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Fractions bundle - activities, games and worksheets!

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Included in this massive bundle are 10 fun ocean-themed fraction activities, games and worksheets. Click on the PREVIEW to see a 38 paged preview on all activities that are included in this product. Please note that many worksheets and answers are not included in this preview document.

Adding Fractions with Unlike Denominators: This includes a 10 paged A5 booklet teaching students how to add fractions with unlike denominators. Using a cute sea creature theme, a shark wants to find fish for his family. He is unsure how to get eight pieces of fish that are the same size. LCM the Lobster teaches the shark about Lowest Common Multiple and adding fractions together. Included are 29 fish fraction questions for your students to answer and also provided is the answer sheet. This booklet is in black and white.

Exploring Equivalent Fractions: This 8 paged A5 booklet is a fun and easy way to learn about equivalent fractions. A fractional pirate called Captain Kronsky discovers a chest full of golden coins and has been given strict orders to share the treasure or else he’ll be walking the plank! Polly the Parrot tells Captain Kronsky how to use equivalent fractions so the treasure can be sorted out equally. This booklet is in black and white and answers are provided for 3 A5 pages. The last page is for the teacher to check.

Addition and Subtraction Fraction BINGO: The aim of this game is for players to practice adding or subtracting fractions by using pictorial and written fractions. The players each have a Blowfish Bingo board and select 16 fractions cards from either the addition or subtraction sheet, depending on which operation the players decide to use. The players place/glue their selected cards onto their board. A counter is placed on a square if the caller calls out the matching fraction answer. The player shouts "Bingo!” once four squares in a vertical, horizontal, or diagonal row has been covered. Variation: This game can also be continued until a player has their whole board covered.

Fraction Fishing Lines: This product includes two fishing themed worksheets where students need to fill in the missing fractions by either counting up in halves or quarters. The worksheets are in black and white and answers are also included.

Matching Fractions Game: This product includes a set of 70 jellyfish fraction cards for matching the written representation of fractions to the pictorial representation. There are 30 pictorial fraction cards and 30 written fraction cards. ‘Go Jellyfish’ is played just like the traditional ‘Go fish’ game. Instructions are included. This product can be used individually, during a math center or as a whole class. The cards will look best in color, but they will also print out fine in grayscale. Simply print and cut along the grey guidelines and laminate them.

LCM the Lobster: This product includes two worksheets that clearly explain how to find the Least Common Multiple of two numbers. This will assist students in preparation for finding equivalent fractions.

Simplifying Squid: This includes a 6 paged A5 booklet about simplifying fractions. Simply staple the booklet together and your students can keep it to remind themselves how to simplify fractions.
This booklet is in black and white and the answer key is provided.

SNAPper time: SNAPper time is a fun fraction game for reviewing the basic skill of identifying and matching fractions using pictorial and number representations. Players can play the game with a partner or in a group of three. To play the game, shuffle the cards and deal them out to the players. Each player turns over the top card from their face-down pile and places it on the center pile. If someone turns over a card that matches a card on the center pile, the first player to yell ‘SNAPPER TIME’ and places their hand on the pile of cards, will win the pile of cards. The winner adds them to the bottom of their face-down pile. Play continues until one player wins all of the cards. That player wins the game.

Shark Alert: A fun strategic fraction game for 2 players.
Use one counter and place it on START. Take turns moving the counter either 1, 2 or 3 spaces forward on to the fraction seashells. The player reads the fraction out loud to the opponent. The player who moves the counter on FINISH wins the game.
This game is perfect for a fraction math center.

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Fractions bundle - activities, games and worksheets!
Fractions bundle - activities, games and worksheets!
Fractions bundle - activities, games and worksheets!
Fractions bundle - activities, games and worksheets!