Four Seasons Kindergarten NO PREP Mega Bundle!

Four Seasons Kindergarten NO PREP Mega Bundle!
Four Seasons Kindergarten NO PREP Mega Bundle!
Four Seasons Kindergarten NO PREP Mega Bundle!
Four Seasons Kindergarten NO PREP Mega Bundle!
Four Seasons Kindergarten NO PREP Mega Bundle!
Four Seasons Kindergarten NO PREP Mega Bundle!
Four Seasons Kindergarten NO PREP Mega Bundle!
Four Seasons Kindergarten NO PREP Mega Bundle!
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Welcome back friends,

This is our Four Seasons Kindergarten Mega Bundle. Inside you will find a wonderful mix of over 300 Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter related math, reading and writing worksheets for your little guys and gals.

With our kids we strive to make each worksheet with three or four skill focuses to maximize both learning and enjoyment.

These worksheets are designed as NO PREP, so that you can save time in your day to day teaching schedule and have more time to spend making each day more meaningful.

As always enjoy these fun little activities, enjoy your kids and god bless.

-The Teaching Couple

***NOTE*** This bundle contains the work sheets from our Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter NO PREP Super Packs.

Within this packet you will find…


Pg 6. Color by Sight Word: Birds
Pg 7. Color by Sight Word: Rainbow
Pg 8. Color the Birds
Pg 9. Color the Flowers
Pg 10. A Spring Week
Pg 11. Beginning Sounds: A-H
Pg 12. Middles Sounds: AEIOU
Pg 13. Short Vowel Words: Letter A
Pg 14. Short Vowel Words: Letter E
Pg 15. Short Vowel Words: Letter I
Pg 16. Short Vowel Words: Letter O
Pg 17. Short Vowel Words: Letter U
Pg 18. Initial Sounds and Vowels
Pg 19. Circle the Initial Sound!
Pg 20. Circle the Initial Sound 2!
Pg 21. Connect and Write
Pg 22. Connect and Write 2
Pg 23. How Many Syllables?
Pg 24. Story: Bob the Bug
Pg 25. Story: Bugs on a Flower
Pg 26. Spring Crossword
Pg 27. Spring Crossword ANSWERS
Pg 28. Spring Word Search
Pg 29. Spring Word Search ANSWERS
Pg 30. Cut, Color and Write
Pg 31. I Can Read! Ch Words
Pg 32. Ch Words Story Time!
Pg 33. I Can Color Ch Words!
Pg 34. Mad Libs Word Bank
Pg 35. Mad Libs Word Bank 2
Pg 36. Make a Sentence
Pg 37. Springtime Make a Sentence
Pg 38. Parts of a Plant: Flower
Pg 39. Spring Read and Color
Pg 40. Spring Read and Color 2
Pg 41. Rhyme Time!
Pg 42. Rhyming Words: Cut and Paste
Pg 43. Rhyme and Write!
Pg 44. Roll Up Those Sight Words
Pg 45. Trace, Write, Color and Find: See!
Pg 46. Trace, Write, Color and Find: Can!
Pg 47. Trace, Write, Color and Find: Like!
Pg 48. Sight Word Circles: See
Pg 49. Sight Word Circles: Can
Pg 50. Sight Word Circles: Like
Pg 51. Sight Word Sentence Time: See
Pg 52. Sight Word Sentence Time: Can
Pg 53. Sight Word Sentence Time: Like
Pg 54. This or These?
Pg 55. Word Family Maze: At
Pg 56. Catch a Word Family: At
Pg 57. Word Family Connect and Color: At
Pg 58. Roll, Add and Color!
Pg 59. Find the Pattern
Pg 60. Roll Up Those Numbers
Pg 61. Roll Up Those Number Words
Pg 62. Which Is Bigger?
Pg 63. Which Shape Is Bigger?
Pg 64. Count and Trace
Pg 65. What Time Is It?
Pg 66. What Time Is It #2?
Pg 67. Skip Counting: Flowers by 2
Pg 68. Skip Counting: Bugs by 5
Pg 69. How to Make 10
Pg 70. How to Make 10 #2
Pg 71. Ten Blocks and Number Words
Pg 72. Color the Flower Petals
Pg 73. Add the Animals
Pg 74. Add the Flowers
Pg 75. Subtract the Bugs
Pg 76. Subtract the Kids
Pg 77. Even Number Write and Match
Pg 78. Odd Number Write and Match
Pg 79. Rainbow Additions
Pg 80. Rainbow Subtractions
Pg 81. Spring Additions
Pg 82. Spring Subtractions


