Five Themes of Geography Lesson Plan. Student Worksheet

Five Themes of Geography Lesson Plan. Student Worksheet
Five Themes of Geography Lesson Plan. Student Worksheet
Five Themes of Geography Lesson Plan. Student Worksheet
Five Themes of Geography Lesson Plan. Student Worksheet
Five Themes of Geography Lesson Plan. Student Worksheet
Five Themes of Geography Lesson Plan. Student Worksheet
Five Themes of Geography Lesson Plan. Student Worksheet
Five Themes of Geography Lesson Plan. Student Worksheet
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5 Themes of Geography Lesson plan/ student worksheet

Bell ringer: Write down five questions about a place you have never visited in the space below

Class definition of Geography:

A geographer sees certain themes, for example, different places, each with its own location. Each place is connected to other places by the movement of people, products, and information. Places closely linked together are often in the same area, or region. Every place has a physical environment, where people face both challenges and opportunities. Geographers call this meeting of people and their surroundings interaction.

What are the Five Major Themes of Geography?

What is the geographic idea of place/location?
• How can the geographic idea of movement help me to understand the connections between places?
• What are the geographic terms related to place/location and movement?
• How can I interpret place/location and movement by reading a map?

Colorado State Standards:
1. Use different types of maps and geographic tools to analyze features on Earth to investigate and solve geographic questions

1. Describe how geography views the world
2. Examine the Five Themes of Geography and describe how a person can use these themes to study
3. Describe the geographic idea of place/location

Location Latitude Longitude Equator Meridians Prime Meridian
Absolute Location Relative Location Hemisphere Place Place (Human Characteristics) Place(physical characteristics

1) Place: The Personality of Geography
Task 1: Brainstorm a list of common phrases that include the word “place”. For example. “to put someone in their place…” or “caught between a rock and a hard place”. You have two minutes (you may turn to your partner/neighbor for help….go!!!!!

Task 2: Use rapid writing to describe a place you know. It may ne a specific location such as your home, or a more general area, such as a city you visited. Include as many details as you can.

Define Place:

Definition/ what it includes Question it Answers


Application/ Homework
So if you haven’t figured it out, I am pretty important. You have been hired by a country to write a commercial that would appeal to me, and make me want to travel there. Using articles from the Travel section of the newspaper/magazine (whatever we can get), collect information about a travel destination. How can you make your commercial message informative and appealing? Use the following form to help you gather facts, brainstorm catchy phrases, and create inviting descriptions. Remember, I am fairly hard to please….

Must have’s:
1. Describe the location using descriptive phrases (Ex- Nestles on the east coast, tucked between, etc…)
2. What are the people like (the physical characteristics, ancestires attitudes, occuptations, etc…)
3. Describe particular customs, special celebrations, or holidays.
4. What special activities are available for like me?
5. Create a slogan- a brief attention getting phrase- that will make me ohhh and ahhhh
6. Create/ find/ use a picture/ maybe draw around it…. I like visuals : )

2) Location:

Task: Describe to me how I would get into town from this school

Relative Location

Absolute Location

What Question Does Location Answer?

Hemisphere (North and South) Hemisphere (East and West)

Term Definition
Continents (Name Them)


(Name Them)

Tropic of Cancer

Tropic of Capricorn

Prime Meridian

International Dateline

Draw these on the map above!!!!!!!!

Application: Using the information learned and the graph below answer the following questions

1. If you were flying from London, ON, what is the compass direction to a) Sarnia, b) Windsor, c) Waterloo, 4) Hamilton?

2. Give the grid location of the five cities in question 1. (London, Sarnia, Windsor, Waterloo, Hamilton)

3. How many kilometers would each of these flights travel? Measure the distance from and to the center if each city. From London, ON to a) Windsor, b) Sarnia, c) Waterloo, d) Hamilton

4. Describe the relative locations of a) Lake St. Clair and 2) Punkeydoodles Corners

5) How many different 400-series highways are shown on this map?

6) Name the five largest Ontario cities shown on this map

Go on the Internet, or find a newspaper and research a recent (within the past six month) current event. List the Latitude and Longitude of this location. Then, write a summary of the news event and its coordinate settings… Be prepared to share this with the class

Latitude ___________________ Longitude________________ Location ____________






Summary of news article:

Read through the Sport’s Pages to find out where your local or favorite team will travel for a road trip. Determine what state the team will travel through, how many miles they will travel. And what the probable route will be. Compare and contrast the geography of the visiting city with your own. What famous landmarks might the team see as they visit this city? What is the team’s cities latitude and longitude? What about their opponents?

Fav. Team’s Latitude __________________ Fav. Team’s Longitude________ Fav. Team’s Location ____________

Opponents Latitude_________________ Opp. Longitude___________ Opp. Location _______________

Miles they will travel_________________

Probable route:

1. Describe how geography views the world
2. Examine the purpose behind different maps and how to read them

Mercator projection Alphanumeric Location Physical Map Political Map Topographic MapKey/Scale Legend

Bell Ringer: You have thirty-two seconds (yes, I am counting), write down anything you know about maps, this could include what is on them, types of maps, common traits, etc….)

