Free Video Lesson ❘ Food ❘ Worksheet ❘ Ordering ❘ Games ❘ Music ❘ Kindergarten

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Free Video Lesson ❘ Food ❘ Worksheet ❘ Ordering ❘ Games ❘ Music ❘ Kindergarten.

Thanks for your interest in Free Video Lesson ❘ Food ❘ Worksheet ❘ Ordering ❘ Games ❘ Music ❘ Kindergarten.

Suitable for K, 1st Grade.

❢This product is a video run through of a powerpoint presentation, usable in the classroom but not as effective as the presentation itself.❢

☕️The original presentation is available here.

Introduction to Food Video Lesson ❘ Words ❘ Phrases ❘ Eating in a Restaurant.

51 slides featuring foods and foodstuffs.

Included is a Meals of the Day worksheet.

Here is a rundown of the presentation:

What does it include?

51 pages spread over four files.


6 slides.

Here is your rudimentary introduction to various foods in groups as followed:

Let the presentation glide along while the students read the words and enjoy the HQ graphics.

The control panel is there if you wish to stop the presentation at any point. Once each page has finished the cycle, it will remain on the screen for you to review at your pleasure. Simply click on the arrow to continue to the next page whenever you are ready.

Intro Game

14 slides.

The spinner will start immediately after the title page. Pressing stop will activate the spinner and it will quickly end on a food item.

There are 13 items altogether, all from the previous Intro to...Food presentation.

Once the spinner has stopped, click on the correct answer and press GO to start the spinner again ready for the next word.

International Foods & Role Play

18 slides, split into three activities.


Pages 1-5.

A chance for students to learn about foods from all over the globe.

This part of the presentation is automated. The page will begin zooming into a map of the world and a country appearing, after which 1-4 foods will be shown. Like with previous presentations, the timing is completely up to you, an arrow will appear and whenever you are ready to continue, simply click on it.

North America

Eating at a Restaurant

Pages 6-11.

After the title screen, a sample menu will be shown with headings for starter, main course, dessert and beverage.

There is space for students to write down ideas if you so please.

The next step is simple and should be a lot of fun too.

This is fully automated, pages will turn themselves as there is a time limit for this task.

Starting with starter and going all the way through to beverages, students must choose ONE item of the 3-6 shown and write it down. These words are to be used in the final part - The Role Play.

The Role Play

Pages 12-18.

An in-depth look at restaurant dining from drinks to payment.

Each slide contains a part played by the waiter/waitress and the part played by the customer.

Students use their choices from the previous task when taking part in the role play. Plenty of pictures will also appear to help understanding.

Colorful Foods

13 slides.

An additional game. Not really related to the topics covered in the previous presentations but fun all the same. Can be used to introduce or finish the topic.

After the front page, click spin and the colors will fade in and out until stopping on a color. 6 food options will appear, one of those food items being that color.

Click the correct answer and it will also color at the bottom of the page for added effect.

7 colors featured:



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