Pg 7. Yesterday and Tomorrow
Pg 8. Summer Crossword
Pg 9. Summer Crossword ANSWERS
Pg 10. Summer Word Search
Pg 11. Summer Word Search ANSWERS
Pg 12. Fill in the Blanks
Pg 13. Big and Small Letters
Pg 14. Big and Small Letters Match
Pg 15. Perfect Pairs
Pg 16. Word Family Maze -ug
Pg 17. Word Family –ug: Cut and Paste
Pg 18. Color the –ug Word
Pg 19. Ice Cream Dreams
Pg 20. Count the Syllables
Pg 21. What’s My Vowel?
Pg 22. What’s My Vowel 2?
Pg 23. Long and Short Vowels: A
Pg 24. Ice Cream Vowels
Pg 25. Color by Sight Words: Owl
Pg 26. Color by Sight Words: Park
Pg 27. Tally and Color By Sight Word
Pg 28. Color Rhyming Bugs
Pg 29. Summer Time Color
Pg 30. Connect and Write
Pg 31. CVC: Real or Nonsense?
Pg 32. CVC: Real or Nonsense 2?
Pg 33. Day at the Beach
Pg 34. Make a Sentence
Pg 35. Build a Sentence
Pg 36. Write the Initial Sound
Pg 37. Rhyming Bugs
Pg 38. I Can Read SH
Pg 39. I Can Color SH Words
Pg 40. SH Write the Word
Pg 41. Graph the Sight Words
Pg 42. Sight Word Party: Look
Pg 43. Sight Word Reading: Look
Pg 44. Sight Word Circles: Look
Pg 45. Sight Word Practice: Look
Pg 46. Sight Word Circles: Said
Pg 47. Sight Word Maze: Said
Pg 48. Sight Word Practice: Said
Pg 49. Sight Word Sentence Time: Go
Pg 50. Sight Word Practice: Places I can go
Pg 51 Sight Word Practices: Good
Pg 52. Sight Word Practice: Good
Pg 53. Sight Word Round Up: Good
Pg 54. Story: A Day at the Beach
Pg 55. Story: Rainy Summer Days
Pg 56. Summer Read and Color
Pg 57. What is Missing?
Pg 58. What Letter is Missing?
Pg 59. What Letter is Missing 2?
Pg 60. I Can Count Maze
Pg 61. Flower Connect the Dots
Pg 62. Follow the Rule
Pg 63. How Many Bugs?
Pg 64. How Many Sides?
Pg 65. Square or Circle?
Pg 66. Paired Play: Connect Four
Pg 67. Roll and Add
Pg 68. Roll, Add and Color: Whale
Pg 69. Roll, Add and Color: Mole
Pg 70. Lets Go Shopping: I Like to Camp
Pg 71. Skip Counting Suns
Pg 72. Skip Counting Popsicles
Pg 73. 10 Box Addition
Pg 74. 10 Boxes and Number Words
Pg 75. 10 Box Coloring
Pg 76. Add the Beach Day
Pg 77. Summer Day Dreams
Pg 78. Summer Day Dreams 2
Pg 79. True or False: Addition
Pg 80. True or False: Subtraction
Pg 81. Which is Bigger?
Pg 82. Which Number is Bigger?
Pg. 83. Which Number Word is Bigger?


Pg 7. Apple Alphabet Write
Pg 8. Autumn Crossword
Pg 9. Autumn Crossword ANSWERS
Pg 10. Crossword Love
Pg 11. Autumn Word Search
Pg 12. Autumn Word Search ANSWERS
Pg 13. Autumn Sounds
Pg 14. Autumn Syllables!
Pg 15. Build A Sentence!
Pg 16. Build A Sentence 2!
Pg 17. Color By Sight Word!
Pg 18. Color By Sight Word 2!
Pg 19. Color the Leaves!
Pg 20. Color the Pumpkins!
Pg 21. Color the Sight Word!
Pg 22. Color Those Acorns!
Pg 23. Cut, Color and Write
Pg 24. Cut, Color and Write 2
Pg 25. Cut, Color and Write 3
Pg 26. Long and Short A
Pg 27. Long and Short E
Pg 28. Long and Short I
Pg 29. Long and Short O
Pg 30. Long and Short U
Pg 31. Long and Short Vowels
Pg 32. Making Words!
Pg 33. Making Some Other Words
Pg 34. Perfect Pairs
Pg 35. Nutty Initial Sounds
Pg 36. Nutty Initial Sounds 2
Pg 37. Parts of an Apple
Pg 38. Read and Write CVC Words!
Pg 39. Reading Readiness!
Pg 40. Rhyming Leaves
Pg 41. Rhyming Pictures
Pg 42. Roll Up Those Sight Words
Pg 43. Sight Word Circles: you
Pg 44. Sight Word Find and Color
Pg 45. Sight Word Practice: you
Pg 46. Sight Word Reading: with
Pg 47. Sight Word Sentence Time: with
Pg 48. Super Star Sight Words! At
Pg 49. Trace, Write, Color and Find: At
Pg 50. Spin and Write: Sight Word Race
Pg 51. Sound It Out!
Pg 52. Story: Apple Festival
Pg 53. Story: Autumn Colors
Pg 54. What’s the Middle Sound?
Pg 55. Word Connect and Color: ail
Pg 56. Word Families: The ail Family
Pg 57. Word Families: At or Am?
Pg 58. Word Family Pumpkins
Pg 59. Addition Match
Pg 60. Autumn Patterns
Pg 61. Autumn Patterns 2
Pg 62. Autumn Ten Boxes
Pg 63. Pumpkin Ten Boxes
Pg 64. Color by Addition!
Pg 65. Color by Shape!
Pg 66. Color by Sides!
Pg 67. Which Shape is Bigger?
Pg 68. Color, Count and Graph!
Pg 69. How Long Is It?
Pg 70. How Tall Is It?
Pg 71. Leafy Subtraction!
Pg 72. Missing Numbers!
Pg 73. Pumpkin Addition
Pg 74. Pumpkin Subtraction
Pg 75. Skip Counting Pumpkins: By 3s
Pg 76. Sorting Sizes!
Pg 77. Spin and Write: Number Word Race
Pg 78. Subtraction Match
Pg 79. Writing Number Words!
Pg 80. Autumn Additions
Pg 81. Autumn Subtractions
Pg 82. Roll, Add and Color
Pg 83. Count and Write!