Types of Maps

Types of Map/ Term Definition When/ Why We would use it




Mercator Projection

Alphanumeric Grids



Application: A company has hired you (a cartographer) to create a map of Ms. Travis’ classroom; however you were on your cell phone and didn’t have Verizon so your call was dropped. With that being said, you have a big meeting tomorrow that could change your life- Since you do not know which map they want, you need to be prepared and create one of each map we have studied. Be clean and accurate in your drawings (remember legends and scales are important’ (make one an alpha grid). Next create three questions from your “Hot Q’s” sheet to ask your classmates….make sure you know the answer (also make sure it is relevant to the class)

3) Human Environment /Interaction
1. Examine the Five Themes of Geography and describe how a person can use these themes to study
2. Describe the geographic theme of Human/Environment and interaction
3. Describe how Human/Environment and interaction relates to the themes “Location” and “Place”

Human Environment/Interaction Endangered species

Bell Ringer:
You find the school ground covered in litter. Does this bother you? Why? List some solution to the problem


Question it answers

The environment means different things to different people depending on their cultural backgrounds and technological resources. In studying human/environment interaction, geographers look at all the effects-positive and negative that occur when people interact with their surroundings. Sometimes a human act, such as damming a river to prevent flooding or to provide irrigation, requires consideration of the potential consequence. The construction of Hoover Dam on the Colorado River, for example, changed the natural landscape, but it also created a reservoir that helps provide water and electric power for the arid Southwest. Studying the consequences of human/environment interaction helps people plan and manage the environment responsibly.

Task: List as many as you can in the boxes below
How plants adapt to their environment

How animals adapt to their environment

Examples of how people have changed/ altered their environments

Task: List ways that people affect their environment everyday, then create another list of how people affect their environment through seasonal activities. Circle or highlight which ones have a negative affect on the environment

Everyday Seasonal

National Geographic has hired you to create the cover of their magazine this month about the importance of saving endangered species and the impact of losing a species on the eco-system. You may choose a plant or an animal, but you must provide the following information for your endangered species

• The animal name (including the family/kin they come from)
• Where they are located (with a description of their environment)
• Why are they becoming endangered?
• What benefits does that creature have on the world (maybe they eat bugs? Ex- in 2009 to get rid of West Nile Virus in NY, a chemical was dropped that would kill mosquitos. One reaction to this chemical was that lobsters died)
• What would happen to the world if this specie did not exist?

3) Motion
1. Examine the Five Themes of Geography and describe how a person can use these themes to study
2. Describe the geographic theme of Motion
3. Describe how Motion relates to the themes “Human/Environment Interaction”, “Location” and “Place”.

Bell Ringer:
What did you do this morning? Where did you come from? Where did you go to? How did you get there?

Define Movement

Questions it answers:

Task: Create a web diagram in which you list two ways people travel to and from, products travel to and from, animals travel to and from, and information travels to and from below:

Note Taking Skill Day:
Directions: Take notes using the Dialectical notebook below
(Key Vocab. Quote, Main idea (s)) Response:
Question, What reminds you of, Question, etc…

Directions: After reading answer two of the following questions:
1. Record two examples each for people. Product, and information flows that you have personally experienced today.

2. Why might some people not want to choose public transportation? (give three examples)

3. How does the fact that people do not take public transportation affect human/environment interaction?

Items in the classroom can easily represent a microcosm of the world economy. You will be surprised how many countries are represented on the “Made in…” labels of products in your classroom.

Item/Product Brand Name Made In…

Questions to Know/ Review

1. What Hemisphere do we live in?

1. ______________ About 23 degrees North

2. ______________ Zero Degrees Latitude

3. ______________About 23 degrees South

4. ______________ Zero degrees Longitude

5. ______________180 degrees of Longitude

6. Name the Seven Continents

7. Name the Five Seas

8. Which Continents are fully in the Northern Hemisphere?

9. Which Continents are fully in the Southern Hemisphere?

10. Which Contents are fully in the Eastern Hemisphere?

11. Which Continents are fully in the Western Hemisphere?

12. _________________ Is a person that makes maps

13. _________________ Is a map I would use if I wanted to know/show governmental boundaries of a country, states, and territories

14. ________________ Is a map I would want to use if I wanted to know/ identify different landforms, landmarks, territories or borders

15. ________________ Is a map I would use if I wanted to know/ identify large scale details and contour lines of a location

16. _________________ Is a cylindrical map in which meridians are usually drawn parallel to each other and are spaced at equal intervals

Five Themes of Geography
Theme Definition Question it answers Other important terms Example




Human/ Environment Interaction




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