanding their vocabulary. Differentiated character trait graphic organizers are included in this pack to cater for the needs of your students! These character traits activities are perfect for independent activities, literacy centers, guided reading groups, homework, sub lessons or as an early finisher activity!

    Product Use

    • Literacy centers

    • Morning Work

    • Homework

    • Assessment

    • Early Finishers

    • Class discussions

    Character Traits Sorting Worksheets Include:

    • 3 cut and paste sorting worksheets - sort character traits into positive and negative character traits.

    • 3 cut and paste sorting worksheets - sort character traits into qualities and appearance

    • 6 answer sheets to cut and paste sorting activities only

    • 1 worksheet - students list character traits about themselves.

    • 2 sets of 7 character trait graphic organizers (for girls & boys) – students list character traits for their favorite: movie star, superhero, villain, character, community helper, best friend and teacher.

    Expanding Noun Groups with Cupcakes

    Create a Cupcake Expanding Noun Group Printables - is a fun and engaging way for students to learn about expanding noun groups. Differentiated worksheets are included to cater for the needs of your students.

    This pack includes ready to go printables that assists students to grasp the concepts of nouns and noun groups.

    Product Includes

    * Teacher instructions - how to complete the activities and ideas for differentiation.

    * 16 (8 color, 8 black lined) cut and paste printable worksheets - students cut the top of the cupcakes and glue it to the matching base to create noun groups.For example - His pointy nose. These worksheets are for students who require extra support in literacy, and it also helps develop their fine motor skills.

    * 16 (8 color, 8 black lined) cut, write and paste worksheets. Students are to write an article and an adjective on the top of each cupcake. Then they cut and paste each one to the matching base. These worksheets are for students who require further extension.

    * 1 answer sheet - answers to cut and paste worksheets. Answers will vary when students create their own noun groups.

    When students can use noun groups effectively it will greatly enhance their writing. It can be incorporated into your unit plans when teaching descriptive writing, reports, poetry, sentence construction and narratives.

    I hope you enjoy using this package in class! Please see the preview for a snapshot of each activity.

    CVC - Roll A Die Worksheets

    CVC dice game worksheets are a fun and interactive way for your kiddos to practice writing and reading CVC words! Great activity to use as a literacy center, morning work or as an early finisher activity!

    Product Includes:

    • 2 sets of 21 dice games - color and black and white


    Each student takes a game board, rolls a die and then writes the word for the number rolled. They keep rolling the die until their sheet is filled up. With the colored games, students roll a die and write the word in the matching color.

    CVC word families consists of:

    • -ut, -un,-ug, -ub

    • -ot, -op, -og, -ob

    • -it, -ip, -in, -ig, -im,

    • -et, -ed

    • -at, -ad, -ag, -am, -an, -ap

    Crack the Code Mystery Sight Word Task Cards

    Want a fun and interactive way for your kiddos to practice their first grade sight words? Secret Code Sight Words SCOOT Game will get your students moving around the room and cracking the code to Dolch first grade words. Students will crack the code on each task card by recording the beginning sound of each picture. Alternatively the task cards can be used as a literacy center, where students use magnetic letters or dry erase markers to crack the codes!

    Great to use for:

    • Literacy centers

    • Scoot

    • Early Finishers

    • Daily Five

    This pack includes two sets in color and black and white background with colored clip art. :

    • Teacher instructions

    • 32 first grade secret words task cards {available in colored background and white with colored pictures}

    • Answer sheet and student response sheet {color and black lined version available}

    Included Sight Words

    • any, ask, fly, had, has, her, him, his, how, let, may, old, from, give, put, just, know, live, once, open, over, some, stop, take, them, then, walk, there, when, after, could and going.

    Jungle Theme Adjectives Activities

    activity is about expanding students knowledge and understanding about adjectives. The activities are based on Bloom’s Taxonomy and include graphic organizers to promote students higher order thinking skills and creativity.

    Product Includes

    Each of the activities below is available in black lined and color.

    • Teacher Instructions

    • 14 Bubble Maps – students write an adjective in each circle to describe the picture.

    • One A-Z list – students write an adjective for each letter of the alphabet to describe the jungle. For example a- alluring, b- beautiful, c – crazy

    • Color the adjectives worksheet – Students color in the adjectives green.

    • 14 Wanted Posters – students create a wanted poster for the jungle/safari theme pictures. They will list in the description: 4 noun groups in each box to describe the animal. For example: brown fur, cheeky grin, long arms, yellow banana.

    Noun Sort - Person, Place or Thing

    Engage your students with this fun and interactive noun sorting center! Students will sort the popcorn pieces under the popcorn buckets for: person, place or thing. This noun sort popcorn center (in color and black line) consists of popcorn bucket headings, 36 popcorn pieces, student response sheet and answer sheet. This noun sort with pictures activity is the perfect literacy center for kindergarten and first grade!

    Product Includes

    This popcorn noun sort center is available in color and black and white.

