Food Chain Lesson

Food Chain Lesson
Food Chain Lesson
Food Chain Lesson
Food Chain Lesson
Food Chain Lesson
Food Chain Lesson
Food Chain Lesson
Food Chain Lesson
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This is a 650+ slide PowerPoint presentation with built-in activities with instructions and visuals, follow-up questions, built-in quizzes, review games, activities, simulations, amazing visuals, video links, two page homework, and much more.

This is a great PowerPoint that includes a step by step sketch of a food chain, movable activity that has teacher minimize out of slideshow and students move pictures around on the screen with your assistance from the computer. Important notes (red slides), questions, lots of visuals, and review games and really fun simulation activity outside.

This PowerPoint begins with few slides that describe how to take notes in a journal and some general expectations. Students are also introduced into an optional project that has them make terrariums for study during the unit. A multiple choice question with visuals is presented that asks the students to guess the definition of ecology. The answer is revealed and the important of ecology described. The concept that their is no such thing as a free lunch and a some slides describe some basic understanding of thermodynamics. A food chain is described in a step by step process. Special attention is given to how each organism releases heat. A link to a clay animation food chain is provided. A step by step drawing has the students create a food chain. The sketches are easy and the students usually do a good job. A few questions and answers are provided. Producers, Consumers, and Decomposers are addressed with visuals. Herbivores and Carnivores are described with visuals as are Omnivores. A neat stand and make a symbol activity has the students involved and making a "C" for carnivore, "H" for herbivore, and "O" for omnivore from a series of pictures. Answers are provided after each animal. Decomposers are described in detail and video links to a rabbit and plate of vegetables time lapse videos are provided. A mushroom is highlighted and the mycellium network eluded to with some neat visuals. A really neat activity has the teacher minimize out of the slideshow and the students go up to the board and drag pictures into the correct order to complete the food chain. Teacher controls the movement for their computer but the students pretend drag the pictures into position. After another video link students do a walking quiz. Several multiple choice questions are presented. Students walk to the corner of the room with the correct response. Four corners, teacher labels each corner either, A, B, C, D. Students walk casually to the correct corner. The aquatic food chain is then described and students learn about phytoplankton and zooplankton. Some really neat pictures help bring the aquatic food chain to life. A summary of food chains is presented and students much determine some bogus sentences from a group. This is a neat activity that really lets the teacher know which students have a strong grasp on what has been taught. Bioaccumulation is described as well as biomagnification. Some really neat connections between biomagnification and Pac-Man are made. A simulation as well as description of pollution and Parts Per Million are made. A simulation with built-in visual instructions have the class go outside. A teacher spreads several bags of white Goya beans in the game zone. Most of the class are zooplankton and collect seeds which have accumulated fake toxins as fast as they can. A few fish can tag zooplankton and accumulate all of their seeds / toxins. One larger fish can tag the smaller fish and get their toxins / seeds. The teacher can tag the large fish showing how the toxins make it into the top predator. The flow of seeds / toxins is always up the food chain. Students love this activity and built-in instructions make understanding a snap. A series of hidden box games conclude this PowerPoint. Some shapes cover a picture. Each slide reveals more of the picture beneath and students take turns guessing. This is a really neat PowerPoint that you and your students will enjoy. There is much more included in this PowerPoint that did not make it into this description.

Areas of Focus within this PowerPoint
What is Ecology, Concepts in Ecology, Concept-There is no such thing as a free lunch, Energy Comes From the Sun, Food Chains, Trophic Feeding Levels, Producers, Consumers, Decomposers, Bioaccumulation, Biomagnification.

Please visit my other posting on TpT called the Feeding Levels Unit that includes the 1000+ slide PowerPoint, bundled homework / assessment, modified homework, detailed answer key, and unit notes that chronologically follow the PowerPoint slideshow. This larger file also includes PowerPoint review games, videos, lab handouts, and much more.

