Full Year U.S. History Course Digital Activity Bundle (Activities Only)

Full Year U.S. History Course Digital Activity Bundle (Activities Only)
Full Year U.S. History Course Digital Activity Bundle (Activities Only)
Full Year U.S. History Course Digital Activity Bundle (Activities Only)
Full Year U.S. History Course Digital Activity Bundle (Activities Only)
Full Year U.S. History Course Digital Activity Bundle (Activities Only)
Full Year U.S. History Course Digital Activity Bundle (Activities Only)
Full Year U.S. History Course Digital Activity Bundle (Activities Only)
Full Year U.S. History Course Digital Activity Bundle (Activities Only)
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IT IS FINALLY HERE! We are now offering an entire year's worth of DIGITAL activities in a single bundle!!!

Are you looking to add state of the art, engaging and impactful activities to your classroom arsenal, but don't have the time to create it all? Do you want to convert your class into a "21st century" learning environment? This bundle is ONE OF A KIND! This bundle will give you the ability to engage your students for an ENTIRE YEAR at the click of a button! Included in this bundle are 91 activities, 9 key term lists, 9 study guides and 9 unit objective checklists; one for each of the nine units covered. This bundle also comes with 2 semester study guides. There are no quizzes or exams included in the bundle.

At a greatly discounted price, you will have access to several types of activities that touch multiple pedagogies and learning styles, including:

* Document-based questions
* Jigsaw Activities
* Graphic Organizers
* Personal Reflection
* Linear Learning
* Gallery Walks
* Speech-based questions (Speech Transcripts Included)

This bundle spans centuries of United States history and includes:

The Foundations of America
* Mercantilism and the Colonies
* Religious Origins of the Colonies
* Slavery
* The Influence of the Enlightenment
* British Taxation and the Road to Revolution
* The Declaration of Independence
* Shaping the Constitution
* Federalism
* The Bill of Rights
* Checks and Balances
* The Separation of Church and State
* Manifest Destiny
* Indian Removal
* American Reconstruction

The Gilded Age and Progressive Era
* Inventions and Industrialization
* The Age of Railroads
* Big Business and the Robber Barons
* Workers and Labor Unions
* Immigration
* Political Machines
* Urbanization
* Mass Culture
* The Jim Crow South
* Goals of the Progressive Movement
* Election Reform and Reforming the Meat Packing Industry
* Theodore Roosevelt and his "Square Deal"
* William Howard Taft and the Election of 1912
* Woodrow Wilson and his "New Freedom"

American Imperialism
* The Goals of American Imperialism
* American militarism and the creation of the Great White Fleet
* The Annexation of Hawaii
* The Annexation of Alaska
* American Influence in Cuba
* The Spanish-American War
* The Philippine-American War
* American acquisition of Guam and Puerto Rico
* The Panama Canal
* Roosevelt's "Big Stick" Diplomacy and the Roosevelt Corollary
* Taft's "Dollar Diplomacy"
* Wilson's "Moral Diplomacy" and the Mexican Revolution

World War I and the Roaring 20's
* Origins of the War
* Factors leading to U.S. involvement
* American Troops on the Front
* Rationing and Civil Liberties on the Homefront
* The Treaty of Versailles, the Fourteen Points, and the League of Nations Debate
* The Presidencies of Warren G. Harding and Calvin Coolidge
* The Harlem Renaissance
* The Palmer Raids and Nativist Revival
* The 18th Amendment, the Volstead Act, and Prohibition
* Fundamentalism and the Scopes Trial
* The Booming Economy and Economic Data
* The Assembly Line, Urban Sprawl, and the Automobile Age
* Jazz and the Cultural Revolution of the Twenties
* The 19th Amendment, the Flapper, and Advancements for Women

The Great Depression and the New Deal
* Causes of the Great Depression
* The Impact of the Depression on Americans
* Hoover's Response to the Crisis
* The 1932 Presidential Election
* Franklin Roosevelt's "First Hundred Days"
* "New Deal" Programs: Goals and Impact
* The "Court-Packing" Incident and Challenges to the New Deal
* The "Second Hundred Days"
* The Legacies of the New Deal

World War II
* The Rise of Dictators
* Invasions Prior to the War
* Appeasement and the Munich Conference
* The Evolution of American Neutrality
* The Cash-Carry Provision, Bases for Destroyers Deal, and Lend-Lease Act
* The Causes and Effects of the Attack on Pearl Harbor
* The American Homefront and War Effort
* Japanese Internment and Civil Injustice during the War
* The Campaigns in North Africa and Italy
* "Island Hopping" and the War in the Pacific
* D-Day and Victory in Europe
* The Atomic Bombs and Victory over Japan
* The Nuremberg Trials and the United Nations

America in the 1950's
* Post-War America
* The GI Bill and Economic Conversion
* The Election of 1948
* Truman's "Fair Deal"
* The Integration of the U.S. Military
* The Division of Europe
* The Truman Doctrine and the Marshall Plan
* The Berlin Airlift and the Formation of the Warsaw Pact
* The Chinese Civil War
* The Korean War
* The Highway System, Corporate America, the Baby Boom, and the Polio Vaccine
* The Emergence of Rock 'N Roll, TV, and Car Culture
* The Birth of the Civil Rights Movement
* SCLC, SNCC, and the Rise of Martin Luther King, Jr.
* The Montgomery Bus Boycott
* The Nuclear Arms Race and the Space Race
* CIA Involvement in Iran and Guatemala
* The Eisenhower Doctrine and the Suez Crisis
* The Hungarian Revolution
* Sputnik
* The U2 Spy Plane Incident
* Brinkmanship and "Mutually Assured Destruction"

America in the 1960's
* John F. Kennedy's "New Frontier"
* Kennedy and the Cold War: The Bay of Pigs and the Berlin Wall
* The Cuban Missile Crisis Activity
* Martin Luther King Jr.'s "I Have a Dream" Speech
* Civil Rights Under Kennedy
* Lyndon B. Johnson's "Great Society"
* Malcolm X: Civil Rights Changes and Triumphs
*The Gulf of Tonkin Incident
* The Start of the Vietnam War
* American Escalation in the Vietnam War
* The Events of 1968 and 1969
* CounterCulture

America in the 1970s and 1980s
*Nixon's New Federalism
*Nixon and Vietnamization
*1970s Culture Gallery Walk
*The Carter Administration
*The Conservative Movement

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Flip your classroom and the way your students learn history TODAY!
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