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Brand new science quiz Fossils Part 1 - NO CARBON DATING!!! Over 30 pages of quiz, detailed answers, crossword puzzle, word search, maze, scrapbook, word wall, word wall and more.

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The quiz part of each is editable to allow you to target your specific student. If your 5th graders are advanced there will be some of these they can complete without much editing. If your 10th graders need a lot of practice (with labeling and repetition of main points) these will also work for them. Any grades in between can also be covered - you will just probably need to adjust a little up or down (or, only use certain pages from each test). They are designed to go "deep" or "shallow" so you (or your student) chooses how to use these tests/quizzes.

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May 2018 Biology Life Science Quiz - Animal Characteristics - Radial and Bilateral Symmetry Animal Characteristics Bilateral and Radial Symmetry

March 2018 Earth Science Quiz - Fossils Part 1 - NO CARBON DATING - over 30 pages of quiz, detailed answers, scrapbook, worksheets, crossword puzzle, word search and more! Covers William Smith, cast, mold, trace, preserved original remains, unaltered and altered remains, petrified forest, coprolites, baby mammoth and more!

January 2018 Earth Science Quiz - Earth's History - No Fossils - over 40 pages of quiz, detailed answers, scrapbook with word wall and fun doodle notes pages.
Earth's History NO FOSSILS!

July 2017 Updated Photosynthesis (it has grown from 13 pages over 40). It has a mini scrapbook, label sheets, small word wall, worksheets and more! Photosynthesis Quiz and Mini Scrapbook

July 2017 Updated Mitosis (it has grown from 9 pages to over 30). It has a mini-scrapbook, worksheets with silly links and songs to help students remember the different stages of mitosis, and a word wall. Mitosis

July 2017 Updated Intro To Plants (it has grown from 20 pages to over 40). It has a mini-scrapbook, worksheets, word wall, and more! Enjoy! Intro To Plants

July 2017 Updated Respiratory System (it has grown from 20 pages to over 60). It has a fun homeostasis lab for showing buffers and bicarbonate in the blood, a scrapbook, color, cut and paste respiratory system, cloze worksheets, word wall, and more! Enjoy! Respiratory System

July 2017 Update Mendel and Genetics - (it has grown from 20 pages to over 80). It has lots of visuals (for different ages) of concepts of genetics, a scrapbook, word wall and some additional worksheets. Enjoy!
Mendel and Genetics

July 2017 - New Product - The Nervous System Part 1 - Structures (45 pages).
The Nervous System Part 1 Structures

Meiosis Overview Part I updated June 2017 (it has grown from 25 pages to over 50).
Meiosis Overview Part 1

Precambrian updated June 2017, (it has grown from 12 pages to over 50). Enjoy!
Precambrian Quiz Earth Science

Plate Tectonics Part 3 updated June 2017, (it has grown from 16 pages to over 40). Enjoy! Plate Tectonics Part 3

Plate Tectonics Part 2 updated May 20, 2017, (it has grown from 13 pages to over 40). Enjoy! Plate Tectonics Part 2

Plate Tectonics Part 1 updated May 2017 (it has grown from 13 pages to 50). Enjoy! Plate Tectonics Part 1

Cell Transport updated May 2017 (it has grown from 6 pages to 40). Enjoy! Cell Transport Passive and Active

The Solar System updated April 2017 - please re-download to get this update!
Latitude and Longitude updated April 2017 - please re-download to get this update! Solar System Part 1

This MEGA BUNDLE is ALL of my Biology/Life Science Quizzes and ALL of my Earth Science Quizzes for less than one dollar each. Plus, you'll get any new quizzes I create in the future for these subjects.

These are designed for non-science teachers (SPED or ESL) who have to teach in self-contained classrooms (or, resource teachers) and are assigned diplomas bound students who need science credits and/or help with certain science concepts, etc. They are designed to teach you (as you teach your students). Most are written to go shallow (or deep) depending on time and students' needs. There are no complicated labs with dangerous stuff (so, you can safely use them with incarcerated youth or students with emotional disturbance), and many have fun scrapbooks (low effort) that can be used as interactive journals (high effort) again, depending on your time and needs. I've also heard that some teachers are using them to tutor adult students to help them pass the CSET.