Ecology Feeding Levels Entire Unit (1000+ Slides), HW, Notes and more.
Ecology Feeding Levels Unit

The Ecology Feeding Levels Unit Includes all of the following and more...
Ecology Feeding Levels Unit Homework, Lesson Notes, Answer Key (FREE)
Food Chains, Energy Flow in an Ecosystem, Producers, Consumers, Decomposters, (650 Slides), HW, Notes and more
Ecology Food Chain Board Game
Community Ecology, Competition, Activity, Quiz, and more
Animal Teeth / Dentition, Carnivores, Herbivores, Omnivores, (200+ Slides) HW, Quiz, and More
Biomass Pyramids, Energy Flow, Pyramid of Numbers, Activity, and more
Biomagnification and Bioaccumulation of Pollution in Aquatic Systems, Simulation Activity, HW, Notes, (299 Slide PowerPoint) and more
Feeding Levels Unit Crossword with Solution
Ecology and the Environment Flash Card Pack

I also sell all 20 Science Units as digital hardgood on TpT. This includes all 20 units (50,000 slides), in Life, Earth, and Physical Science for students in grades 5-10, This also includes 275 pages of bundled homework bundle that chronologically follows each unit, 175 pages of modified assessments, 325 pages of answer keys, 260 pages of unit notes, 37 PowerPoint review games (4600+ slides), 315 videos, hundreds of pages of handouts, First Day PowerPoint, Guidebook, and Four Year Curriculum Guide and classroom license.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me. Thanks again and best wishes.

Ryan Murphy M.Ed

Other Ecology and the Environment Lessons that I offer...

Ecology Interactions Entire Unit (2000+ Slides), HW, Notes and more
Ecology Interactions Unit

This unit includes all of the following and much more...
Ecology Interactions Entire Unit Homework, Lesson Notes, Answer Key
Levels of Biological Organization, Community Ecology
Niche, Needs of Living Things Lesson
Food Webs, Activity, (350 Slides), HW, Notes and much more
Animal Habitat Activity, Hands-on, and much more
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Ecology Interactions Unit Review Game
Ecology Interactions Unit Crossword with Solution
Ecology and the Environment Flash Card Pack

Ecology Abiotic Factors Entire Unit (2700+ Slides), HW, Notes and more
Ecology Abiotic Factors Unit

This unit includes all of the following and more.
Ecology Interactions Entire Unit
Light, Plants, and Animals Lesson
Warm and Cold Bloodedness, Animals, Isopod Lab Project and more
Abiotic Factors Unit Crossword with Solution
Water Cycle Lesson, Quiz, HW, and much more
Carbon Cycle Lesson, Photosynthesis, Cellular Respiration
Nitrogen Cycle , Phosphorus Cycle, pH, Acid Rain, Nutrient Pollution in Aquatic Systems (470 slides) HW, Notes and much more
Biogeochemical Cycles Review Game, Water Cycle, Carbon Cycle, Nitrogen Cycle, pH Acid Rain, Phosphorus Cycle
Ecology and the Environment Flash Card Pack

Below are the links to the 20 units of study that I offer on TpT for individual purchase. All of these are included in the curriculum purchase.

Physical Science Units
Science Skills Unit
Laws of Motion and Simple Machines Unit
Matter, Energy, and the Environment Unit
Atoms and Periodic Table of the Elements Unit

Physical Science Curriculum
Physical Science Bundle Package (4 Units)

Life Science Units
Human Body System and Health Topics Unit
Cellular Biology Unit
Infectious Diseases Unit
DNA and Genetics Unit, Cell Division
Taxonomy and Classification Unit
Evolution and Natural Selection, Change Topics Unit
Botany Unit
Ecology Feeding Levels Unit
Ecology Interactions Unit
Ecology Abiotic Factors Unit

Life Science Curriculum
Life Science Bundle Package (10 Units)

Earth Science Units
Weathering, Soil Science, Soil Conservation, Ice Ages, Glaciers Unit
Astronomy Topics Unit
Geology Topics Unit
Weather and Climate Unit

Earth Science Curriculum Bundle
Earth Science Curriculum (6 Units)

Water, Water Quality, Rivers, Lakes, and Fish Units
Water on Earth, Properties of Water, Water Pollution Unit
Rivers, Lakes, and Water Quality Unit (Salmon, Fish, and more)

Below is a link to view this curriculum in greater detail. You will find a PowerPoint tour, how a unit works guide, curriculum possibilities, standards, and many free samples.
Curriculum Tour

Entire Curriculum I offer on TpT...
Entire 4 Year Curriculum, 20 Full Units, (50,000 Slides) HW, Notes, and much more

Best wishes,

Science from LLC

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2 Weeks
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