Pg 7. Winter Crossword
Pg 8. Winter Crossword ANSWERS
Pg 9. Winter Word Search
Pg 10. Winter Word Search ANSWERS
Pg 11. Perfect Pairs
Pg 12. Winter Read and Color
Pg 13. Real and Silly Words
Pg 14. Rhyme and Match: Short A
Pg 15. Rhyme and Match: Short E
Pg 16. Rhyme and Match: Short I
Pg 17. Rhyme and Match: Short O
Pg 18. Rhyme and Match: Short U
Pg 19. Rhyming Snowman
Pg 20. Read, Trace and Match: Short A
Pg 21. Read, Trace and Match: Short E
Pg 22. Read, Trace and Match: Short I
Pg 23. Read, Trace and Match: Short O
Pg 24. Read, Trace and Match: Short U
Pg 25. Magic E Words: Long A
Pg 26. Double E Words: Long E
Pg 27. Magic E Words: Long I
Pg 28. Magic E Words: Long O
Pg 29. Magic E Words: Long U
Pg 30. Color By Sight Word
Pg 31. Color By Sight Word 2
Pg 32. Coloring Question Words
Pg 33. Coloring Sight Words
Pg 34. Coloring Sight Words 2
Pg 35. Sight Word Circles: This
Pg 36. Sight Word Sentence Time: This
Pg 37. Sight Word Practice: This
Pg 38. Sight Word Reading: This
Pg 39. Sight Word Round Up: This
Pg 40. CVC Cut and Paste
Pg 41. Matching CVC
Pg 42. Dress For Snow
Pg 43. Label The Penguin
Pg 44. Story: A Cold Winter Night
Pg 45. Story: Snowball Fight
Pg 46. Winter Weather Story
Pg 47. Winter Sort
Pg 48. Read and Sequence
Pg 49. Connect The Dots: Snowman
Pg 50. Tallest to Shortest
Pg 51. Winter Tally Marks
Pg 52. Winter Tens and Ones
Pg 53. Time To The Hour
Pg 54. Snowman Shapes
Pg 55. Snowman Sequence
Pg 56. Find The Difference
Pg 57. Color, Count and Graph!
Pg 58. Roll, Add and Color
Pg 59. Keep On Counting
Pg 60. Keep On Counting 2
Pg 61. Count and Write
Pg 62. Place Values
Pg 63. Place Values 2
Pg 64. Odd and Even
Pg 65. Odd or Even
Pg 66. Winter Number Words
Pg 67. Count By Five
Pg 68. 5 More, 5 Less
Pg 69. 10 More, 10 Less
Pg 70. Add The Snowy Day
Pg 71. Addition Up To 5
Pg 72. Addition Up To 10
Pg 73. Bonding Numbers 1
Pg 74. Bonding Numbers 2
Pg 75. Spin and Count By 2
Pg 76. Subtract The Snowy Day
Pg 77. Subtraction Up To 5
Pg 78. Subtraction Up To 10
Pg 79. Skip Counting Snowmen By 3s
Pg 80. Practicing Number Words
Pg 81. Writing Number Words
Pg 82. Winter 10 Frames
Pg 83. Spin and Color Snowballs
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