Here's what you get:
You will need some type of zip file (you can download for free from the internet if you don't have one on your computer) to open this file. There are twenty-four (and growing - until I reach the tpt maximum allowed file size) (10 True/False Question) Biology Quizzes in Powerpoint form. The quizzes offer a great way for students to take a pre-test, then study the detailed answers, go to the online interactives and/or videos, and then (when they are ready) take the exact same test as the post test. Designed for Special Education and English Language Development Students. Each student can be working on a different test and they each have their own assessment part (which helps when working on IEP goals for Biology/Life Science).
This bundle includes:
1) Ecosystems (Update February 2017 Scrapbook, Word Wall and some really difficult Ernst Haeckel color-by-numbers pages);
2) Cloning;
3) DNA;
4) Photosynthesis (Updated July 2017 Mini scrapbook, word wall, cut and paste and more);
5) Cell Transport (update 2017 Scrapbook and word wall added);
6) Mitosis (update 2017 Scrapbook, word wall, worksheets added);
7) Intro to Plant and Animal Cells;
8) Theory of Evolution (My Charles Darwin Galapagos Islands' Animals Scrapbook);
9) Mendel and Genetics (Updated 2017, pennants, word wall, scrapbook, worksheets added);
10) Digestive and Excretory Systems (Updated 2017);
11) Transcription and Translation;
12) Intro to Plants (Updated 2017);
13) Intro to Body Systems (update October 2016 to add Human Body Systems Scrapbook - younger and older student graphics);
14) Meiosis (Updated 2017);
15) Eukaryotes, Prokaryotes, Viruses Quiz, Scrapbook, Word Wall;
16) Populations (Quiz, Scrapbook, Word Wall, Scratch Computer Program PBL);
17) The Circulatory System (updated);
18) Respiratory System (Updated 2017);
19) Reproductive System (Female);
20) Human Reproduction;
21) Salem Witch Trials And Fungi;
22) Cellular Respiration;
23) Frog Dissection Quiz and Scrapbook;
24) Seven Terrestrial Biomes, Scrapbook, Word Wall (Added January 2017); and,
25) The Nervous System Part 1 - NEW QUIZ - Structures, Scrapbook, Word Wall, Worksheets and more!

Enjoy this great deal! Peg
Total Pages LOTS!!!!! Answer Key Included Teaching Duration 1 Semester

(1) Earth's System (Updated September 4, 2016, - added Scrapbook/Notebook, vocab for word wall and several labeling, coloring and cut and paste worksheets);
(2) Classification and The Rock Cycle Updated September 12, 2016, to add more worksheets and student scrapbook/notebook);
(3) Plate Tectonics Part 1 (updated May 2017) added word search, word wall, worksheets, scrapbook, create your own Pangaea and more;
(4) Plate Tectonics Part 2 (updated May 20, 2017) added Fortune Teller origami plate boundaries, simple orange plate tectonics lab, word wall, scrapbook and worksheets;
(5) Plate Tectonics Part 3 (updated June 2017) added scrapbook, coloring pages of different types of mountains, worksheets, word search, word wall and more;
(6) Stars Part 1;
(7) Stars Part 2 The Life Cycle of a Star;
(8) Stars Part 3 - Galaxies;
(9) Earth's History Part 1 Precambrian (updated June 2017 with scrapbook, famous female geologist cloze worksheets, word wall, worksheets and word searches);
(10) The Solar System Part 1 Intro (updated May 2017 with student coloring notebook, word wall, origami fortune teller, worksheets and more);
(11) Climate - Intro (Works well to use after Latitude and Longitude);
(12) Asteroids, Comets, Meteors/Meteoroids and Meteorites;
13) Volcanoes (has a fun volcano creating activity) ;
14) Earthquakes (has a fun STEM earthquake activity) ;
15) Hurricanes, Typhoons and Cyclones;
16) Latitude and Longitude (Updated March 2017);
17) Ocean Pollution;
18) Rock and Minerals;
19) The Water Cycle;;
20) Shoreline Erosion and Deposition (NO WEATHERING INCLUDED);
21) Weathering (November 18, 2015); ,
22) Earth's History - Mesozoic Era (February 21, 2016, - This works well to use with Plate Tectonics/Continental Drift/Alfred Wegener);
23) Earth's Resources Nonrenewable Fossil Fuels and Minerals (Dec 2016) ;
24) Renewable (Alternate Energy) Resources (Dec 2016) ;
25) Human Impact Air, Water, Earth Pollution and Earth Day! (January 2017);
26) Earth's History - NO FOSSILS;
27) Fossils Part 1 - NO CARBON DATING; and,
To celebrate over 800 followers, I've added my bestselling Creepy Math
28) Exponential Growth and Decay lesson for ABSOLUTELY FREE in this bundle!

There will eventually be more, so if you buy now you get all the "added" ones (and/or updated) for "free."

All PowerPoints are editable (except for restricted graphics pages) and written for Special Needs, Education/English as a Second Language Learners. Lots of pictures, interactives and online videos help students understand the main points that are covered in a 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th grade science class. Students take the pre test - then, study the answers (for homework - if needed) with all of the interactives/activities/online videos, etc. and retake the same quiz when they are ready. Questions cover "topics" that will likely be on state mandated science tests for some middle and high school grade science studen
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