    •3 popcorn bucket headers - person, place, thing

    •12 people popcorn pieces

    •12 place popcorn pieces

    •12 thing popcorn pieces

    •Student recording sheet

    •Answer sheet

    •Preparation and instruction sheet

    All About Me - Roll a Die Activities

    These All About Me first day of school activities are fun, interactive and engaging! Students can play the All About Me dice games in small groups or pairs, and get to know each other. Perfect for first day of school activities to incorporate into your literacy centers!

    Included are 3 different roll a die games to choose from. I have also included a duplicate copy of two of the games with spelling changes to cater for Australian/British students (favourite, colour).

    Product Use

    ★ Laminate and use in your literacy centers.

    ★ Play as a whole class game during first week of school.

    ★ Play game in pairs to get to know each other.

    ★ Early finisher activity

    ★ Incorporate activity into your Daily 5 activities.

    Topics Included

    ✔ List your favorite book

    ✔ Write about your favorite movie

    ✔ Who is your favorite superhero?

    ✔ Write about your most memorable moment at school.

    ✔ List your pets

    ✔ I am special because........

    ✔ List your favorite colors

    ✔ Draw and label your favorite sport

    ✔ Draw your family

    ✔ Write about your favorite subject.

    ✔ Create a collage of your favorite foods.

    ✔ What qualities do you like about your best friend?

    ✔ When I grow up I want to be a........

    ✔ Create a list of things you like to do.

    ✔ Goals you hope to achieve

    ✔ My birthday is ..............

    ✔ Draw and label your home

    ✔ Describe your appearance

    Higher Order Thinking Skills Task Cards

    Are you looking for a fun activity to help your students with higher order thinking? These higher order thinking questions for reading includes 2 sets of 25 engaging task cards. Perfect for your guided reading lessons, literacy centers, independent work, modeled reading, or as an early finisher task.

    Product Includes:

    ♥ 25 colored task cards

    ♥ 25 black & white task cards

    The cards are based on Bloom's Taxonomy and Edward Debono's 6 Thinking Hats. Included are superhero graphics to capture students attention and to get them thinking about characters.

    Simply print and laminate to use for a variety of activities in class. It caters for all grades in Primary. The black and white set is great to reproduce to save on ink and can therefore produce multiple copies for your literacy centers.

    It can be used for:

    ♦ Guided Reading – in small groups, question students before, during and after reading.

    ♦ Literacy contracts or choice work – students work on their task cards independently.

    ♦ Shared Reading – teacher models higher order thinking skills.

    ♦ Novel study – great for older grades to work on the task cards as a group or independently.

    Reading Response Roll a Die Activities

    Roll a Die Reading Activities contains 8 vibrantly colored reading dice games that can be used with any book. Literacy game, roll a die activities can be used with a variety of stories and text types. The guided reading activities will actively engage students, and enhance their comprehension skills. It can be incorporated into your guided reading groups, daily literacy centers, small group work or independent work. This product contains two folders: one for US spelling and one for UK and Australian.

    Students will roll a die and complete the matching activity for the number. Activities include:

    • Make connections, visualize, make inferences, make predictions, form questions and summarize.

    • Design new covers for their book

    • Describe the settings, character qualities and appearances

    • Higher Order Thinking skills (based on Debono's 6 thinking hats) - write about what they like, dislike, describe how characters felt and how they felt whilst reading the story.

    • Word skills - hunt for rhyming words, endings, starting sounds and blends.

    • Hunt and tally various punctuation marks - exclamation marks, full stops, question marks, capital letters and speech marks.

    Inference Task Cards Using Pictures

    Inference Task Cards, Guided Reading Activities - Making inferences is an important comprehension strategy for students to learn. Students often have a great deal of difficulty making inferences. These inferencing with pictures task cards are specifically designed to actively engage students by using real life photographs. Students will make an inference by looking at the photograph. Perfect for your guided reading groups, literacy centers, small group work, whole class instruction or as an independent activity!

    The inference task cards include a variety of question types: multiple choice, thick and thin questions and open ended responses. By using these task cards you will assist students to make inferences and they will be required to think about what clues in the picture helped them to make these inferences.

    This product includes:

    • 24 colored task cards - with a variety of question types

    • 24 task cards (same as above but with white background and color photographs) save on ink

    • Teacher instructions

    • How to use cards in class

    • Answer key

    These inference task cards can be used in a variety of ways in your classroom: whole class discussions (display task cards on interactive whiteboard), Scoot, treasure hunt, guided reading sessions, writing responses, extending students, independent and buddy work and brainstorming sessions using concept maps about students inferences.


    Please see the preview before purchasing the product to ensure you are satisfied with the product. Some products in this bundle are also included in other bundle packages in my store. So if purchasing other bundles in my store, check the product description to ensure you don't double up.

    Are you looking for more first grade literacy and math centers? These literacy centers are also included in the money saving bundle below:

    First Grade Literacy and Math Centers - Full Year


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